Saturday, October 18, 2003


Well I'm watching a rerun of Conan right about now. He's just made his second anti-Sox joke. Conan, you're a traitor and you're not welcome in RSN. I know you're in NYC, but you gotta represent the nation!

I'm gonna say this now. It hasn't happened yet, but I'm sure it will. I'm sick and fucking tired of Fox and ESPN showing the Boone homer every time the Sox play the scum. I just know that for the 10 games at Y*nkee Stadium, they're gonna constantly show that homerun just like they show BF Dent's whenever the teams play at Fenway.

Grady Little needs to be run out of town on a rail. This is no hyperbole. We need to get a big ass rail, sit his country ass ontop of it and drive it on the back of a truck at 80 MPH on the Mass Pike. Sticking with Pedro was the wrong move. We have Timlin, Embree, Williamson, and Wakefield in the pen. All four have been our best pitchers. Pedro is our ace but not after he hits 110 on the pitch count. Grady claims that is what we've done all season. Someone wanna tell this asshole that Pedro almost never pitched into the 8th. Also, every time he did, his next start, which would have been Game 3 of the World Series, he sucks. I can't blame Grady for focusing on the LCS, but this just adds to the problems I have with this non-move.

The blame for this loss is not squarely on Grady. Pedro did not cowboy up. Grady asked him if he was done and he said "no." I doubt Pedro would ever say that he was done unless his arm was seriously hurting him, but still, he shouldv'e known he was done. But it isn't his decision, it's Grady's.

It is pretty safe to say that this was the best Sox team I've ever seen. I was 1 in 1986. 1999 was a great team, but they didn't have the spark this team had. I feel that we have missed out an opportunity to win World Series #6 and won't be able to do so until we can develop some players on our own.

The Y*nkees are going to go on and win World Series #27 while we face the 85th straight winter of frustration. But remember this, Sox fans. The Y*nkees payroll is about $75.5M more than ours and it took them 65 innings to beat us 30 total runs to 29. The teams played 26 times with New York winning the season series 14-12. Not exactly dominant. I think I speak for everyone in RSN when I say:


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