Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Seriously this is the last post. According to WEEI, we're one of three teams in the running for Jeff Suppan. That would really solidify the rotation and he would eb cheaper than Vasquez.

Brian Ca$hman is complaining about the Red Sox getting players like Sauerbeck and Williamson even though he thinks New York offered them more. Earth to Brian Ca$hman, your Y*nkee prospects aren't as good as people thought they were. A few words for you: Drew Henson, Nick Johnson, Ted Lilly, El Duquecito, and a cast of dozens of busted Y*nkee prospects.

Finally, the Sox have signed 19 of their first 20 draft picks. I beleive they're the first team to do so. The Duquette regime didn't focus on the draft nearly enough to make for a high quality farm system. It looks like the Sox under Henry/Luchinio/Epstein is focusing on player development a la Arsene Wenger with Arsenal. Time will tell if it works out for either or both.

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Just updated my shitty Geocities Red Sox page with 3 pics from the recent Sox-Y*nks series. Huzzah!

Last post til "vacation." Why during the deadline? Why?

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First of all, Theo made yet another trade meant to bolster the bullpen. We got Scott Williamson from Cincinatti for a minor league lefty, a player to be named later, and cash. Eppy once again improves the pitching on the team. Williamson has 21 saves and can close for us which would move Kim to the rotation and Mendoza back to the pen.

Bill Mueller 14
Texas Rangers 7
W: Wakefield (8-5)
L: Garcia (1-1)
H: Ramirez (1)
BS: Garcia (1)

Wrapup & Box Score
Magic #: 61

Gee, I wonder who the Man of the Game will be? Could it be Wakefield for his Quality Start? Perhaps Nomar for his homer. Or maybe, just maybe Big Bill Mueller will win it with his 3 Homers, 2 of which were Grand Slams. He is the first player EVER to hit a Grand Slam from both sides of the plate in a game. He is also only the 4th player to hit 2 Grand Slams and an additional HR in a game. Of those 4 players, 3 are Red Soxers, the other is a Y*nkee. Anyway here are Mueller's other numbers for the night. He knocked in 9, and scored thrice. He has 54 RBI and 13 HR. In my opinion, he has been the biggest surprise to the team. Not only has he contributed greatly to our offensive powerhouse, his quality play at third allowed us to trade Hillenbrand to Arizona for Kim. His OBP is .403, he's slugging .584, and his average is an impressive .330. Here are the MOTG standings after 42 awarded:

1. Nomar - 5
2. PEDRO, Varitek - 4
4. Mueller, Nixon, Millar - 3
7. Manny, R. Halladay (TOR) - 2
9. Burkett, Lowe, Walker, Kapler, Burkett, Sanchez, Rupe, Lyon, D. Rolls (TB) M. Mussina (NYY), A. Pettitte (NYY) J. Crede (CWS), E. Loiza (CWS), JD Drew (StL), B. Myers (PHI), J. Pierre (FLA) - 1

The Y*nkees made a pair of deals tonight. They traded Raul Mondesi to Arizona for OF David Dellucci, and P Brent Prinz. They also traded P Dan Miccilli to Houston for a player to be named later. The Y*nkees beat Anaheim.

Arsenal beat Besitkas 1-0. Denny Bergkamp got a goal 3 minutes into the second half. I'm told newcomer Jens Lehmann had very little work to do.

This is my last post for a few days. I must go to Buffalo to do family bull shit. I will be back Sunday afternoon/evening. Until then "keep your pecker hard and your powder dry, and the world will turn." Platoon is such a great movie.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2003


Off day yesterday and 8 o'clock start tonight so just a few notes and shit.

Wrote this little verse. It's sung to the refrain of 50 Cent's "P-I-M-P"

I don't know what you heard about him.
But a Y*nkee can't get a hit off of him.
He's the dominant Dominican y'all know,
He's mothafuckin' P-E-D-R-O!

Good stuff, ya heard?

Something that was discussed ad naseum over the weekend series with New York is the QuesTech strike zone monitor. If you don't know what it is, it is a series of cameras connected to a computer that determines whether or not a pitch passes through the strike zone defined by the rule book (knees to letters by the width of the plate). The controversy surrounding it is that umpires are calling balls and strikes based on fear of poor grades given by the system. No more generous corner calls. But is this a big problem? Shouldn't umpires be calling balls and strikes based on the rule book? Isn't that why you have a rule book in the first place? And for people who say that the strike zone should be open to interpretation, how come it is illegal to argue balls and strikes?

I am not against a mechanical umpire calling balls and strikes, however, I feel that the strike zone should be widened especially on the inside of the plate. I also feel that QuesTech should be installed in EVERY ballpark. The Braves refused to allow it for fear that Greg Maddux might have to throw strieks somewhere near the plate.

