Saturday, June 28, 2003


Florida Marlins 10
Boston Red Sox 9

I guess the Marlins got payback for the Sox actually playing good baseball Friday night and scoring as many runs as possibl ewhilst simultaneously attempting to limit the opposing team to as few runs as possible. Serves them right! (sarcasm)

A few questions for Grady Gump and the Sox:

1. Why was Jackson used as a defensive replacement in the 9th in a game in which the Marlins are coming back and our bullpen is being shitty as usual? Doesn't he have an injured thumb as well? Wouldn't it make more sense to use him on the basepaths and only on the basepaths?

2. Why does Mirabelli always have to catch for Wakefield? What the fuck is up with that? There's only one other pitcher I can think of that has a personal catcher and that is Greg Maddux. Tim Wakefield is no Greg Maddux.

3. What is Lyon doing throwing anything near a strike to Mike Lowell with an 0-2 count? Hey Lyon, Mirabelli, ever hear of a WASTE PITCH?!? BOUNCE A CURVE/SPLITTER, THROW A FASTBALL IN THE DIRT OR UP AND IN!!!

Key Factoids
Juan Pierre: reached base 5 out of 5 Plate Appearances
Gabe Kapler: went 4 for 5, HR shy of the cycle
B. Lyon: 1st Blown Save of the season.

The Man of the Game was going to be a toss up between Pierre, Kapler, and Nomar (he had 4 RBI) but Pierre made a sensational catch to record the 2nd out of the bottom of the 9th and threw to second to double up Varitek. Here are the MOTG standings after 20 awarded:

1. Nomar-4
2. Millar-3
3. Nixon-2
4. Mueller, Burkett, Sanchez, Rupe, Lyon, J. Crede (CWS), E. Loiza (CWS), JD Drew (StL), B. Myers (PHI), J. Pierre (FLA)-1

The Bitch-Goat will be divided thusly: Varitek will get 0.1 for his moronic baserunning. It would be more, but he got on base in the first place. Lyon will get 0.6 B-G points for his Blown Save. Wakefield will get 0.1 for his lackluster performance and Grady Little will get 0.2 for his dumbness. Here are the B-G standings:

1. Manny - 0.8
2. Lyon - 0.6
3. Rupe - 0.4
4. Grady, Varitek - 0.2
6. Walker, Nomar, Millar, Mueller, Seanez, Timlin, Shiell - 0.1

Keep in mind this is a relatively new thing so the numbers reflect only a short period of Bitch-Goats.

Gabe Kapler was promoted for tonight's game. Giambi was placed on the 15-Day Disabled List. He's suffering from a disloacted offensive production muscle.

Y*nks won twice against the Mutts. Why the fuck do they get to play the Mets six times a year? Jays lost to Montreal, A's lost to San Fran. Sox in second in the AL East, 3.5 behind the scum. Sox are 1 game ahead of Oakland and Toronto for the Wild Card.

Here's some Y*nkee injury news. Bernie is on the mend as is Jon "Steinbrenner signed me so the Sox couldn't" Lieber.

Lowe and Penny go at it tonight in the rubber game. Let's hope Lowe continues his Fenway dominance and the sox bats remain alive.

Florida Marlins 8
Boston Bombers 25

WOW! I'm glad I randomly bought tickets for this game!

Fourteen runs in the 1st for the Sox (tied MLB record). Ten of those before an out was recorded (MLB record). Overall, the 1st inning lasted an hour. Damon was a homerun away from hitting for the cycle in the 1st inning. The Sox sent 19 men to the plate, 17 of them reached, one was thrown out at home plate to end the inning. The Sox got the most runs since like 1950, and tied the Sox record for most hits with 28.

Alot of other things going on in this one. Kevin Olsen was hit in the head by a batted ball off the bat of Todd Walker. There was a little bean ball battle in the late innings. I shook hands with Dwight Evans before the game. A girl sitting two rows behind us was absolutely stunning. She was flawless, hence her name: "Flawless Victory." (MORTAL KOMBAT!)

Very hard to select a Man of the Game in this blowout. I think we'll go with the Soxer who had the most RBI+Runs. That would be "Big" Billy Mueller with 6 RBI and 3 Runs scored. Here are the MOTG standings after 19 awarded:

1. Nomar - 4
2. Millar - 3
3. Nixon - 2
4. Mueller, Burkett, Tek, Sanchez, Rupe, Lyon, J. Crede (CWS), E. Loiza (CWS), JD Drew (StL), B. Myers (PHI) - 1

Grady Little sent a message as he used backup Catcher Doug Mirabelli to replace Millar at 1B. Millar replaced Ramirez in LF. Giambi's days are numbered, and I think he has fewer days left on this team than he has hits.

