Thursday, January 06, 2005

I was wrong about two things in my last post. OU did not beat USC and the BC/UConn game was in Hartford, not Storrs. Anyway, Boston College was 11-0 coming into this game but they still hadn't demonstrated any major amount of ability. All but two of their games had been at home, and only one of those road games was outside of Massachusetts. They hadn't played a good team all season. They beat Maine, UNH, Clemson, Long Island-Brooklyn, UCLA, Holy Cross, BU, Yale, Duquesne, Kent State, and UMass. They were supposed to stumble against #9 UConn. They hadn't beaten UConn in Hartford since 1987. Then they were supposed to struggle against PC, and then lose in Morgantown to #23 WVU and their run would be all but over. But they beat the Huskies to open their Big East season.

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