Saturday, July 12, 2003


That's a beautiful word, isn't it? Eddie Izzard is fucking hilarious! "Guns don't kill people, maneuvres kill people."

Anyway, The Marlins got Urbina to set-up current closer Braden Looper. God knows why. The fish are 13.5 behind Atlanta but they are 4.5 behind Philadelphia for the NL Wild Card. On the other hand, there are 5 teams ahead of them in the Wild Card race. This move is good for the Sox as it means the Y*nkees can't get Urbina, at least not for now. And I didn't want Urbina anyway.

Two Y*nkees fans fight over a Y*nkee cap, one kills the other one, his handicapped brother. Y*nkee fans got some class, eh?

Pedro proves why he is God. Another great Pedro quote here: "Is there somebody there called Batman who has lost his phone?'' The article written by the guy whose phone Pedro found.

Simon says get suspended for three games, lose $2,000. Could people stop calling this sausage-gate? I wish the press didn't call Watergate "Watergate" and called it the Nixon Conspiricy or something. I'm sick and tired of people adding the suffix "gate" to any controversy. Ooooooh, I spilled hot coffee on myself at McDonald's, It's coffee-gate!

Page 2's mock police report of Randall Simon.

LB33 never raped a cheerleader like Kobe or got arrested like AI or paid off his mistress like MJ or kicked a cameraman in the balls like Rodman, or fathered a million kids by a million mothers like Shawn Kemp or beat his wife like Jason Kidd or attacked a sausage like Randall Simon. LB33 is now president of the Pacers which means I want the Pacers to win the East cuz we all know the Cs aren't gonna go anywhere sans-WALTAAAAAH. By the by, I once drew I Love Waltaaaaaaaaaah above my door like the Hebrews did in the Book of Genesis as if warding off some evil spirits and earning me some Tommy Points. Weird, huh?

Revs take on Tim Howard and the Metro Stars in New York and the Gold Cup begins today at CMGI Field. I shan't be there as I need to by clothes.

Summer colds suck.

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I hate playing Detroit. It's good for wins, but it's bad for entertainment.

Boston Red Sox 5
Detroit Tigers 3
Box Score
W: John Burkett (7-4)
L: Mike Maroth (4-13)
S: BH Kim (4)
H: Alan Embree (8)

Magic Number: 74

Y*nks beat the Jays.

Raul upset about lack of playing time. No not Real-Madrid's Raul, The Y*nkees Raul.

The Man of the Game is Todd Walker who went 2 for 4 with an RBI, 2 Doubles, a Walk, and 2 Runs. Here are the MOTG standings after 30 awarded:

1. Nomar - 4
2. Millar, Varitek - 3
4. Nixon, Mueller - 2
6. Walker, Kapler, Manny, Pedro, Burkett, Sanchez, Rupe, Lyon, R. Halladay (TOR), M. Mussina (NYY), A. Pettitte (NYY) J. Crede (CWS), E. Loiza (CWS), JD Drew (StL), B. Myers (PHI), J. Pierre (FLA) - 1

Surprisingly, Grady started Kapler. Hey, there ya go, moron!

One-nil to the Posh. Injury to Stuart Taylor. Don't know how serious. I guarantee Wenger buys a keeper whether its Paul Robinson from heavily debted Leeds United (80 million pounds debt, that's $137 million) who have been selling their players left and right. I think Arsenal should buy Tim Howard from the NY-NJ Metro Stars cuz he is SICK. Like Oliver Kahn type saves. Oh well, if we get a keeper, a centre-defender, and a solid striking partner for Thierry Henry, we'll win the League and the Cup and go far in the Champions' League.

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Friday, July 11, 2003


I'm classless, but in a class by myself.

Boston Red Sox 7
Toronto Blue Jays 1
Box Score
W: Ramiro Mendoza (3-3)
L: Corey Lidle (10-8)

Magic Number: 75

This is the second time I've had to write this as the Blogger thingy fucked up my Internet Explorer which meant I had to close about 30 sites that I was reading so now I have to go thru my ESPN Bottomline and redo almost the entire post. At least the Sox won which makes the whole thing bareable.

