Saturday, June 07, 2003

Red Sox 11
Brewers 10

Weird, wacky game. I'll be honest, after the Sox fell behind 9-3, I focused mainly on the Ducks/Devils game and checked the score once and awhile so I missed most of the comeback. I did, however, see the last few innings and was thrilled to win this game. Had we lost tonight, We wouldv'e lost a series to the Milwaukee Brewers, the dregs of the NL Central. Although we did win, a few things concern me. Some of them are big things, some aren't so big.

1. Casey Fossum leaving in the first due to shoulder soreness. For anyone who criticised the Shea Hillenbrand trade, this is why we did it because we have NO depth in our pitching staff.

2. Kim and Person combining for 8 ERs in 4 innings. We needed those guys to pitch solidly but they didn't. Thankfully, we still came back and won.

3. Varitek had a sh*tty night defensively. He made two errors and allowed a Passed Ball. He most definately redeemed himself with his homerun in the 9th and a rare 2 for 4 performance.

4. That last pitch Timlin threw was horrible. Why would you even try to throw a high fastball on an 0-2 count to a man quite capable of hitting a long-ball on a night in which the ball was carrying.

Now with all that negativity aside, let's look at the positive aspects of the game. The fact that Todd Walker and Freddy Sanchez were the only position player to go hitless is fantastic. Almost every offensive player contributed something which pleases me tremendously. I mean 6 HRs from six players is rare. I think I heard one of the commentators say it was the first time the Sox did that since 1979. Speaking of commentators, I think Dennis "Driving Around Town" Eckersley has done a solid job filling in for Jerry Remy. Eck is quiet but his comments are insightful and I thoroughly enjoy having a pitcher's perspective in the booth.

Time for the Man Of The Game Award and tonight's MOTG is mister Kevin Millar. He was only in the game for but a few moments, but in those moments he contributed the biggest hit of the night for the Sox. Two outs with the bases loaded in the seventh, the Sox needad a big hit and pinch hitter Kevin Millar provided it with a Grand Slam. Although Lyon, Timlin, and Embree made solid outings and Varitek and Nixon hit the game tying and game winning HRs in the 9th, Millar's Grand Salami gave the Sox tons of hope. Here are the MOTG standings after two MOTGs awarded:

1. Trot Nixon - 1
2. Kevin "Moose" Millar - 1

Finally, bye bye to Matt White. The Sox traded his gigantic ERA to the Mariners for a single A outfielder. I say good riddance to a really crappy pitcher. However, I wouldv'e released him long ago. Glad the Sox could get someone in return but I wouldv'e preferred cash or perhaps a bottle of the Captain. Hehe!

Friday, June 06, 2003

WOW! Just as I finish the last post, two news stories come out and both of them affect the Sox....

1. Sammy Sosa has been suspended for 8 games for hitting with a corked bat. He and the Player's Association have filed an appeal which means he'll be able to play against the scum this weekend. The first game of the Cubs/Y*nkees series is today at 3:20 pm EST.

2. The Y*nks have just traded minor league outfielder Marcus Thames for crappy OF/DH Ruben Sierra. I don't see how the Empire improves their team too much beyond the fact that they have an average bat in the lineup until Hernia Williams comes off the DL. What the Y*nks need is pitching and to get their collective head out of their collective @ss.

I think Steinbrenner was sick of having a relative no-namer in Juan Rivera in his left field. I also think this is one of the first sites on the web to have this story. Whoopty doo! Here's a comparison of the Qualatative 3 stats (OBP, SLG%, Avg).

Sierra vs. Rivera
OBP: .333-.250
SLG%: .398-.286
BA: .263-.204

Sierra is an improvement over Rivera and LF is the only place for Sierra in the Y*nkees lineup. Johnson, Giambi are sharing time with Ventura at 1B and DH.
I just heard on WEEI that Tim Wakefield will be starting tonight. I guess that means Fossum will go Saturday.

In a quasi-Sox related story, it seems as though Sammy sosa's suspension (try saying that 10 times fast) shall be in the 7-10 game range. He'll probably appeal it (although I think he'd look much better if he didn't) and the suspension will be reduced as it always is. Usually appeals take a while before they are decided upon so he will be available for the Cubs throughout the weekend which means that he can crush the Y*nkees for us.

