Wednesday, October 22, 2003


I think it's pretty safe to say we are pretty close to being set in the offense department. We just need to figure out how to sign these guys after they had career years.

Our pen looks solid with Williamson and Kim closing, Timlin and Embree setting up. It'd be nice to keep Arroyo out there as a long man but we may need him in the rotation. Kim's versatility allows us to put him in several roles but there's no guarantee of success. Sauerbeck might be able to fill the role of situational lefty as well. I think the bullpen is all set, we just need to figure out each pitcher's roles.

The back end of the rotation is the big question. 1-2-3 is obviously Pedro-Lowe-Wake. 4 and 5 could be Suppan, Arroyo, Kim, or someone brought in. Jason Johnson would be a solid pickup. Andy Pettitte would be an AMAZING grab. Schilling may be on the trading block. However, with the team's limited funds, I doubt we'll land any big fish in the free agent market unless we cut salary elsewhere. However, I reamin optimistic and faithful that Theo will make the right moves and put out a great club for 2004.

Thank God the Bruins are doing well. 3-0 on a West Coast trip with 3 games in 4 nights against 3 good teams. They will collapse though.

Thank God the Pats are doing well. We need them to win this year. Win the division, conference, league, anything.

I'll miss Twan.

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