This was truly a great win for the Sox as Ramiro Mendoza had a solid start on the turf going 5 and giving up only one run against a great offensive club. Speaking of offense, all of it came from the 5 thru 9 hitters as the only Run scored by the 1 thru 4 hitters was scored by Manny. The 1 thru 4 hitters had no RBI. Garciaparra continued his poor stretch going 0 for 5. Gabe Kapler went 1 for 4 with a pair of RBI. He wasn't scheduled to start but Damon was unable to so Kapler got the nod. He's definately earned more time than he's getting. But Grady probably won't start him tonight against Detroit because he's a fucking moron. "Big" Bill Mueller gets the Man of the Game for his 4 for 4 performance, his 2 RBIs, his Triple, and his Run Scored. Here are the MOTG standings after 29 awarded:

1. Nomar - 4
2. Millar, Varitek - 3
3. Nixon, Mueller - 2
5. Kapler, Manny, Pedro, Burkett, Sanchez, Rupe, Lyon, R. Halladay (TOR), M. Mussina (NYY), A. Pettitte (NYY) J. Crede (CWS), E. Loiza (CWS), JD Drew (StL), B. Myers (PHI), J. Pierre (FLA) - 1

If you've been watching any sports show or listening to sports radio, you know about what happened in Milwaukee the other night. Randall Simon hit a sausage in it's head. The girl inside the sausage (no I'm not a dyslexic porn writer), a UW-Milwaukee student, was fine. She was in the Italian sausage (#3 in your programs, #1 in your hearts). She escaped the incident with bruised knees (which she probably got before the game) and apparantly her brain was damaged as she now speaks with a retarded Midwestern accent. Simon will not face criminal charges. The Brewers will have a chance for revenge on August 15th when they will be witness to the PNC Park Parogie race in Pittsburgh.

In a related story, the German bratwurst won the race and then conquered Milwaukee.

ESPN The Magazine's 21st Century All-Star Team. Note the lack of Red Sox. Way to GM Duquette.

Sox rotate rotation to get Pedro into Y*nkees series. So basically, instead of Pedro pitching July 17th against Toronto, then July 22nd against Detroit, then July 27th against the Y*nkees; Grady is starting Pedro July 20th against Toronto and then the 25th against the Y*nkees. So why is Grady essentially skipping Pedro in the midst of a playoff race? Because he doesn't want to pitch him the day after returning from the Dominican. Grady needs to go.

I'm told that last night, r*ger cl*mens was on Letterman giving out the Top 10. One of the things he said was "ive learned that it doesnt matter whether you win or lose...well, least thats the way it was in Boston." Okay r*ger, you asked for it. In true David Letterman style:

Now, from the home office in Norwood, Mass. the Top 10 Reasons why I'll Kill r*ger cl*mens on sight...

10. You played for U. Texas, Texas sucks, OU 4 life!
9. You forced the Jays to trade him to the Y*nkees using an under-the-table clause
8. The -1.58 difference between your ERA in 1996 and 1997
7. Your 1-2 playoff record with the Sox
6. For all the Twinkies you ate when you were with the Sox
5. Your complaining aobut the Sox not giving you a new contract when you were 4-11
4. Your second chin's rookie year in 1993
3. Being a pussy and avoiding Shea Stadium
2. After 3 months of being a Y*nkee, you wear a Y*nkee cap at Fenway during the introduction of the All-Century team
And now, the #1 Reason why I'll Kill r*ger cl*mens on sight...
You're The Anti-Christ along with Steinbrenner.

Red Sox Nation bids adieu to Walter McCarty and Don Sweeney. Think the Bruins will trade Lapointe to Detroit for CuJo? HA!

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Thursday, July 10, 2003


Again, truly classless

Pedro bitch-slaps The Evil Emperor, George Sheepfucker

Quote of the week: "Georgie Porgie, he might buy the whole league, but he doesn't have enough money to buy fear to put in my heart."

Boston Red Sox 8
Toronto Blue Jays 7
Box Score

Did someone say long ago that the Jays weren't all that good cuz their SPs were crap and they had no bullpen? Yes, I did say that, didn't I?

Varitek wins Man of the Game for his 3 RBI performance. BH Kim gets an honorable mention for striking out V-Wells and Delgado as does Ramirez for his homerun and his 3 base Reach-on-Error. Here are the MOTG standings:

1. Nomar - 4
2. Millar, Varitek - 3
3. Nixon - 2
5. Kapler, Mueller, Manny, Pedro, Burkett, Sanchez, Rupe, Lyon, R. Halladay (TOR), M. Mussina (NYY), A. Pettitte (NYY) J. Crede (CWS), E. Loiza (CWS), JD Drew (StL), B. Myers (PHI), J. Pierre (FLA) - 1


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Wednesday, July 09, 2003


Could someone tell me why you pinch-run for a guy when you're down by a run, and he isn't even the lead runner? I fear this move could come back to bite Grady in his ass. Remember Forrest Gump?