Y*nks beat the Mutts, Jays beat the Spos, A's lost to the G-Men. Wakefield goes tonight for the Sox against Josh Phelps.

Thursday, June 26, 2003


Detroit Tigers 4
Boston Red Sox 6

Nixon gets the MOTG for his 3 for 4 performance and 3 RBI. Here are the standings:

1. Nomar - 4
2. Millar - 3
3. Nixon - 2
4. Burkett, Tek, Sanchez, Rupe, Lyon, J. Crede (CWS), E. Loiza (CWS), JD Drew (StL), b. Myers (PHI) - 1

Detroit Tigers 2
Boston Red Sox 11

Another solid start from Burkett and a 9 run explosion from the offense in the 8th results in another crushing victory of Detroit. Maybe that's why Detroit's Marshall "Eminem" Mathers can be seen wearing a Sox hat on ObeyPedro.com. Me and my boy Cav went to the game. Section 36 repREZent! Great seats great game. I'll go over the game first.

Burkett started off shaky giving Detroit a 1-0 lead. He then settled down and pitched 6 good innings striking out 5. Mike Maroth pitched well but got his 12th loss. Too bad. Picking a Man of the Game was tough until the end. Nomar and Varitek were the two prime contenders. Nomar made a great relay throw to eliminate a man at the plate and his only hit was a 3 run HR that sealed the deal for the Sox win. However, Varitek hit a solo shot that gave the Sox the early lead, made the tag on Nomar's relay, and threw out two men attempting to steal. His RBI double in the 8th assured him his first MOTG. Here are the standings:

1. Nomar - 4
2. Millar - 3
3. Burkett, Varitek, Sanchez, Trot, Rupe, Lyon, J. Crede, E. Loiza, JD Drew, B. Myers - 1

Of course, no Bitch-Goat when the Sox win.

Y*nkees won, Blue Jays lost. Sox in 2nd by themselves. And there was much rejoicing (yay).

Y*nks make a deal for Karim Garcia and Dan Miceli

Now, the fun part of going to the games isn't really watching the game. I rarely sit in seats closer than 400 feet to the plate so my view of the game sucks. There's so much more at the game, though. For instance, this last game, the drunkards in the centerfield bleachers got on Tigers CF Alex Sanchez simply cuz he was the closest guy to yell at. I've seen things like this happen before. Jay Gibbons and Vernon Wells have both fallen victim to being in a position close to the bleachers. And message to Alex Sanchez, who I'm sure is a frequent reader of my blog, don't get pissed at the bleacher bums when they yell at you. Just let it roll off your back or have fun with it. Otherwise, it'll get louder and more vicious.

Early in the game, some guy got up from his first row bleacher seat and started yelling at the bullpen guys. He didn't last too long. The Fenway security escorted him out as the bullpen pitchers literally waved good-bye to the dumbass.

Late in the game, two very, VERY, VERY hot girls found their way to my home (Section 36). Their arrival was met with an ovation of applause from the male population of the lower CF bleachers. Then they left, perhaps frightened by all the drunk 35 year old guys leering at them. I saw them on the way out of the bleachers and regretted not stopping and asking for both of their numbers. Oh well. So if anyone reading this knows the hot blonde who wore pink short shorts to the Tigers game on Thursday or her slightly less hot friend, E-mail me at rawbeezeitz@yanks-suck.com. DO IT!

The Sox changed their BP uniforms. The number and name on the back are now completely white as opposed to navy blue with a white lining like the lettering on the front. I like the colors, but not the inconcistency from front to back. Whatever. It's a BP uniform so it don't matter too much, I guess.

That's about it for now. Sox look for the sweep today at 1:00 EST. The forecasted high temperature is in the 90s which is good for Pedro, bad for the fans. Drink plenty of fluids and remember, beer dehydrates you, so you gotta drink more of it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003


Detroit Tigers 1
Boston Red Sox 10

Ten runs, seventeen hits, one run allowed, all with the disclaimer that this was against the Detroit Tigers. I am still pleased with the performance tonight. We beat them by a mere 2 runs yesterday, this is a team we need to kill. Perhaps Mueller and Manny can emerge from their slumps with the help of the lackluster Detroit pitchers.

Man of the Game was a wicked tough pick. Millar did get 4 RBIs, D-Lowe did pitch 8 with 1 ER, but Nomar takes the cake. He went 5 for 5 before being lifted for a Pinch Runner. He scored 3 runs and made a sensational play in the field. So he gets his 4th Man of the Game award. Here are the standings:

1. Nomar - 4
2. Millar - 3
3. Burkett, Sanchez, Trot, Rupe, Lyon, J. Crede, E. Loiza, JD Drew, B. Myers - 1

Y*nks barely beat Tampa, Jays lost, A's lost.


HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumble ran a story about Ted Williams' son, John Henry and the controversy surrounding Ted's final resting spot. If you didn't see it, they basically had some of Williams' care takers and his son-in-law say that he wanted to be cremated. However, legally he was frozen. The HBO guys did the typical Michael Moore-ish "try interviewing a guy who doesn't want to be interviewed in order to make him look like a bad guy" when they tried asking JH Williams questions. Now, I'm not defending the guy, but enough is enough.

I really don't care where his body is. I'm an atheist (excpet for my beleif in Pedro being God) so I couldn't give a rat's ass about bodies and shit that happens after your dead. Hell, if I had the $$$, I'd get frozen when I die so I could come back for whenever the Sox win the Series. Anyway, the whole thing reminded me of this story. Disrespectful? Yes! Funny? Yes! And i love the signs on the Green Monster. This article was originally written before the WB Mason and Bob's Stores signs were attatched to the Green Monster scoreboard.

I intend on hooking up my brand new HP 3500 C scanner (computer things have the COOLEST names). After I hook up the scanner, I'll upload a bunch of pictures I took at Fenway from the Sox/Y*nkees series and some pictures from Y*nkee Stadium when the Sox lost to the scum the day after they beat cl*mens. I also intend on updating my Red Sox Nicknames page with some that i came up with and some that others came up with.

Bit of news here transaction wise. Sox sign Gabe Kapler. So that means Giambino is gone if Gabe does good. (God I love alliteration!)

I also hear tell that Finley wishes to remain retired in Cali so he's not coming to Boston or St. Louis.

The Y*nks are looking to deal Jeff Weaver and cash to Pittsburgh for either Brian Giles or Kris Benson. I guess the Y*nkees feel that Mondesi, Matsui, and Bernie aren't enough. I beleive their combined salaries total something around $30 million. Benson had a good young arm that was repaired via Tommy John surgery. He's still a solid starter, however.

Just so your'e not scared of the Blue Jays. Check out their pitcher's ERA's. Here is the link.

The Chicago Bears changed their name to the Bears presented by Bank One. Shouldn't be long before the Red Sox are the Fleet Sox. The club is so strapped for cash that there is a promo on NESN after almost every out, there are signs on the Monster for the first time since 1934, and every time the Sox throw a runner out, there's a locking sound and a Lo-Jack logo appears on the bottom right corner of the screen and Don Orsillo proudly proclaims the "Lo-Jack caught stealing." Now I'm all for revenue maximization, but there is a point at which RM becomes ridiculous. The Sox are on the needle head of that point.

Questions, comments, Sox propaganda? E-mail me at rawbeezeitz@yanks-suck.com or IM me on AIM screename FlapjackZeitz.
Dan Duquette to manage the Y*nkees? The Damn Y*nkees

Sunday, June 22, 2003


Boston RS 0
Phil. Phil. 5

yawn...angry yawn. Not even gonna talk bout this one as I was distracted for most of the game by other things. MOTG is Brett Myers for his CG SHO.

The Bitch-Goat (sounds better than Goat Bitch and makes slightly more sense) will be divided amongst seven players. Ryan Rupe will get 0.4 of the BG and the remaining 0.6 will be spread amont the six Sox who did not record a hit (Walker, Nomar. Manny, Millar, Mueller, and Varitek).

Detroit Tigers 1
Boston Red Sox 3

3-1 against Detroit, nothing to write home about. MOTG is Moose Millar with his 2 run HR. I've decided to only distribute the BG for Sox losses. Seems right. Here are the MOTG and BG standings:

1. Nomar and Millar - 3
3. Burkett, F. Sanchez, Trot, Rupe, Lyon, J. Crede, E. Loiza, JD Drew, B. Myers - 1

1. Ramirez - 0.8
2. Rupe - 0.4
3. Walker, Nomar, Millar, Mueller, Varitek, Seanez, Timlin, Shiell - 0.1

Y*nkees lost to the D-Rays, Blue Jays beat the O's.

Fenway to host first ever rock concert.

Mendoza on the mend, perhaps to return as starter. Fox and Fossum starting comeback trail.

Gammons' Notes. Some Sox content.

USA out of Confed Cup. I really wanted us to do some damage. Not because I care about the Confed Cup but because I wanted to see the US win some matches in France. Those fuckin French fags booed The Star Spangled Banner which is uncalled for. Just to show you how dumb the French are, they spray painted a Nazi swatstika on a monument honoring those who died in a succesful effort to liberate France from the Nazis. WOW

Boston RS 5
Philly 6 / 13 Inn.

