Thursday, November 04, 2004

With no Dillon and subsequently no running game, no corner backs, and 2 receivers out, I'm not shocked we lost to a Steelers team that came off a bye week, was at home, and has bene energized by Ben Rothelsberger. Bellicheck usually fairs better against QBs the more times he plays them so this being Rothel's 1st game against the Pats and going against CBs Samuel and Gay, he was able to pick apart the defense and move the ball. Remember, the Pats are still 6-1, are tied for the division lead and the best record in the conference. The MOTG was Ben Rothelsberger.

These players have thus far filed for free agency:
Ellis Burks, Orlando Cabrera, Gabe Kapler, Curtis Leskanic, Derek Lowe, Pedro Martinez, David McCarty, Ramiro Mendoza, Doug Mirabelli, Mike Myers, Pokey Reese, Jason Varitek, and Scott Williamson.

Burks, Mendoza and McCarty are no-brainers. McCarty is solid but Mientkiewicz is a superior player. Burks is done and Mendoza was left off the WS roster.

Leskanic, Lowe, Myers, and Williamson are solid but easily replaced. D-Lowe was HUGE in the playoffs but his regular season lacked dependibility and consistency. Leskanic is a typical long releiver from the pen and can either be signed cheaply by us or replaced. Myers is a left-handed specialist in a similar situation to that of Leskanic's. Williamson's injury problems make him somewhat of a liability and I'm sure Theo can find an equal replacement for low cost.

Three very good bench players are up for free agency. Gabe Kapler provides speed and defense off the bench but he will be desired by many teams. Reese is a gold glove candidate at both middle infield spots and gives the team alot of speed off the bench and depending on whether or not we sign Cabrera, his destiny is quite unclear. Mirabelli is undoubtedly the best backup catcher, at least offensively, and his ability to catch Wakefield is nice. His 9 HRs in limited time will make him expensive to keep, however.

The three big free agents are Varitek, Pedro, and Cabrera. Varitek is the leader of the team and the pitching staff and it is imperitive that we resign him. Cabrera is also an important player to sign. With several other free agent SSs out there (Renteria, Garciaparra, Reese), he will not be an incredibly desired commodity. His defense and consistent offense and quality at-bats helped this team win the World Series and I think we need to sign him. Pedro is a wild card. He could take a discount to stay here or he could stay in Boston. I feel that he is replaceable but if he goes to New York, that could be crushing to me and some of the Red Sox players.

I trust Theo will make the right moves. Not all of his moves will be right, but he will make most the right ones and he has proven that he does not let his emotions sway his decision making which is crucial.

The Celtics had a lead but couldn't hold it much like they did last year. Pierce had 35 points and 13 rebounds but Davis and Blount were the only other starts to get into double figures in points. Gary Payton added an unimpressive 6 points in his Celtics debut. It will be a long and pointless season but because there's no NHL, I'm going to have to follow the Celtics.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

I didn't go to sleep Friday night and drove to the Quincy/Adams T stop at 4:30 AM. The 1st train was supposed to stop by at 5:18 or so. There were already alot of people there and me and my friend had to stand on the subway. We got to Park St. station in the Commons at about quarter of 6 and there were already a good number of people there. The numbers steadily grew with each train that arrived at the station and each group of students from Suffolk arriving. It was still dark and cars drove by us honking their horns to the applause of the croud. Parade time drew closer and closer. Finally it was 10 and we knew the parade had begun in the Back Bay. A little over 90 minutes later we saw the flashing blue lights of police motorcycles. The duck boats were not far behind. The croud went nuts, screaming "Let's Go Red Sox!" some pictures from Yahoo (I'll upload my own pictures as soon as I get a recovery CD for my computer):

Tek and Mirabelli


Orlando Cabrera

Johnny Damon

The Croud

On the Charles

Johny Peskey

Curt Schilling

Tremont St.

Pedro and Nelson

Tito and the trophy

Pedro and Schilling on the Charles

Manny, Millar and Mientkiewicz

Curt on crutches

Boylston St.

Pedro, Curt, and D-Lowe



Pedro and the trophy

The Red Sox picked up a $2.1 million option on third baseman Bill Mueller. Curt Schilling is having surgery on his ankle on Wednesday. Outfielder Gabe Kapler and pitchers Pedro Astacio and Terry Adams all filed for free agency. The Red Sox front office headed by Theo Epstein have quite a bit of work to do this off-season. Here are the potential free agents:
SP - Pedro Martinez
C- Jason Varitek
SP - Derek Lowe
SS - Orlando Cabrera
C - Doug Mirabelli
OF - Gabe Kapler
P - Pedro Astacio
RP - Terry Adams
DH - Ellis Burks
IF - Ricky Gutierrez
RP - Curtis Leskanic
IF/OF - David McCarty
RP - Ramiro Mendoza
RP - Mike Myers
IF - Pokey Reese
RP - Scott Williamson

Some of these guys we can easily replace and others won't be so easy if they go. I trust Theo to do the right things and give us a competetive team.


There is no doubt in my mind that the Heisman winner should be a Sooner. Well, at least 2 Sooners should be at the award ceremony in New York. Jason White had another 3 TD day and true freshman Adrian Peterson rushed for 249 yards against the #20 Oklahoma St. Cowboys.


Not a terrible result but Arsenal are now tied with Chelsea atop the League standings with 26 points thru 11 matches played. They do have an advantage in the 1st tiebreaker: goal-differential. The Arsenal continue Champions' League play on Tuesday.

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