"Somethin' bit me!"

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Over 3.2 million people vote Tek in to the All-Star game.

Proof that Sox fans are the most passionate, and therefore the BEST fans in baseball. Both times the final roster spot is determined by fan voting, a Red Sox player wins it.

Still, where the FUCK is Pedro? Hopefully he'll get some rest and perhaps will start July 17th, a game I just so happen to have tickets for. But the Sox might be gay and give him extra rest. That would really piss me off to no end. You buy a ticket and it is 4 days after a Pedro start so you figure you'll get to see the Almighty do his thing, but NO!

The NL 32nd man was Geoff Jenkins. It probably would have been Corey Patterson had he not been injured.

I voted vor Varitek about 50 times. How many times did you vote? E-mail me at: rawbeezeitz@yanks-suck.com or IM me on AIM screename: FlapjackZeitz

Jays up 5-3 after 5. There are actually some people there tonight. Last night's attendance was 20,000+ which is pretty good for them. I can remember back in the early 90s when they wouls AVERAGE 50,000+ a night. Then they beat Atlanta in the World Series and I cried cuz I was 8 and liked the Braves. Er, anyway....ARSENAL!!!!!

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Truly classless.

Vote Vor Varitek!

Remember, there are 8 million people in NYC voting for Giambi and only 500,000 in Boston voting for Tek so vote as many times as possible.

Boston Red Sox 2
Toronto Blue Jays 1 / 12 Inn.
Box Score

Very vital victory vor the Red Sox. After losing to the Y*nkees twice in a row, we came out and beat the Jays when they had their only good pitcher on the mound. Also, the Y*nks were one-hit by the Indians' Billy Traber so we're 3 games behind the scum.

Roy Halladay wins the coveted Man of the Game. There was a ground swell of support for Damon to get it but c'mon, you throw 9 innings, 1 ER, 4 H, 6 K, and only 1 BB against the best offensive team in baseball, you're gonna win the MOTG, no matter what team you're on. Here are the MOTG standings:

1. Nomar - 4
2. Millar - 3
3. Nixon, Varitek - 2
5. Kapler, Mueller, Manny, Pedro, Burkett, Sanchez, Rupe, Lyon, R. Halladay (TOR), M. Mussina (NYY), A. Pettitte (NYY) J. Crede (CWS), E. Loiza (CWS), JD Drew (StL), B. Myers (PHI), J. Pierre (FLA) - 1

Finally Grady drops Damon down to the #9 hole. And he does well. So Grady will move him back to leadoff tomorrow. Burgh.

Great pitching from Wakefeild who was embarrassed by the Jays last time. The bullpen also did very well especially Todd Jones with 2 perfect innings.

D-Lowe vs. K-Escobar t-morrow.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2003


Pedro throws balls over plate. Two dumbasses step into them. Unfortunately, they're fine.

AP Recap of yesterday's 2-1 loss.

"I don't know what was going through his mind, but if it's what it looked like, it's not good," Steinbrenner said. "It's not good for his team, not good for baseball. ... Fortunately, both of our men are OK."

-The Antichrist: Cunt Shitbrenner

"Are you crazy? The guy's right on top of the plate," Martinez said. "The only way you're going to get Soriano out is inside. He hits curveballs, he hits changeups, he leans over the plate. He's that good. You've got to give him a lot of credit. When you throw inside, you're going to hit guys sometimes. I don't try to hit anybody, it was just an accident."

-God a.k.a. Pedro Martinez

If anyone out there in The Nation sees Scumbrenner, drop the gloves and kill him. Do the world a favor.

Oh, and Mike Mussina is hereby stripped of the nickname "Moose." We all know Millarthra is the REAL Moose. Mussina shall hithertoforward be referred to as Mike Pussyna cuz he didn't retaliate for Pedro pitching inside. If Torre and co. felt Pedro was too aggressive, they should have let the Sox know.

Matsui a deserving All-Star? (hint, the answer is NO!)

