Friday, December 03, 2004

No, I don't wanna see Game 7 of the 2003 LCS, I want the game to be replayed. The Yankees won with the help of the steroid taking Jason Giambi. I want that game to be stricken from the records and the game to be played again. I want Giambi kicked out of baseball. I want Bonds to be kicked out of baseball. I want an asterik to be put next to Bonds's records. I want intense testing to be done of baseball players. None of this will happen.

The Post says the Mets offered Pedro a 3 year $38M deal. The Yankees seem to be out of the running for Pedro. The Red Sox offered Martinez, who is most assuredly not on roids, a 3 year $38.5M deal with up to $2M in performance based bonuses. This will be the most they offer Pedro in years and money. I don't think he'll get more than 3 from either the Sox or the Mets. The Mets might offer more bonuses or maybe $3M more a year but I think Pedro should take the $13M+ from Boston and stay happy and on a winning team. However, on the Mets he may be the #1 starter and this might appeal to him. The ball is in Pedro's court, let's see what he wants more. To be an ace, or to be a winner.

I am thrilled we kept Mirabelli and kept him at a pretty good price. $3M over 2 years. It's a nice short deal and keeps him tradeable if we need to do so. This move also allows Theo to get a defensive catcher because Mirabelli can play 50 or so games and give some production. Varitek still wants at least $50M over 5 years and I still don't think that contract is a good one for the Sox.

The Yankees dropped out of the running for Johnson when the D-Bax asked for Vazquez (their best pitcher), Gordon (their 2nd best releiver), and a few of New York's top prospects plus something around $18M. That would definately be overpaying for him. Meanwhile, the Red Sox have been talking to Arizona about Johnson. Johnson has a no-trade clause and last year said he wouldn't play for any other team besides New York or Arizona. I'd like to see Johnson on the Sox but I think the deal is very questionable if we make it. Giving young arms away for an old guy who can still pitch but probably won't pitch for a long time is somewhat short-sighted. We can't make the same mistakes New York has amde by trading away their farm system for the quick fix. Talking to Arizona about Johnson does give the Sox a bit more elverage in their talks with Pedro.

Derek Lowe looks to be gone, the Sox have shown very little interest. Cabrera wants a 4-5 year deal which the Red Sox do not like because SS Hanley Ramirez may be ready to play ball in 2006. Can Mueller play short? I'd like to see him play short-stop if practicable and play Youkilis at third with Bellhorn at 2nd. Hey, maybe we can get Nomar to sign a one year deal and play short-stop. We also could resign Reese.

Boston College accepted a bid to play in the Capital One Bowl against North Carolina in Charlotte. The Eagles should win this game but they might still be forlorn from their loss to Syracuse. I was right when I said the Gator Bowl would choose a team like WVU over BC.

Celtics lost rookie Delonte West indefinately with a broken hand.

The NHL and the Players Union have agreed to resume talks. I feel that the NHL should contract and implement a luxury tax system with a salary cap above that.

I know Jamal Lewis was hurt but the Pats weren't exactly healthy. Our starting CBs were Randall Gay who was the nickelback at LSU last year and Earthwind Mooreland from the Division I-AA powerhouse of Georgia Southern (who lost to UNH in the I-AA playoffs). Our 3rd CB was SS Eugene Wilson who played corner in college but was converted to a safety when Malloy left. This meant that backup LB Don Davis was moved back to the safety spot. The Pats offense was unimpressive in the 1st half as was Baltimore's. Each team had a field goal. The Patriots exploded in the 4th quarter though. Dillon ran for a TD and then ran for the 2 point conversion. Boller then fumbled when sacked and Jarvis Green fell on the ball in the end zone. Corey Dillon is the Man of the Game for his 123 rush yards against the tough Ravens defense. Vinaterri had 3 field goals. Brady didn't throw for a TD. Johnson, Colvin, Seymour, and Bruschi each had a sack. Gay had an interception. Brown nearly had his 2nd of the season. Seymour had an amazing block to give Dillon access to the end zone.

The Pats play in Cleveland next week. The schedule is pretty easy after this.

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