Friday, July 18, 2003


Why should Nomar never be traded? Because his name has become a battle cry for The Nation.

Really a boring game. "The Festival of Groundouts" as spoken by Big C. But thank God that Pedro didn't start, we may have lost cuz he would have been worn out from his Dominican trip.

I missed the ASG and HR Derby but I'm watching the tapes. Heard the AL won 7-6 so that means the Sox will lose Game 7 at Fenway. Remember, we're 0-4 in game 7 in the World Series since Frazee sold Ruth.

Toronto BJs 5
Boston Red Sox 2
Wrapup & Box Score
W: Halladay (14-2)
L: Lowe (10-4)

Nice 4.95 ERA for Lowe now, but we don't need starting pitching. Where the hell is Gabe Kapler? Why did Trot slow down when rounding third? If Lowe makes a better 3-2 pitch with 2 outs and the bases loaded, we may have won. Y*nks beat Cleveland while the A's and Angels lost.

The Man of the Game is Roy Halladay who went the full 9, giving up a meager 2 Earned Runs off 9 hits and no walks while stirking out 5. Halladay is the first non-Sox player to have 2 MOTGs. Here are the MOTG standings after 32 awarded:

1. Nomar - 4
2. Millar, Varitek - 3
4. Roy Halladay, PEDRO, Nixon, Mueller - 2
8. Walker, Kapler, Manny, Burkett, Sanchez, Rupe, Lyon, M. Mussina (NYY), A. Pettitte (NYY) J. Crede (CWS), E. Loiza (CWS), JD Drew (StL), B. Myers (PHI), J. Pierre (FLA) - 1

Now for the Bitch-Goat to be distributed. Derek Lowe will get the majority share with 0.6 of the BG. Manny, Millar, and Walker will each get 0.1 of it for their collective 0 for 12 performance. Casey Fossum will get 0.1 for the HR he gave up, otherwise he pitched well. Here are the BG standings:

1. Lyon - 1.0
2. Manny - 0.9
3. Lowe, Walker - 0.6
5. Timlin - 0.5
6. Rupe, Jones, Kim - 0.4
9. Millar, Varitek, Grady - 0.3
12. Varitek, Millar, Nomar, Burkett - 0.2
16. Mueller, Seanez, Shiell, Ortiz, Jackson, Damon, Fossum - 0.1

As you can see, since the inception of the Bitch-Goat, Manny and Lyon have been responsible for Sox losses more than anyone else, in my opinion. This is not to say that they are bad players and need to be moved, but they play or played important parts in the Sox machine. Manny is the anchor of the offense (without him hitting, Nomar getting on base is irrelevant and Nomar will get crappy pitches to hit) and Lyon was the closer most of the time. Next season I'll try to do the MOTG and BG for every game and we can see who was able to be magnificent more than anyone else and who cost us the most games.

Fan gets sentenced to prison for charging the field. About fuckin time.

Why the hell was Pedro not starting last night? Am I mistaken, or aren't you supposed to put your best team on the field whenever possible. Pedro hadn't pitched for 4 days but Grady claims that he didn't want Pedro pitching on the day after he returned from the Dominican. Here are the comparisons between Pedro's starts in Grady's rotation, and the theoretical starts (on 4 GAMES rest cuz they do that for the sake of his arm) that he should have.

Start # - Grady's Start - Should Start
1 - 7/20 vs. TOR - 7/17 vs. TOR
2 - 7/25 vs. NYY - 7/22 vs. DET
3 - 7/30 @ TEX - 7/27 vs. NYY
4 - 8/5 vs. ANA - 8/2 @ BAL
5 - 8/10 vs. BAL - 8/8 vs. BAL
6 - 8/15 @ SEA - 8/13 @ OAK
7 - 8/21 vs. OAK - 8/19 vs. OAK
8 - 8/26 vs. TOR - 8/24 vs. SEA
9 - 9/1 @ PHI - 8/30 vs. NYY
10 - 9/7 @ NYY - 9/5 @ NYY
11 - 9/13 vs. CWS - 9/10 @ BAL
12 - 9/18 vs. TB - 9/16 vs. TB
13 - 9/23 vs. BAL - 9/21 @ CLE
14 - 9/28 @ TB - 9/26 @ TB

Note the additional Y*nkees game Pedro would pitch as well as the fact that he pitches on the last day of the season in Grady's rotation meaning he'd be unavailable for a one game playoff or to start the first game of an ALDS. This rotation is all theoretical as rain-outs are always possible, there's a double-header, and Grady can always pitch Pedro on 4 DAYs rest as opposed to 4 GAMES rest.

Tim Bechler's wife files $600M suit. $600 million? that's about how much a new Sox ballpark would cost. Mrs. B has no shot at winning. Xenedrine is clearly labelled and if you don't hydrate yourself while on ephedra and you don't stop taking it after noticing any disturbing side effects like a rapid heart beat and increased body temperature, you deserve to die.