Klapisch vs. McAdam

Big surprise a New Jersey Y*nkee dick sucker supports an overrated guy like Matsui. "Other than Ichiro Suzuki, no other major-league player has had to overcome obstacles similar to Matsui's." Ummmmmmmmmmmmm, how's about Jackie Robinson and the other black pioneers back in the day? How about Hideo Nomo who was treated like a traitor by the Japs? How about every hispanic player that doesn't get a translator?

"But the All-Star game isn't about overcoming obstacles or saving one's honor. It's about being among the game's best players, and for now, Matsui doesn't qualify."

-Sean McAdam, so fucking true man.

Former Soxer Hillenbrand hits three Homeruns in three Innings.

Insert Bob Lobell: how come we can't guys like that?

I wouldn't be surprised if some Shea Shupporters came out of the wood works and started protesting Epstein's trade after Kim's loss and Hillenbrand's Hat-Trick.

Arsenal shit:

Bergkamp dismisses contract offer. Dennis, you're old. You'll play in maybe half the matches that the regulars do so take a 50% pay-cut or leave. The Arsenal doesn't have the cash to pay a shiteload for an aging forward.

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"End of Line"
Ben repREZenting RS Nation from the NVA has just made a web site and has posted his first post in his sports blog which will feature Boston Red Sox and Washington Capitals bloggery.

George "The Antichrist" Steinbrenner has called Pedro out for pitching inside yesterday afternoon. He says that doing that was bad for the Red Sox and bad for baseball. I suppose cl*mens beaning Piazza in the forehead and later throwing a bat fragment at him was good for baseball. If I ever see Steinbrenner in person, I'll kill him. If he's not dead by the time I graduate college, well, you know.


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"End of Line"

When it's Sox vs. Y*nkees, Pedro vs. Mussina, little mistakes can and will cost you the game. Pedro is 2-2 vs. Mussina and vice verse, and they're still 2-2 against each other. I think the next God vs Moose match will be a whoppah!

As promised, here is the list of small shit that cost the Red Sox the game.

1. The lineup: David Ortiz was 0 for 17 vs. Mussina coming into the game. Going out of the game, he is 0 for 20. He also was struck out by Mussina for the 13th time! Grady Little's logic: "I think he's due." I think Grady is due for a pink slip and a slap to the face. And why is Damon leading off? With Nixon a lefty, then two switch hitters in Mueller and Varitek, then Damon and then Walker, the Y*nkees could concievably use a situational lefty for 5 batters. I'd rather see Kapler over Ortiz or at least switch Ortiz and Nixon in the lineup. Having an 0 for 17 guy behind Manny isn't exactly protection. This would have been my lineup:

1. 2B-Walker-L
2. 3B-Mueller-S
3. SS-Garciaparra-R
4. LF-Ramirez-R
5. RF-Nixon-L
6. 1B-Millar-R
7. C-Varitek-S
8. DH-Kapler-R
9. CF-Damon-L

2. Todd Walker's defense, more importantly his positioning: Isn't it ironic that for the first time since he joined the scum, the Red Sox didn't put on the massive shift that they usually put on. If they did, Giambi's RBI basehit is fielded by Walker and more than likely he is thrown out at first. That changes the whole complexction of the game.

In the bottom of the 9th with 1 out, NESN showed the Red Sox drawn in infield and outfield. I looked at Walker and said to myself, "shouldn't he be a step or two to his right?" What happens? A ground ball to his right eats him up and he can't make what would have been an easy throw to home to eliminate Matsui. Inches from victory.

3. Varitek's foul ball: Perhaps the best struck ball of the game. The only problem was that it was too well struck. He pulled it foul. If it stays fair, it is a 2 run HR that puts us up 3-1. Unfortunately, Varitek struck the ball a fraction of a second too soon. Pulling a Homerun ball just barely foul is like ejaculating prematurely. You feel great for a little bit until you realise you went too early. If you had just held it back for a bit longer, you would've scored.

4. Ed Montague: He umpired a great game except for one pitch, in my opinion. 2-2 to Giambi and Pedro throws a pitch that's been called a stirke all day long. It's called ball 3. Then Giambi hits an RBI basehit to tie the game.

All and all, one of the best games of baseball ever pitched. The offenses were held silent. If not for lackluster defense from Curtis Pride and twice from Todd Walker, and if the pitchers of the 21st century could throw 200 pitches, this could have gone down as one of the greatest pitching duels of all time.

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End of Line*

* that's a Tron reference. That and The Terminator are the predecessors of The Matrix in terms of self aware computers and machines taking over the world, et cetera.

