Friday, April 16, 2004

Baltimore Orioles 12
Boston Blow Sox 7
W: Buddy Groom (1-0)
L: Bronson "Not Rolando" Arroyo (0-1)

Somehow the Sox used 9 pitchers. Really dissapointing performances by Pedro and Arroyo.

The Man of the Game is BJ Ryan. He pitched 2 perfect innings and struck out 3.

The Bitch-Goat shall be divided thusly:
Pedro: 0.5
Arroyo: 0.5

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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Sept. 9 vs. COLTS 9 p.m. ABC
Sept. 19 at Cardinals 4:15 p.m. CBS
Sept. 26 BYE
Oct. 3 at Bills 1 p.m. CBS
Oct. 10 vs. DOLPHINS 1 p.m. CBS
Oct. 17 vs. 'HAWKS 1 p.m. FOX
Oct. 24 vs. JETS 4:05 p.m. CBS
Oct. 31 at Pittsburgh 4:15 p.m. CBS
Nov. 7 at Rams 4:15 p.m. CBS
Nov. 14 vs. BILLS 8:30 p.m. ESPN
Nov. 22 at Chiefs 9 p.m. ABC
Nov. 28 vs. RAVENS 1 p.m. CBS
Dec. 5 at Browns 1 p.m. CBS
Dec. 12 vs. BENGALS 1 p.m. CBS
Dec. 20 at Dolphins 9 p.m. ABC
Dec. 26 at Jets 4:05 p.m. CBS
Jan. 2 vs. 49ERS 1 p.m. FOX

Its weird that we're playing Miami in Miami in December. I think we'll go 13-3.

The Pats also signed CB O-T-I-S Smith and resigned RB Mike Cloud. Not bad moves.

The Sox were once again rained out.

Eric Wilbur of the Boston.com staff wrote this fine article on the pussy tendencies of the Habs.

Pedro takes on Cidney Ponson tonight at 7.

Today is Jackie Robinson Day. 57 years ago he broke MLB's color barrier.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Boston Bruins 4 - 2OT
Montreal Canadiens 3
4:41 in the 1st: Mike Ribeiro (Ryder, Daganeis)
16:25 in the 1st: Michael Nylander (Samsonov, Boynton)
19:55 in the 1st: Alexei Kovalev (Bulis, Dowd)
1:48 in the 2nd: Mike Ribeiro (Ward)
11:30 in the 2nd: Juri Slegr (Unassisted)
19:29 in the 3rd: Mike Knuble (Murray, Gill)
9:27 in the 2nd OT: Glen Murray (Unassisted)

I'm glad Ribeiro got better after his near fatal injury on Sunday (sarcasm). Raycroft played a hell of a game making 42 saves. Murray got his first playoff goal. The Bruins now take a commanding 3-1 game lead over Montreal back to the Fleet Center on Thursday.

The Sox game got cancelled as did the Y*nkees.

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Monday, April 12, 2004

"Ortiz is gonna come up huge"
-Me in the 9th inning

I got the inning wrong but I got the man right.

Toronto Blue Jays 4
Boston Red Sox 6 - 10 Inn
W: Mark "Polar Bear" Malaska (1-0)
L: Aquilino Lopez (0-1)
BS: Kerry Lightenberg (1)
H: Terry Adams (2), Justin Speier (1)

Great game. Schilling pitched well overrall but made some bad pitches. The doubles to Wells and Phelps as well as Hinske's homerun stand out. He also bounced a good number of curves and splitters. In the 1st, Tek had to go out to the mound three times. Kurt did have 10 Ks which was exciting to see.

Pokey Reese, whose specialty is defense, had 2 errors. Bobby Jones threw 8 pitches in the 11th, all of them balls. Francona used Foulke in a non-save situation which I agree with in this instance. Mark Malaska continues to be one of our best releivers.

We won 2 of 3 from Toronto but they still look good to me. They just need some pitching and a bit more experience. Orlando Hudson looks to be a quality player. Delgado is a monster and Hinske looks to be a star soon along with Wells. The future definately looks good for Toronto which in turn is good for baseball but bad for the Red Sox.

The Man of the Game is a tough one. Walk-Off HRs score alot of points in my opinion, but so doesn't striking out 10 guys or retiring 18 of 20 batters like Schilling and Batista did, respectively. however, Mark Malaska came into the 11th inning inheriting runners on first and second. He then retired 6 men in a row getting 4 groundouts and a strikeout. He is the Man of the Game.


I disagree with this decision but I understand it. Pedro does not have alot of stamina and we need him for the course of the season especially since our offense isn't as potent as last year's by a longshot.

Game 1: Ainsworth vs. Lowe
D-Lowe definately has an advantage in this game. He pitches much better at Fenway and Ainsworth is a waste, in my opinion. The Sox should win this one with ease.

Game 2: Riley vs. Wakefield
Slight edge to the Sox on this one simply because Rily is inexperienced.

Game 3: Bedard or Ponson vs. Arroyo
If Bedard goes, this is a wash, two inexperienced and volotile pitchers. If Ponson pitches, the O's have a big advantage.

I think we'll take 2 of 3. It will be important for the starters to go deep to rest the pen for the impending series with the scum.

Boston Bruins 2
Montreal Canadiens 3
2:16 in the 1st: Kovalev (Koivu, Theodore)
6:34 in the 1st: Hilbert (Unassisted)
15:24 in the 1st: Kovalev (Rivet, Theodore)
13:32 in the 2nd: Markov (Zednick, Koivu)
3:35 in the 3rd: Rolston (Gill, Green)

We pretty much have to win Game 4 Tuesday night and earn a split in Montreal. But even if we don't win, we'll have a best of 3 series with home ice advantage.

What the FUCK? I guess they're high on McCarty but I'm not. Maybe if he had some more spring trianing innings and could be a reliable 7th arm in the pen I'd agree with this move. Daubach seems like a perfect bench player. He can play the outfield and first base and can pinch hit against righties which comes in handy against the following AL closers:

Mariano Rivera - NYY
Jorge Julio - BAL
Troy Percival - ANA
Mike MacDougal - KC
Danys Baez - TB
Francisco Cordero - TEX
Billy Koch - CWS

Frank Castillo is a waste of life. He's a failure as a starter and he takes too long to warm up. Honestly, John Burkett would have been a better choice for washed up pitcher. In 2002, Castillo's last year in MLB, he was an impressive 6-15 inj 23 starts and 36 appearances. His WHIP was 1.333 and his ERA was 5.07, which was more than half a run HIGHER than the league average. and those numbers were when he was 33, now he's 35. Terrible move by the Sox.

He hasn't pitched since April 8th and in all honesty, should have been used instead of McCarty on opening day or Bobby Jones yesterday. Where is he?


He should be out for a few days. I don't think we'll miss him all that much. Kapler and Crespo play fine int he outfield and crespo hasn't hit too badly. Bellhorn replaced him at the leadoff spot yesterday and went 1/3.

The Celtics clinched a playoff spot and will probably play the top seeded indiana Pacers in a best of 7 series.

Arsenal beat Liverpool 4-2 on Friday and tied Newcastle Utd. 0-0 Sunday. Their unbeaten run in the English League has been extended to 5 games.

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