Monday, December 29, 2003

I waited to post that this deal was dead because it has died several times only to be quickly resurrected and killed at another deadline. Anyhow, it is dead for the rest of the year. Probably.

The Nation was dissapointed when we did not sign him in 2002 and now we have him for 2004. He's purely a defensive player with some speed and a slight amount of pop from the bat. He'll bat 9th and I wouldn't be surprised if he splits some time with Damian "I'm Sorry Miss" Jackson.

For those of you who don't know, I am of the Pedronic religion. We Pedronicists beleive that Pedro is God. That's about it. Anyway, here are the upcoming holidays in the Pedronic calendar. At the moment, we're in lent, that period of baseball sacrifice between the Winter Meetings and Pitchers and Catchers Reporting.

Feb 15: Day of Reportation: Red Sox pitchers and catchers report to spring training at Fort Myers
Mar 4: Holy Thursday: First game of spring training against the Minnesota Twins
Apr 5: Palm Monday: First game of the regular season in Baltimore against the O's. This signifies that soon the Holy One shall return to Fenway.
Apr 9: Easter: Opening Day against the Blue Jays. PM45 returns but probably won't pitch
Apr 10: Pedro Day: Probably Pedro's first Fenway start of the season
Apr 16: Black Friday: The Evil Empire comes to Fenway for the first time of the season
October 25: Pedromas: The birth of Pedro

More holidays to come.

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