Imagine the pressure on a hitter as he steps up to the plate against one of the Red Sox illustrious bullpeners. The absolute fear knowing that if you don't make him blow a save, you'll be among the few who haven't made them blow a save. Mike "Timid" Timlin, Jason Shiell, and Rudy "Rutiger" Seanez each had a Blown Save last night as the Phillies downed the Sox like a cheese steak sub. Sorry, but I had to stick in the gratuitous reference to Philadelphia's claim to fame. This is the city in which the Declaration of Independance was signed and the Liberty Bell is and a whole mess of historical stuff happened and we know it as the birth place of the cheese steak.

This was probably the most dissapointing loss of the season. We had the lead three times in a very low scoring game and the bullpen managed to blow it on three occassions with the last blast being the Death Blow. (remember that episode of "Seinfeld"? "Oh man, we're missin the death blow")

My man Ben from the NVA (Northern Virginia, not the North Vietnamese Army) stated that the offense had slowed down. This is true. But why? Let's look at the possible reasons:

1. Lack of DH in interleague play. Not only does the pitcher bat 2 to 3 times a game, but Pinch-Hitters bat after that. Pinch-Hitters, by definition, are lesser hitters than regular hitters.

2. Slumpers: Manny "The Clown" Ramirez, Jason "The Count" Varitek, and "Big" Bill Mueller have all been on slumps recently.

3. Psychological exhaustion. Next year I'm hoping to at least minor in psychology so here's my psychoanalysis of the Sox offense. Imagine scoring 10 runs and then sitting back and watching the pitching blow it. Imagine coming back from a 7 run deficit and watching the pen blow it. Imagine showing up to the ballpark knowing that if you don't score 9 runs, you have less than a 50/50 chance at winning. All this can lead to a sense of despair which leads to apathy (which leads to the dark side, hehe). That apathy leads to a slow bat, a not-so sharp batting eye, and an udnerlying lack of effort because the hitters realize that there's no point in scoring runs cuz the pen will probably blow it. Think of it as offensive suicide.

I actually thought about the Man of the Game award several times during the game. Had the pen held the lead for Pedro (who pitched VERY well) he would have won it. Todd Walker had it until Nomar doubled to knock Walker in. Todd Pratt definately deserves some consideration for his Pinch-Hit homerun in the 13th, but it was against Rudy Seanez so that doesn't really count as a homerun. So Nomar wins his third coveted MOTG award. He went 6 for 6 tying Jimmy Piersall (watch the movie Fear Strikes Out) and Jerry Remy for the most hits for a Red Soxer in a game. Here are the standings after 13 MOTGs awarded:

1. Nomar - 3
2. Millar -2
3. Burkett, F. Sanchez, Nixon, JD Drew, Rupe, Joe Crede, Lyon, E. Loiza - 1

And now for the introduction of a new award. An anti-award. The Goat-Bitch award. This goes to the player who absolutely sucked and contributed the absolute least to his team. Unlike the MOTG, this award can be split up amongst two or more players. Today, four players will receive a part of the very first GB. Manny "The Clown" Ramirez will get 0.7 of the award. He went 0 for 7 and made some big outs including a first-pitch GIDP. He also looked like a clown in the field, hence the new nickname. Each 0.1 is for each time he was retired. Seanez, Timlin, and Shiell get 0.1 of the GB each. All three of them had Blown Saves. Here are the standings after 1 GB decided (not awarded):

1. Ramirez - 0.7
2. Seanez, Timlin, Shiell - 0.1

I've added another Sox blog to the links list. I'll add more links gradually post by post. It's called sox nation and the template is the EXACT same as mine (which is a new template for me, thanks for noticing!) Here's the link.

sox nation

Big surprise, MLB backs the Y*nkees decision to post-pone their game against Tampa Bay on Thursday. Here's the story.

Jose Conseco arrested for testing positive for roids.

Y*nks and Mets were rained out at Shea Stadium. Blue Jays lost to Montreal. We're tied with Toronto 2 games behind the scum.

Finally, Brazil beat the US 1-0 (0 is pronounced "nil" in soccer) in the Confederations Cup yesterday in France. The US have to beat Cameroon and I think Turkey has to lose to Brazil for us to advance to the elimination stage. Brazil are still #1 in world soccer in my book. Without Ronaldo, they're #2 behind Deutschland (Germany). I mean Germany has Oliver Kahn, Miroslav Klose, Jens Jeremeis, Nueville, Ballack, Jancker, and a cast of stars. DEUTSCHLAND IST NUMMER EINS IM EURO 2004!

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