Monday, July 07, 2003


I know, it's been the headline of every other Y*nkee story since Pride signed with them but hey, he's an OK guy. He's legally deaf but still talks better than Grady Little. Anyhow, there were many small things that cost us this game. I'll list them after the MOTG and BG.

Boston RS 1
NY Y*nkees 2

The Man of the Game is obvious. Mike Mussina went 8, allowed 2 hits (a blooper and a double misplayed by Pride), only walked one, struck out 9, and retired 21 Sox in a row at one point. Here are the MOTG standings:

1. Nomar - 4
2. Millar - 3
3. Nixon, Varitek - 2
5. Kapler, Mueller, Manny, Pedro, Burkett, Sanchez, Rupe, Lyon,M. Mussina (NYY), A. Pettitte (NYY) J. Crede (CWS), E. Loiza (CWS), JD Drew (StL), B. Myers (PHI), J. Pierre (FLA) - 1

Pedro gets an honorable mention for his 7 innings, 1 Earned Run, 11 Ks, 0 BB, and 5 Hits. And by hitting Jeter, he reassured his status as the Lord Almighty. He got his 90th career 10 K game, his 63rd with the Sox and his 3rd of the season. It's good to see him back as the dominant man he truly is.

Now for the Bitch-Goat. Johnny Damon didn't get the ball out of the infield so he gets 0.1 point. Todd Walker made a couple horrible defensive plays. One snuck by him and it turned into a Giambi RBI basehit. The other ate him up and became a Game Winning Error. He shall be given 0.4 points. BH Kim did somewhat poorly and shall be given 0.4 points. Grady Little made a silly lineup and shall get 0.1 point. Here are the BG standings.

1. Lyon - 1.0
2. Manny - 0.8
3. Timlin, Walker - 0.5
5. Rupe, Jones, Kim - 0.4
8. Varitek, Grady - 0.3
10. Varitek, Millar, Nomar, Burkett - 0.2
14. Mueller, Seanez, Shiell, Ortiz, Jackson, Damon - 0.1

That's it for now. I'll list the close calls later on tonight as I intend to nap this one off.

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End of Line

Pedro with 9 Ks and has retired the last 8 Y*nkees. Mussina with 3 Ks and he has retired the last 13 Sox.

What Mussina has allowed:
bloop single to center
fly out
RBI double to right (misplayed by Pride)
fly out
line out
fly ouy
fly out
fly out
foul out

What the Y*nkees have done against Pedro:
fly out
Ground rule 2B to left-center
fly out

Pedro's pitch count is quite high, but with the pen being as it is, and Mussina as good as he is doing, I can't see releiving Pedro at all. Pedro has pitched inside today which makes me happy. And seeing Jeter and Soriano getting punished for crouding the plate makes me very happy. HAHA

Soriano and Jeter taken to the hospital for X-Rays on their wrists/hands/forearms. Soriano was hit by a pitch he fouled off and Jeter was struck in the hand by a pitched ball.

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End of Line

Great article by Ken Rosenthal

(who should have gotten it)
C-Whore Posada-NYY (Jason Varitek-BOS)
1B-Carlos Delgado-TOR
2B-Alfonso Soriano-NYY (Bret Boone-SEA)
3B-Troy Glaus-ANA (Corey Koskie-MIN or Bill Mueller-BOS)
SS-Alex Rodriguez-TEX (Nomar Garciaparra-BOS)
OF-Manny Ramirez-BOS
OF-Hideki Matsui-NYY
OF-Ichiro Suzuki-SEA (Vernon Wells-TOR)
DH-Edgar Martinez-SEA (Kevin Millarthra-BOS)

AL Pitchers
Lance Carter-TB (doesn't deserve it, got in on gay ass "every team has a player" rule)
Brenden Donelly-ANA
Shigetosi Hasegawa-SEA (are you fucking serious?)
Keith Foulke-OAK
Eddie Guardado-MIN
Roy Halladay-TOR
Estaban Loiza-CWS
Mike MacDougal-KC
Mark Mulder-OAK
Jamie Moyer-SEA
CC Sabathia-CLE( doesn't deserve it, got in on gay ass "every team has a player" rule)
Barry Zito-OAK

ummmmmmmmmm, WHERE THE FUCK IS PEDRO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

AL Reserves
C-Ramon Hernandez-OAK (WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?????????)
1B-Mike Sweeney-KC (Millar having better season)
2B-Bret Boone-SEA (deserves it, but so doesn't Todd Walker)
3B-Hank Blalock-TEX
OF-Garret Anderson-ANA
OF-Melvin Mora-BAL (perhaps should be starting)
OF-Vernon Wells-TOR
OF-Dmitri Young-DET (doesn't deserve it, got in on gay ass "every team has a player" rule)
DH-Carl Everett-TEX (again, are you fucking serious?)

ummmmmmmmm, WHERE THE FUCK ARE VARITEK AND MILLAR?!?!?!?!?!?!?

