Friday, February 20, 2004

I just read this article about Red Sox minor league benchman David "Not Waltaaaah" McCarty and his attmept at pitching. He'll pitch in group 2 Saturday with Foulke, Kim, Arroyo, and others. He says he'll have a high 80s fastball, a changeup, a slider, and a splitter. If this works out, I think it will be terriffic to have a guy who can get a pinch hit or throw a few innings, probably junk innings mostly, but still eat some up and keep the big boys fresh for October. Hey, he can't be any worse than Wasdin or Mendoza.

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Doesn't it feel great? The boys, well some of them, have come down to Ft. Myers to play the ancient and ageless game of baseball. In 4 days the position players will report, in 14 days it will be against other teams and in 44 days it will be for real.

Official article

Schilling reported early, D-Lowe has been going through his spring conditioning routine (he couldn't last year cuz of skin cancer), Embree, Foulke, and Williamson reported early. Pedro is attending a fmaily medical problem so he won't report until Monday. Millar and Daubach chose not to wait until the 24th to report.

Can't wait til the Grapefruit League starts!

The B's beat the best team in the Conference 4-3 at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia. The Bruins outshot the Flyers by 14 shots. Bruins goals were scored by: Hal Gill (2, unassisted), Rob Zamuner (4, Rolston and Donato), Patrice Bergeron (15, unassisted), and Glen Murray (25, PP, Thornton and Bergeron). Oddly, for the Bruins at least, the B's have the ebst winning percentage in the 2004 calendar year. We haven't had a full loss in 11 games. The next game is tommorrow night against the Hurricanes in Carolina. The Bruins are the 5th seed at the moment but they are only 1 point behind the top seed. The East is really a mess at the top with any team from Philly to Toronto having a chance at the top spot. Furthermore, if the Sabres can pass the Islanders for the 8th seed, it would put all 5 Northeast division teams in the playoffs.

The Cs lost to the Clippers in a heart breaker last night in LA. The good news is every loss gets them a better draft pick. Ainge has purposely blown the team up, in my opinion. The C's were part of the 3 way deal sending Wallace to Detroit. We gave up Chris Mills,

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Some satire:
RS Nation raises terror alert to red


Y*nkees clinch pennant by signing every player in baseball
a year late but still topical and humurous.

A serious link now:
Kieth Oberman (sp) interviews Joe Torre some mention of the Sox and the A-rod deal. Here's an excerpt:

"...we came close to having him go to Boston. And that would have really perked up this rivalry maybe more than it is right now, even though I think a better acquisition is the one they made up there, in getting Curt Schilling and having Foulke as their closer. So pitching is what it‘s all about.

And we got a great player in Alex Rodriguez, but don‘t have as deep a starting staff as we‘ve had in the past. And that‘s the only thing that concerns me, is that we stay healthy and we‘re able to do things the way we‘ve done it in the past, and maybe have a few more runs to make it easier to do that."

Torre's scared

32 hours til Ps and Cs report

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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

The new regime has really been trying to maximize the money they make out of Fenway. Good for them. Here's the story with a pic of the construction. The seats won't be as hot as the Monster Seats but they'll still be unique and probably lots of fun to sit in. There's plenty of standing room though. I'd also like to thank the onwership for widening the concourse behind the bleachers and bringing part of it outdoors so people can smoke during those tight games. I wasn't a smoker before college but now I am so I'll really appreciate this amenity when I come home for Opening Day on April 9.

I just looked at the Red Sox depth chart for the upcoming year.Here it is. No surprises apart from Mark Malaska being a left handed set-up man. His numbers were good from limited action with the D-Rays last year.

NY Times article

HAHAHAHA. Fucking scum. This could be the first of many problems in the Y*nkee clubhouse.

ESPN article

I concur.

42 hours until pitchers and catchers report.

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Thankfully the Cubs are going to sign Maddux. I shouldn't have let a report eminating from the great state of New Jersey cloud by judgement into thinking that the Yankees would sign him.

ESPN's Page 2 columnist brian simmons' 33 reactions to the A-rod deal. Truly an hilarious piece from a fellow Red Soxer that really puts the upcoming seaosn into perspective. Here are my favorites:

3. Consider this: No more Grady Little.

9. This will make you feel better: When I'm running ESPN6 some day, I'm going to have a show where Susie Essman shows up at Tom Hicks's front door and screams obscenities at him. When he goes to work, we're going to follow him, then she'll scream more obscenities at him. When the courts eventually become involved, she will stand 100 feet away from him with a bullhorn, and continue screaming obscenities at him. This will go on for as long as I'm running ESPN6. I promise you that.

12. Once again: No more Grady Little.

14. Now Dan Shaughnessy can update his "Curse of the Bambino" book for its 162nd printing ... clearly, he needs to make more money off this. God bless him. Do you think he patented the "Valentine's Day Massacre" phrase on Saturday at 2 p.m.?

