Friday, April 02, 2004

Schilling threw 60 pitches in 4 innings. Uncharacteristically for Curt, Varitek called every pitch.

The Sox now go to Turner Field to play the Braves Friday and Saturday night. The first game is Sunday at 8 on ESPN.

So that's one point. The Bs take on New Jersey Saturday and sunday and then the playoffs begin.

Team 1: Pedronic Popes (12 team league)
C Mike Lieberthal
1B Jim Thome
2B Jose Vidro
3B Eric Hinske
SS Orlando Cabrerra
IF Joe Randa
OF Kevin Millar
OF Rocco Baldelli
OF Randy Winn
Util Jose Cruz
Bench Eric Byrnes, Bernie williams
SP Pedro Martinez
SP Kerry Wood
SP Greg Maddux
RP Mariano rivera
RP Trevor Hoffman
RP Scott williamson
P Vicente Padilla
P Jarrod Washburn
P Rich Harden
P mike timlin
Bench: Paul Byrd, Shane reynolds

Team 2: Red Army (20 team league)
C Paul LoDuca
1B Derrek Lee
2B Roberto Alomar
3B Hank Blalock
SS Kaz Matsui
OF Kevin Millar
OF Shawn Green
OF JD Drew
Util Rich Aurillia
Bench: Scott Hatteberg, JT Snow, Eric Byrnes, Jason Kendall
DL Nomar garciaparra
SP Barry Zito
SP Kevin millwood
SP Ted Lilly
RP Octavio Dotel
RP Troy Percival
P Cory Lidle
P Shane reynolds
P Kris Benson
P Paul Byrd
P Aaron Harang

Team 3: Cumshot Walrus (11 teams)
C Ivan Rdoriguez
1B Jason Giambi
2B Luis Castillo
3B Mike Lowell
SS Rich aurillia
OF Kevin millar
OF Lance berkman
OF Barry Bonds
Util Rocco Baldelli
Bench: Ken Griffey Jr, Kenny Lofton, Bernie williams
SP Pedro Martinez
SP Dontrelle willis
SP Livan Hernandez
RP John smoltz
RP Troy Percival
RP Shigetosi Hasegawa
P Vicente Padilla
Bench: Jeff Suppan, Brad Penny

Selig wants a baseball world cup. If this ever happens, which I hope it does, this would be my team for the united States:
C Mike Piazza (6)
1B Jim thome (4)
2B Bret Boone (7)
3B Scott Rolen (8)
SS alex Rodriguez (2)
OF Barry Bonds (3)
OF Gary Sheffield (5)
OF Vernon Wells (1)
SP roy Halladay
SP Mark Prior
SP Jason Schmidt
SP Mike Mussina
CP Keith Foulke

And now, for fun, the Dominican team:
C Alberto Castillo (8)
1B David Ortiz (7)
2B Alfonso Soriano (1)
3B Albert Pujols (3)
SS Miguel Tejada (6)
OF Vladimir Guerrero (2)
OF Sammy sosa (4)
OF Manny Ramirez (5)
SP Pedro Martinez
SP Bartolo colon
SP Odalis Perez
SP Migeul Batista
CP Ramon Ortiz

Not as deep as the US team, but impressive nonetheless. The favorites in the World Cup would have to be the US, the DR, Puerto Rico, cuba, and Venezuela. The following teams would probably be able to field competetive teams:

United States of America
Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico
South Korea

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Thursday, April 01, 2004


That's not good news. We got Reese and Bellhorn though. Maybe we can play Kapler at third and move Mueller to second. Potential lineups:

1 CF Damon
2 2B Mueller
3 LF Ramirez
4 1B Ortiz
5 DH Burks
6 RF Millar
7 3B Kapler
8 C Varitek
9 SS Reese

Not a bad lineup considering two starters are out.