NL Starters
C-Javy Lopez-ATL
1B-Todd Helton-COL
2B-Marcus Giles-ATL
3B-Scott Rolen-StL (Mike Lowell-FLA)
SS-Edgar Renteria-StL
OF-Albert Pujols-StL
OF-Barry Bonds-SFG
OF-Gary Sheffield-ATL

Proud that the voters got Albert in there.

NL Pitchers
Armando Benitez-NYM (doesn't deserve it, got in on gay ass "every team has a player" rule)
Kevin Brown-LAD
Shawn Chacon-COL
Eric Gagne-LAD
Mark Prior-CHC
Jason Schmidt-SFG
John Smoltz-ATL
Billy Wagner-HOU
Mike Williams-PIT
Woody Williams-StL
Randy Wolf-PHI
Kerry Wood-CHC

ummmmmmmmmm, where the FUCK, is Dontrelle Willis?

NL Reserves
C-Paul LoDuca-LAD (I'm sick of Piazza)
1B-Richie Sexson-MIL
2B-Jose Vidro-MON
3B-Mike Lowell-FLA
3B-Aaron Boone-CIN
SS-Rafael Furcal-ATL
OF-Jim Edmonds-StL
OF-Luis Gonzalez-ARZ (doesn't deserve it, got in on gay ass "every team has a player" rule)
OF-Andruw Jones-ATL
OF-Rondell White-SDP (doesn't deserve it, got in on gay ass "every team has a player" rule)
OF-Preston Wilson-COL

No Vlad?

Sox offense is the best in baseball and only 2 guys are going not counting Varitek's immanent triumph in the 32nd roster spot voting. Ramon Hernandez not even top 5 in fan voting yet he is there. Nomar fell 200,000 votes shy of starting. If only half the people in Boston voted another time, he'd be there. Or perhaps if they passed out All-star ballots in the bleachers, he'd be there.

AL fan voting results
NL fan voting results

Why fan voting is moronic:

1. The game means something now. It is no longer an exhbition. Coneivably, AL fans might vote for weaker NL players so that the AL has a better chance to win.

2. Whore Posada (.254 BA, shitty defense) gets 1,000,000 more votes than Varitek (.297 BA, best defensive catcher in the League).

3. Larger cities have more votes and skew results. Case in point, Derek "below .300" Jeter got 800,000+ votes

4. Japanese people can't see past their own players and the teams those players are on.

5. Players with reputations get votes from casual fans who don't know that Albert Pujols is hitting better than Jesus.

6. Fans vote for players just because they are on their team. Case in point: Jeremy Giambi got nearly 400,000 votes.

7. Torii Hunter getting 1,100,000 votes. .255 Average, 4 SBs. Shitty season.

I think fans should get to vote for 5 players. The top 5 vote-getters will automatically be on the All-Star team. That's it!

The following players got screwed of either starting or being on the initial 31 man rosters:
Jason Varitek-BOS
Kevin Byrnes-OAK
Mike Lowell-FLA
Sammy Sosa-CHC (it's in Chicago!)
Frank Thomas-CHC- (it's in Chicago!)
Pedro Martinez-BOS
Dontrelle Willis-FLA
Vladimir Guerrero-MON
Corey Patterson-CHC (it's in Chicago!)
Bret Boone-SEA
Vernon Wells-TOR
Melvin Mora-BAL

The following players are on the All-Star rosters but could care less about home field advantage in the World Series:
Lance Carter, CC Sabathia, Hank Blalock, Dmitri Young, Melvin Mora, Todd Helton, Armando Benitez, Shawn Chacon, Mike Williams

Here is the All-Snub team featuring players not on the 31 man rosters:
SP-Dontrelle Willis-FLA
C-Jason Varitek-BOS
1B-Jim Thome-PHI
2B-Jeff Kent-HOU
3B-Bill Mueller-BOS
SS-Derek Jeter-NYY (not really snubbed)
OF-Vladimir Guerrero-MON
OF-Corey Patterson-CHC
OF-Sammy Sosa-CHC
DH-Jason Giambi-NYY

NL will win 7-3. And could someone tell me why the AL players vote for a DH position for the bench? And how did Everett win that? He's played a full two games at DH. Here is how the team should be selected:

1. Fans at ballparks (not online cuz Japanese people don't know that Ichiro and Matsui are overrated) vote for 5 players (including pitchers) that are automatically selected to be All-Stars, not necessarily starters.