17. No-mahhhhhhhhhhh! For everyone who doubted him and didn't mind the thought of him playing somewhere else -- like me, for instance -- isn't there at least a decent chance that he shoves it in everyone's face? Nothing would make me happier, with the possible exception of Julie from the "Real World/Road Rules Challenge" getting arrested for trying to unlock Veronica's safety harness two weeks ago (don't ask).

20. Another silver lining: This A-Rod fiasco made us realize that Ben Affleck needs to be stopped. I loved "Good Will Hunting" as much as anyone, but did you see him ranting and raving at the Daytona 500? Since when did Ben Affleck become The Voice of Red Sox Fans? Who nominated him? Would a true Sox fan ever propose to a chick with a big ass from the Bronx? In a million years? I really think we should vote on this -- let's have an election and everything. Ben Affleck needs to be stopped. I'm not kidding.

(Note: I give him props for fucking J-Lo)

21. Seriously ... no more Grady Little.

29. Playing second base this season ... Enrique Wilson. I don't even have a joke here.

30. At some point during the season, someone will be bright enough to make a "Yankees Most Wanted" deck of playing cards, along the lines of those Iraqi cards last spring. And we can play poker with them and bash the Yankees and stuff. I look forward to it.

31. Just in case you forgot ... no more Grady Little.

Good stuff

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Apparently my desire to have nicknames for Red Sox players has caused some backlash from a scummer. Here is an e-mail I just received:

"I got a few for you.

BH KIM the "chokester"
Derek "Lowlife" LOWE
CURT "I love the yanks" SCHILLING
The one and only "SCOTT WILLIAMSON"
MARK "I'd be a better bellboy" BELLHORN

Apparently this pussy is afraid to put the word fuck in an e-mail. however, his nicknames for Anastacio Martinez and Scott Williamson are truly creative, hurtful, and funny. I actually will keep the Williamson one. However, Pukey Reese is just too creative for me and us other Boston slobs. We aren't as sophisticated as people from the great state of New Jersey.

Feel free to e-mail this loser. His name is Thomas Myers and his e-mail address is t.myers@eci-nj.com

The B's beat the Maple Leafs 5-2 in Toronto which is a huge win and a huge 2 points considering the last two games were OT-losses for the Bruins. they go into Philly Thursday night and the game is on ESPN so I'll be able to watch it. My roomate is a Flyers fan too so it should be an interesting night.

Could someone tell me why this year of all years I decided to really get into the Celtics. Well, I know why but it's a stupid reason and they are really pissing me off.

Pitchers and Catchers report in 59 hours and 23 minutes.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

According to WABC the scum are looking to acquire free agent pitcher Greg Maddux. This would put their payroll at a meager $200M+ not to mention the millions in luxury tax they'd be paying. When Selig approved the a-rod deal, he said he didn't want such large cash transfers to become the norm. Bud, if you want to set a precedent, you have to make decisions that set a precedent. The precedent you set allows for such cash transfers to be the norm. i'm not surprised that the brass at MLB and the MLBPA made some pro-Y*nkee moves this offseason. They love having scum all over their face. Fucking scum sluts. Anyways, I still have faith in Theo's Red Army and so should you! Spring Training in less than 3 days!

I've updated my Red Sox Nicknames page for the 2004 season but I still need nicknames for:


Feel free to submit nicknames by e-mailing me at rawbeezeitz@yahoo.com or IMing me on my AIM screename: flapjackzeitz


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Monday, February 16, 2004

The first holiday of the Pedronic calendar (besides November 18, Pedronikah) was today. The equipment truck left Fenway Park destined for Ft. Myers and a new season. This Friday at 11 AM Red Sox pitchers and catchers will report. Soon they'll start playing baseball against other MLB teams and a set of split-squad games with Northeastern and Boston College. Soon after that, we'll see the Sox play the O's in Camden Yards as the 162 game schedule begins. Less than a week later, the Blue Jays will come to town and Fenway will once again be alive with 35,000 screaming, angry, drunk fans desperate to beat the scum 3 hours to the southeast. Desperate to see a World Champions' flag raised in center field. This, the year 7 AP (Anno Pedro), the year of Curt Schilling, we shall see 162 excellent played games and maybe more. We'll see around 20 more sox/Y*nks battles that will exhaust Red sox Nations' collective hearts and perhaps will fill our souls with joy.

Speaking of the scum, Selig approved the deal that sent A-Rod to them. The dark side is strong. but the force is strong with Theo. If the old boys do as good as they did last year and the acquisitions perform to expectations, we can win. We'll have to beat the Y*nkees in the seaosn series in order to do so, but we can win.