This raod trip the Sox begin tonight is very important. I feel we must win at least 4 games out of 6. We visit Texas tonight, tomorrow and the night after before visiting Balto for 3 days. We need to do well in this short trip because the schedule gets much harder after that.

We return to Fenway on the 5th to play the World Champion Angels who just beat Oakland a few times over the weekend. After 3 against Anahymen, we play a double-header against the O's and finish up with them over the weekend. Then we head west for the annual slaughter-fest. Visiting Oakland for 4 and then Seattle for 3. After a day off, we have to play Oakland at Fenway thrice and then play host to Seattle for four. Could someone tell me why the schedule makers always do this? It gets boring when playing bad teams and gets incredibly difficult against good teams. We only play the West teams maybe two series a year, so why have both of them right next to each other? Seems retarded. After Seattle, we host Toronto for a pair, then take a day off, then the Y*nkees come to town for 3 to end the month. August shall truly test this team's meddle.

Really good article. Fenway Park vs. Y*nkee Stadium

Casey Fossum got sent down to AAA Pawtucket the other day. He is starting tonight in preperation to start next Friday in the double-header against the O's if he is still with the team.

I'm watching the game and I just heard Don Orsillo say that Joe Buck and Tim McCarver were in their broadcasting chairs on Saturday. I bet the chairs are wicked sticky from the Y*nkee cum that McCarver and Buck spat out. It must be hard to swallow for 25 guys, just ask Jeter.

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Monday, July 28, 2003


"Swing and a drive! Deep to left! Way back! Way back! Tied game! Varitek hit it out of the park onto Landsdowne Street! 3-3, it's tied in the 7th! On a 1-1 pitch, Jason Varitek got all of it. Nixon scores, Mueller scores, Varitek home. Celebration at Fenway Park. The red Sox have tied it on a 3 run homer in the bottom of the 7th by Jason Varitek."

Moments later...

"Swing and a drive down the right field line down by the Peskey pole...HOMERUN! Back-to back! Johnny Damon follows the varitek homerun! And would you beleive it? In the 7th inning the Red Sox score 4 to take a 4-3 lead!"



I do love a good cackle!

What's up now New York?!? Huh?!? What's up?!?

New York Y*nkees 4
Boston Red Sox 6
W: Fossum (5-4)
L: Hammond (2-1)
S: Kim (6)
H: Timlin (10)
BS: Hammond (3)

Wrapup & Box Score

The Man of the Game is count Varitek who went 2 for 4 with a double (one of two hits off Weaver) and a huge 3 run homer to tie the game. Some might think Weaver deserved it, but c'mon. The Sox were making him look better than he was really pitching. He made alot of shite pitches that should've been crushed but weren't. Here are the MOTG standings after 41 awarded:

1. Nomar - 5
2. PEDRO, Varitek - 4
4. Nixon, Millar - 3
6. Manny, Mueller, R. Halladay (TOR) - 2
9. Burkett, Lowe, Walker, Kapler, Burkett, Sanchez, Rupe, Lyon, D. Rolls (TB) M. Mussina (NYY), A. Pettitte (NYY) J. Crede (CWS), E. Loiza (CWS), JD Drew (StL), B. Myers (PHI), J. Pierre (FLA) - 1

Tek should have been the ASG starter and should DEFINATELY played before Hernandez did. I shall boo Scoscia when we play Anahymen a week from Tuesday.

That's all for now.

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Okay, one more cackle.


Sunday, July 27, 2003


Big surprise. Do you hear John Henry complaining about having a player payroll one half the size of the Y*nkees? Or the Y*nkees getting tons of close calls in their favor? NO! Why? Cuz he's got class.

Anyway, just read this NY Post article. Here are the complaints made by Y*nkees:

"It was close," Benitez said. "He could have called the pitch [a strike]."

Y*nkees never get strike calls in their favor, apparently.

"He was out; I tagged him on the foot," Jeter said. "Go look at the replay."

Boo fuckin hoo hoo. Upon further review, Jeter still swallows.

"There was no doubt in my mind he was out," Posada said. "The ball beat him to the bag."

Even if he were out and the inning ended, would the Y*nkees have won the game? Who knows?

The Y*nkees made alot of mistakes yesterday and I laughed at the Y*nkee fans behind us chanting "Y*nkee baseball." Is Y*nkee baseball making poor throws from left field? Getting 3 hits off John Burkett? Or getting thrown out after disobeying the stop sign? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Great stuff. Rubbah game tonight, D-Lowe vs. Weaver. Should be a mismatch but Saturday's game was a mismatch too. Also, the bullpens are bound to get involved. No Y*nkee cock smokers broadcasting tonight on ESPN.

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