2. The managers of each team in each League nominate people for spots on the roster.

3. The AL and NL coaching staffs are determined by last year's standings. The League Champion is the Manager, his assistants are the other Division Winners, the Wild Card winner, and the rest are Managers/Coaches of the AL Manager's choosing.

4. The League Staff looks over the players nominated by the League and selects 25 players to fill out the 30 man roster.

5. The Manager selects the starting lineup and starting pitcher from the 5 players voted in and the 25 selected by his staff.

6. The 31st and 32nd players are voted in by the fans. There are two seperate online votes. One player is a pitcher, the other is a position player. The Manager and his staff nominate 5 pitchers and 5 players for the votes.

7. If any of the 32 choose not to play or cannot play, the Manager selects the replacement.

There are no rules requiring every team to have a player.

Post #51
"End of line"

Boston 1
New York 7
AP Recap
BRS Recap
Box Score

You could see this game coming from a mile away. For some reason, Andy Pettitte seems to do very well against us. He wins the Man of the Game due to his 8 Inning, 1 ER, 4 H, 0 BB, 10 K outing. Here are the MOTG standings:

1. Nomar - 4
2. Millar - 3
3. Nixon, Varitek - 2
5. Kapler, Mueller, Manny, Pedro, Burkett, Sanchez, Rupe, Lyon, A. Pettitte (NYY) J. Crede (CWS), E. Loiza (CWS), JD Drew (StL), B. Myers (PHI), J. Pierre (FLA) - 1

Four Red Sox were no-hit. Nomar, Varitek, Ortiz, and Jackson were the ones. Varitek struck out thrice and will be given 0.1 Bitch-Goat point. Garciaparra went 0 for 4 and left 2 men on base and will be given 0.1 BG point. Ortiz also struck out thrice and he shall receive 0.1 BG point. Jackson grounded into a double play and he shall receive 0.1 BG point. Burkett will receive 0.2 BG points for his not-so good outing and Todd Jones shall receive the remaining 0.4 BG points for his 3 Earned Runs which effectively knocked the Sox out of the game. Here are the BG standings:

1. Lyon - 1.0
2. Manny - 0.8
3. Timlin - 0.5
4. Rupe, Jones - 0.4
6. Varitek - 0.3
7. Grady, Varitek, Millar, Nomar, Burkett - 0.2
12. Walker, Mueller, Seanez, Shiell, Ortiz, Jackson - 0.1

Reds acquire D'Angelo Jimenez. There was some speculation that the Red Sox might make a move for him. I guess not. It probably would have allowed us to send Freddy Sanchez back to AAA. Not that Sanchez isn't doing well, but as a young prospect, he needs 4 ABs and to play the field every day. He can't get that with the Boston Red Sox right now.

Gammons' Diamond Notes

Post #50

Sunday, July 06, 2003

LOOK OUT! It's a bird, a plane, no...it's....


Patrick Viera signs an extension with Arsenal for 11 million pounds (Rich Garces' weight) over 3 years.

And Ronaldhino has reportedly been sold by Paris St. Germaine to Real Madrid for 35 million Euros. He won't come over until next summer, however.

Post #49
Just some early morning shit. I just updated my Sox Page with a little dealy about Damon plowing into cl*mens yesterday. I also created an Online Photo Album with most of the pictures having to do with my adventures in Red Sox Nation.

The Sox have assured a split of this series. Not a victory for the Sox, but certainly a defeat for the Y*nkees. We came off a series loss to Tampa, they had two days off which allowed them to setup their staff. We have a chance to win this series, and I think we'll do it so long as the batters keep swingin' like they're swingin.

Game time at 1:05 today. This entire series has been day or late afternoon games, which I like. There's nothing like some nice weather and nice day baseball.

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