Sunday, December 26, 2004

Okay, I'm glad we kept Tek, and i'm even happier we named him captain even though the title isn't what is important, how he acts is what counts. I do think $10M a year is a bit much for a catcher in his early 30s. I'm glad the deal is only 4 years but nevertheless, he'll be 37 when the deal ends. I guess an eventual move to first isn't completely out of the question.

We've got Mueller, Millar (for now at least) and now we have Wade Miller. I think this is a solid pickup of a good pitcher whose arm is in question. For $1.5M this is a low risk, high reward gamble that might pay off alot.

One thing I don't like too much about this offseason is the amount of money we're spending, or rather not spending on pitching. We've got Schilling at $13M, Wells and Clement at $8M each, and the rest are pitching for peanuts. We've spent the same amount of money on 6 starting pitchers as we are spending on our 3 starting outfielders.

The Patriots can clinch a 1st round playoff bye with a victory against the Jets.

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