I read on obeypedro.com that the Julio Zuleta is going to Japan to play ball. I assume the Sox sold him. I thought he'd have a place here in Boston as the beefy first baseman but maybe if he goes to Japan for a year it would serve him better than another year in Pawtucket.

Remember: The Sox face the Brewers at 8:05 tonight EST. The games on UPN 38 in the Boston area and NESN outside of it. There's also replays at midnight on both channels if you actually have a life and are going out Friday night.
Boston Americans 4
Pittsburgh Pirates 5

John Burkett looked right at home in the 1903 style uniforms worn last night as the Pirates kicked the Sox out of town with a loss. John did have a Quality Start, however, by the statistical definition (6+ IP, 3 or fewer ER). Guess who got the loss however? Give up? It was Secret Agent 55 Ramiro Mendoza. I'm convinced he's working for the Evil Empire. The Sox did make a valiant effort at coming back and it is VERY good to see Allan Embree pitching like the Embree Red Sox Nation fell in love with last year. The pen doesn't seem so bad with a solid lefty out there.

Now it's time to award the Man of the Game. I adopted this from soccer where they elect a Man of the Match, the player who was above all others during the game. Unlinke an MVP type award, the player's team does not have to win. The very first MOTG is Trot Nixon who went 2 for 4 with a single and a 2 run HR off Sauerbeck in the 7th.

The Y*nkees (remember, it's a curse word like sh*t, or Bucky f*ckin Dent) were able to salvage a victory from their visit to the Great American in Cincinatti. They crushed the Reds 10-2.

Interleague fun continues as the Sox go to Milwaukee for the first time since the Brewers were in the AL. Steinbrenner's gang of thugs and mercenaries (like the Iraqi Info minister reference there?) go to Wrigley to play the Cubbies. The Sox definately have the easier Interleague schedule however I would've loved to see the Cubs take on the Sox for two reasons...

1. Pedro vs. Sosa. This probably wouldn't happen anyway with Pedro DL'ed and Sosa facing inevitable suspension.
2. The last time the Sox faced the Cubs in a real game was Game 7 of the 1918 World Series. That was the last World Series Game 7 the Sox ever won. The Cards beat us in 46 and 67 in seven, we lost to the Reds in 7 in 75 and the Mets beat us in 7 in 86.

Because I've just established this blog, this post will ramble on forever. Now for my thoughts on the Hillenbrand trade. Frankly, Shea is overrated. the Boston sports fan falls in love with individual players especially if their first few games feature game winning homers and diving catches. Shea is a notorious quick starter so RS Nation fell in love with him quickly. But let's face it, he was less than average offensivley past May 15th in his three years here, and he couldn't throw! He also played two positions that the Sox have tremendous depth at. So good riddance to an average player. Now BHK. I like Kim cuz he has a "rubbah ahm" His versatility will come in handy especially if the Sox make it to the playoffs.

By the by, I love the throwback jerseys! If the Sox brass have any brains, they'll sell some replica jerseys, and hats for like $250.00 and $25.00 respectively. After all, it's about revenue maximization!

Finally, tomorrow's game. 4-4 Casey Fossum takes his 5.86 ERA to Milwaukee against Wayne Franklin who is 3-4 with a slightly lower 5.27 ERA. This game should be high scoring. The big hitter on the Brewers is Richie Sexson. This guy is a crushah, simply a crushah. Thus far he's scored 44 runs, and knocked in 42. His average is low but his power makes up for it. He has 18 HRs already. The brewers are not that good beyond a few good players here and there. I predict a sweep but I'd be satisfied with 2 out of 3 for the Sox.

Comments, questions? Email me at: rawbeezeitz@yahoo.com

Thursday, June 05, 2003

Well, this is my first post on my first blog. This blog will mainly focus on Red Sox games, news, and players. The main player this blog will focus on is Pedro Martinez, the Red Sox righty who currently is taking his yearly vacation. He's visiting his favorite destination, the DL. Although Sox fans make sometimes malicious remarks about their own players, we still love them. Pedro is God, but his injuries are the devil. I honestly beleive George Steinbrenner sold his soul to Satan in order to make the Y*nkees (It's a curse word) so good. One of the devil's tricks is injuring Pedro. Well, this entry is done. Ta ta til later.

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