Last night, ESPN staged a mock trial for Pete Rose. The question was whether or not he should be admitted into the Baseball Hall of Fame despite being banned for life from baseball. Now, I know he was a great player (Bill Lee said he'd draft Rose first even though Cobb had a higher average, Hornsby and Teddy won triple crowns, Mays, Bonds, Ruth, Foxx, Dimaggio, Mantle, Robinson, Schmidt, Sosa, and a billion other guys have more HRs) but Rose broke the rules and signed a document agreeing to be banned from baseball for life. You can't sign something like that and expect it to be revoked cuz time has gone by. The day Pete Rose should become eligible for the Hall is the day he dies. Nuf Said

USA takes on Cuba today (if the rain stops at Foxboro) in the Gold Cup Quarterfinal. I predict a 3-1 victory.

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Sunday, July 13, 2003


Yeah we won, but Pedro has a mere 6 wins this year and he could very well have 11 or 12 which would be amazing considering the injury time he has had. And moving him back 3 days next week isn't going to help his win total, nor does it help the team all that much, Grady. and I know you're reading this.

Boston Red Sox 4
Detroit Pussy..........cats 2
Box Score
ESPN Recap
W: Jones (2-0)
L: Rodney (0-1)
S: Kim (5)
BS: Embree (1)

As Eminem performed at neighboring Ford Field, Pedro Martinez put on a spectacular show only to be gipped of yet another victory. Seven innings from Pedro and an Earned Run coming on a SAC Fly. Eight Ks and only one Walk. Pedro gave up a scant 4 hits. Of his 105 pitches, 69 were strikes. That is a 1.91667 to 1 ratio of strikes to balls and a strike percentage of 65.714%. However, Embree blew the potential win for Pedro. The bullpen's ERA in Pedro starts is 5.56. If we make the playoffs, that had better stop because Pedro is our ONLY frontline pitcher. Everyone other current starter's ERA is above 4.20.

Now for the Man of the Game. This is the 31st MOTG to be awarded. Damon went 3 for 4 with 2 RBI and a Run. However, he made a ridiculously poor throw in the game on Detroit's SAC Fly which really made me sad. Very poor thrower. The Man of the Game doesn't necesarily go to the player who does the best or contributes the most, it goes to the player that is the most magnificent on the field. That would be Pedro Martinez. He deserved the win but Embree sucked (I know it was a fielding mistake, but how much ability does it take to prevent a runner on first with 2 outs from scoring?) and I think Grady should have used Kim to pitch the 8th and 9th. Here are the MOTG standings:

1. Nomar - 4
2. Millar, Varitek - 3
4. PEDRO, Nixon, Mueller - 2
7. Walker, Kapler, Manny, Burkett, Sanchez, Rupe, Lyon, R. Halladay (TOR), M. Mussina (NYY), A. Pettitte (NYY) J. Crede (CWS), E. Loiza (CWS), JD Drew (StL), B. Myers (PHI), J. Pierre (FLA) - 1

Speaking of Damon's shitty arm, did anyone else see Carlos Beltran's BULLETT to throw out Juan Gonzalez at the plate last night? Catch SportsCenter or ESPN News at the end of the half hour to see it, it's fucking amazing. Doubtful we'll get him for Damon or Nixon as they are in first place and KC doesn't like Damon too much.

Roy Halladay and the BJ's blew out theY*nkees 10-3 so we're only a game behind the scum. Imagine if we had beaten them Monday. Speaking of that series, I just updated my shitty Geocities Red Sox page with a few pics from that series. I didn't take them, they're stolen from various media outlets' sites.

Manny to sit out All-Star game. He has a sore hammy and home field advantage in the World Series isn't as important to me as is making the World Series. Perhaps Grady should bench him today because the Tigers suck.

USA 2-0 El Salvador
Earnie Stewart 28'
Brian McBride 76'

Canada shocked Costa Rica 1-0.

USA takes on Martinique Wednesday at CMGI Field in Foxboro. After we beat Martinique 4-0, we'll play the winner of Group D (either Canada, Cuba, or Costa Rica) July 19th in Foxboro. I beleive the winner of the Gold Cup shall get an automatic bid to the next Confederations Cup.

Kobe speaks up. "I shouldn't have to say anything. You know I would never do something like that." Right, cuz NBA players are known for their gentlemanly behaviour.

Maurice Claret likes oral, who the hell don't

Is anyone else sick of those Espy commercials in which athletes are "at" sporting events? Jeff Garcia never threw an octopus on the ice of the Joe Lewis Arena, Vince Carter never caught a foul ball at Fenway, and Michelle Kwan has never been inside the Raider's "Black Butthole" although she'd probably be the toughest one in there.

If the WNBA has an All-Star game and no-one cares, does the league even exist? No, grasshopper, it doesn't

Man United on verge of buying Ronaldhino for $32.5 million. I hate Man U. Related Ronaldhino story.

Bayern Munich is gonna be SICK next year. WUNDERBAR!

And finally... Manchester United buy Tim Howard from Metro Stars for $2 million. Talk about getting quality for low money. Howard joins American goalies Brad Friedel (Blackburn Rovers) and Kasey Keller (Tottenham Hotspurs) in the English Premier League. In my opinion, Arsenal should have bought this guy. It would have cost them a minimal amount of money and we need a keeper with inexperienced Stuart Taylor and a bunch of reserves behind him.

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