Before Spring Training I came up with what my 25 man roster would be, here is the old one:

C - Jason Varitek
1B - Kevin Millar
2B - Pokey Reese
3B - Bill Mueller
SS - Nomar Garciaparra
LF - Manny Ramirez
CF - Johnny Damon
RF - Trot Nixon
DH - David Ortiz
C - Doug Mirabelli
IF/OF - Mark Bellhorn
IF/OF - Tony Womack
OF - Gabe Kapler
DH/OF - Ellis Burks
SP - Pedro Martinez
SP - Curt Schilling
SP - Tim Wakefield
SP - Derek Lowe
SP - Bronson Arroyo
CP - Keith Foulke
RP - Scott Williamson
RP - Allan Embree
RP - Mike Timlin
RP - Ramiro Mendoza
RP - BH Kim

Well, Garciaparra, Nixon, and Mendoza are out and Womack's been traded. Here is what my roster would eb after seeing spring training:

C - Jason Varitek
1B - David Ortiz
2B - Bill Mueller
3B - Gabe Kapler
SS - Pokey Reese
LF - Manny Ramirez
CF - Johnny Damon
RF - Kevin Millar
DH - Ellis Burks

Batting order:
1 - Damon - L
2 - Mueller - S
3 - Ramirez - R
4 - Ortiz - L
5 - Burks - R
6 - Millar - R
7 - Kapler - R
8 - Varitek - S
9 - Reese - R

C - Doug Mirabelli (R) - Good bat off the bench, can catch every 5th day, can play 1B if needed
IF/OF - Mark Bellhorn (S) - Can play all 7 positions
IF/OF - Brian Daubach (L) - Good pinch hitter off the bench, can play OF and 1B
IF - Terry Shumpert (?) - Can play all 7 positions
OF/1B - David McCarty (?) - Why not?

1. Pedro Martinez - R
2. Curt Schilling - R
3. Derek Lowe - R
4. Tim Wakefield - R
5. Bronson Arroyo - R

Closer - Keith Foulke (R)
Set-up - Scott Williamson (R)
Set-up - Mike Timlin (R)
Set-up - Allan Embree (L)
Mid-releif - Mark Malaska (L)
Long-releif - BH Kim (R)

I've made a Best of PEDROphile blog. Every month I'll look through my archivea and find some of my favorite quotes. This month it is June 2003. enjoy!

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If the Bruins take 4 of the next 6 available points, they'll clinch 2nd in the Eastern Conference. As it is, they need Tampa to drop at least one available point and get all of their own available points. They take on the Caps tonight.

Buy this book:
A Day of Light and Shadows

We read an excerpt for my Baseball Writing class and it is great. It is about an obsessed fan and the events surrounding him and the 1978 playoff between the Y*nkees and the Red Sox. Here are a few of the pbsessive things this guy does:

Pays $15,000 in phone bills from 1970-77 listening to Red Sox games
Chases a 15 year old kid for writing "Red Sox stink" in crayon on his car
Contemplates jumping off the roof of Fenway Park

Sounds like a guy like me. I...

Pay $15 to listen to Sox games on my computer
Start fights when people deride my Sox
Contemplated driving my car (named Pedro) into Y*nkee Stadium when we lost last year

The Y*nkees crushed Tampa Bay 12-1.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Good game between a great team and a shite team. The scum lost to the Double A's 8-3. Mussina did not look too sharp at the end of his outing giving up a homerun, and then 3 consecutive doubles in the 6th inning. This was probably because it was the first game of the season and spring Training isn't even over for the Y*nkees. Paul Quantrill releived him and looked good until a-Rod bumped his knee forcing him to make an awkward throw to first on a Baldelli infield hit. Heredia releived him and looked poor allowing 2 runs in 2 innings of work. Giambi should have been called for an error but Herdia got it on a pickoff attempt of Baldelli who made it to third on the errant throw. Sheffield looked somewhat laughable in right not displaying any range whatsoever. A-rod made one good play at third and slightly missed a few balls that became hits. Jeter went 0/5 with a K, A-rod was 1/4 with 2 Ks (both looking), Posada, Sierra and Wilson all went 0/4. The D-Rays looked like a solid ball club getting good pitching from Zambrano, Carter and Baez. They also got some timely hits from Baldelli, Tino, Rolls and former Sox infielder Rey Sanchez. The teams will play tommorrow at 5 am at the Tokyo Dome.

Just a few questions about this game:
Would a 12 o'clock Tokyo start time been better for US viewers? That would have made it a 10 pm start for the eastern time zone and 7 for the Pacific. Oh well.

Why were the Y*nkees the road team? They had MUCH more fan support especially considering they have Matsui. The scum essentially have 83 home games this year and 79 road games.

Why was the road team (the Y*nkees) wearing white and the home team (Tampa) wearing their grey uniforms?