Back to Pedronic news, Tom Brady has ben beatified as a Pedronic Saint. This was on February 2, the day he won his second Super Bowl and Super Bowl MVP. He is the patron Saint of clutchness.

Now as far as non-Red Sox news goes, here's an update on the other 3 Boston teams and my beloved Arsenal.

The Bruins are tied for 4th in the Eastern Conference and 3rd in the Northeast Division with the Ottawa Senators. The B's had been hot but a lengthy road trip with the All-Star game mixed in between has hurt them. They scrapped a point from a game in Ottawa with an OT loss and had a similar game Saturday night. Tommorrow they go to Toronto to play the Division leading Maple Leafs. Depending on what the Leafs do tonight, the Bruins might be able to tie them or pass them. That would catapault us from the 5th seed to the 2nd. i also just learned that a Bruins draft pick was the captain of the gold medal winning USA World Juniors championship team. So we got that goin for us.

The Celtics won't be playing until February 25th. Last night was the ever entertaining *sarcasm* NBA all-Star Game. The sole Celtic (Pierce) had a mere 8 points for the losing Eastern Conference. The C's are 8 games below .500, have dropped to 3rd in the Atlantic Division, and are in 8th place a mere 1/2 game ahead of 9th place Philadelphia. They suxk. Danny ainge is a terrible person and should be shot.

The NFL Draft is coming up and the Pats have 4 picks in the first 2 rounds. The overall 21st, 32nd, 57th, and 64th picks belong to the Pats. We need a RB and could use depth at such positions like O-Line, WR, and the defensive secondary. Should be interesting to see what Bellicheck does with these picks. Last year's draft was amazing and we're stacked at alot of positions.

The Arsenal FC are 5 points ahead of Manchester United in the English League, are about to begin the elimination stage of the European Champions' League against the Spanish team Celta Vigo, and have advanced to the 6th round of the FA Cup by beating Chelsea 2-1 on Sunday. Unfortunately we've been eliminated from the much less prestigious Carling Cup. Oh, well. I'll take a 3rd straight FA Cup and two other trophies and call the season a success.

That's it for now. Remember, this Friday is the Holy Day of Reportation.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Spring Training commences in less than 5 days so before we see what these boys are made of in the Grapefruit League, I figure that I'll come up with a suggested 25 man roster for the beginning of the 2004 season.

C - Jason Varitek - duh
1B - Kevin Millar - split time with Ortiz
2B - Pokey Reese - split time with Bellhorn
3B - Bill Mueller - duh
SS - Nomar Garciaparra - duh
LF - Manny Ramirez - split time with Millar and DH occasionally
CF - Johnny Damon - duh
RF - Trot Nixon - duh
DH - David Ortiz - split time with Ramirez

Batting order:
1. Johnny Damon (L) - fastest guy on the team with Jackson gone
2. Nomar Garciaparra (R) - not 3rd cuz every spot in the lineup represents 17 ABs per season
3. David Ortiz (L) - Keep the left-right-left-right in order
4. Manny Ramirez (R) - The power hitter on this team is definately Manny
5. Trot Nixon (L) - Again, keep the L-R-L-R-L
6. Kevin Millar (R) - some pop in the back of the lineup. won't get exposed at 6th, will knock in alot of runs
7. Bill Mueller (S) - Batting title holder, won't get exposed at 7th
8. Jason Varitek (S) - more pop at the back end of the order
9. Pokey Reese (R) - obviously 9th

1. Pedro Martinez (R) - gotta get this guy as many starts a spossible
2. Curt Schilling (R) - ditto
3. Tim Wakefield (R) - HUGE changeup from Schilling's fastball to Wake's knuckler
4. Derek Lowe (R) - potential to be the ebst #4 starter in baseball
5. Bronson Arroyo (R) - split starts with BH Kim

C - Doug Mirabelli (R) - great arm, good pop off the bench, can play first in a pinch
IF/OF - Mark Bellhorn (S) - defensive replacement for Reese when he gets pinch hit for. can play all 7 positions
IF/OF - Tony Womack (L) - defensive replacement, can play 2B, SS, OF
OF - Gabe Kapler (R) - brings speed and pop off the bench.
DH/OF - Ellis Burks (R) - a pinch hitter who cna play LF in Fenway. Good veteran presence, great pop

Closer: Keith Foulke (R) - capable of 100 IP, 40 Saves and 70 appearances. can throw 2+ innings, can pitch in non-save situations
Set-up: Scott Williamson (R) - can blow guys away in the 6th, 7th and 8th
Set-up: Allan Embree (L) - ditto but against lefties
Set-up: Mike Timlin (R) - ditto but against righties
Mid-Releif: Ramiro Mendoza (R) - give him another chance
Long-Releif: BH Kim (R) - spot start and swith places with Arroyo if necessary

So there's what my 25 man roster would look like.

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