Some thoughts on the Y*nkees:
Remember back when the scum were winning championships? We still hated them but we could respect them. They weren't a team of All-Stars bought by Steinfucker. Guys like Tino Martinez, Scott Brosius, and Paul O'Neil won championships because they palyed well, made very few mistakes, and had clutch hits. They were a great T-E-A-M, team. Then they were going to be replaced by the new class of Y*nkees. ESPN, SI, and every other sporting press organization touted guys like Nick Johnson, Alfonso Soriano, and Drew Henson to replace Tino, Chuck, and Scott, respectively. Soriano came up and did well but the idea of replacing Tino with Johnson was dismissed when they signed Giambi. Henson never worked out and the scum got Robin Ventura and Aaron Boone to play third. now look at the team they have comprised now. They're definately fierce and chock full of household names. but they aren't all that respectable in my opinion. Posada and Jeter are home grown but they signed Giambi, a top free agent and a mess defensively. They traded Soriano for the highest paid player in baseball history and moved a Gold Glove SS to third base. The outfield, formerly comprised of a random LFer, Bernie and Paul is now made up of a player bought from Japan, a player whose peak was in 1995, and a roid head. Then look at their pitching staff. Rivera, Pettitte, and role playing pitchers who weren't great but good enough to get the job done have been replaced by names. Mike Mussina, another top free agent pickup is followed by former free agent Kevin Brown then former free agent Javier Vazquez, then former free agent Jose Contreras (paid $8M a year to suck) and then former free agent Jon Lieber. Let's look at the players on the Y*nkee 25 man roster who are products of their system:

RP Jorge De Paula - who the fuck?
SP Donovan Osbourne - not scaring anyone as a prospect
CP Mariano Rivera - great career but getting older
C Jorge Posada - one of 4 dynasty Y*nkees left
SS Derek Jeter - ditto
OF Bernie Williams - ditto, going downhill fast

So of the 25 active Y*nkees, 6 were developed by their system. Two aren't good enough to play MLB ball yet and one is on the DL.

The Y*nkees are just a bunch of hired guns. Fuck em.

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I haven't been doing recaps of ST games lately cuz I really don't care anymore. The real season starts sunday for the Sox and in a few hours is the MLB opener.

Its great having Bergeron and Samsonov back. We have 4 games left. They're against Carolina, Washington, New Jersey, and New Jersey. We're 1st in the division, 2nd in the conference 4 points behind Tampa, 2 ahead of Toronto. We can finish in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th. These last few days should be interesting.

Kidd didn't play. currently the green are 8th in the conference 0.5 games ahead of Cleveland. Cleveland has a game in hand. They host Portland and golden State. Then go on the road to Washington, Miami, New Orleans, and Atlanta. Then they host Miami and Atlanta. Frankly, I hope we miss the playoffs and get a good draft pick. We're gonna lose in the 1st round anyhow.

First round results:

Maine 5
Harvard 4

Wisconsin 1
Ohio State 0 (OT)

North Dakota 3
Holy Cross 0

Denver 3
Miami (OH) 2

Boston College 5
Niagra 2

Michigan 4

Minnesota 5
Notre Dame 2

Minnesota-Duluth 5
Michigan State 0

Second round results:

Maine 2
wisconsin 1 (OT)

Denver 1
north Dakota 0

Boston College 3
Michigan 2 (OT)

Minnesota-duluth 3
Minnesota 1

Frozen Four Matchups on april 8th
noon: #2 Denver vs. #2 Minnesota-Duluth
6 pm: #1 Maine vs. #1 Boston College

Maine/BC should be an intense game.

Great match. Arsenal set the English record for longest unbeaten streak to begin a season at 30 games. These two teams are huge rivals. They played their first game today in 1895. They've played 187 total games. Man united has 73 wins, Arsenal has 72. The other 42 meetings were ties. MU has scored 276 goals against Arsenal and Arsenal has scored 275 against United. They're very close rivals. They play Saturday in the semi-final of the FA Cup. Arsenal then goes on to play Chelsea in the Champions' League a few days later. After that it is a relatively easy League schedule and hopefully some CL and FA Cup action thrown in. Here are Arsenal's records thus far:

English League: 22 wins, 8 draws, 0 losses
Champions' League: 5 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses
FA Cup: 4 wins, 0 draws, 0 losses
Carling Cup: 3 wins, 0 draws, 2 losses
Community Shield: Loss

TOTAL: 34 wins, 10 draws, 5 losses
Winning Pct: .694
Unbeaten Pct: .898

That's just insane.

The next post will include thoughts on the first game of the MLB season and my analysis of the Red Sox April games.

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