Friday, December 17, 2004


It could be worse. Alot worse. Pedro could be wearing midnight blue pinstripes instead of regular blue. He could be on a team we face 20+ times a year instead of one we play only a few times every several years. We could have been bogged down by a hefty contract with a player who could very well blow his shoulder out on any pitch.

One thing Boston fans can hold onto if we can't hold onto Pedro is the memories of his time here. We were lucky enough to see some amazing pitching performances. Hiw one-hitter against the New York Yankees in the Bronx in which he struck out 17 Yankees. His other 17 strikeout game against Tampa. His near no-hitter against the D-Rays. His 6 innings of no-hit relief with a bum shoulder in the 1999 ALDS. His domination of the Yankees in Game 3 of the 1999 ALCS. His solid outing in Game 7 of the 2003 LCS which was ruined by Grady Little's ineptness. The way he settled down in the 2004 LCS in releif in Game 7. Perhaps his most memorable appearance was his last in a Boston uniform, a 7 inning, 3 hit, shutout performance in the World Series. I'll also remember the times where he showed his "punkish" qualities that I enjoyed most of all. When Don Zimmer attacked him, Pedro gave him a close-up tour of the Fenway grass. When Jeter and Soriano were leaning over the plate, Pedro sent them to the hospital. After his one-hitter against the D-Rays, Pedro told Gerald Williams thru the media that "there is no crying in baseball." Pedro once made fun of Dan Shaughnessey and the Boston media's obsession with the Yankees. Pedro once said "He can have all the money in the world but he can't buy fear to put in my heart" about George Steinbrenner. When answering questions about his injured shoulder he said "Are you praying? You'd better!" Complaining about reporters he did not know asking questions of him he said "This is my house. If you come into my house and I don't know you, I shoot you."

He won 117 games for Boston and 5 more in the postseason. He won a pair of Cy Youngs and was in the top 5 in Cy Young voting every season except 2001. He led the league in ERA 4 times with Boston. He made 4 All-Star appearances including his amazing start in the 99 game. He was the best pitcher for the Red Sox since Roger Clemens and unlike Roger, he did not leave this team by bullshitting the GM. He won't go out and perform to spite Theo Epstein, he will perform for Pedro Martinez because that is what he has always done. He made it clear that he would go to the team that showed him the most respect by paying him the most money. There were no Mo Vaughn like quotes such as "It doesn't matter bout the money." I will miss him and I am still a fan.

I've decided to keep my car's name King Pedro but the blog's name has to change. This is still a Boston blog. I've always felt that Boston Blog Sox was a fantastic name and Curt Schilling's gutty performance in the playoffs was the most amazing thing I've seen in sports. I have decided to tentatively name this blog: Blood Sox Nation. This name can change and probably will. Until the Pats season is over, it will remain the Belicheck Republic.

Theo isn't letting the loss of Martinez keep him from trying to build another winning team.

I don't know what would have been thought of as more unlikely. The Red Sox winning the World Series or David Wells signing with Boston. I really like this move in terms of seeking a replacement for Derek Lowe. Wells is a horse and should fit in with the idiot mentality of the team.

This is the best acquisition of the off-season thus far. Renteria brings a solid bat and a solid glove into a lineup that still looks fierce from 1 to 9. He brings a .289 career batting average to the team. He doesn't hit too many HRs but he scores runs, knocks them in, and can steal a base.

The Sox also signed John Halamamamalalmalalamalalalamalalamalamala to a one year, $1M deal for some bullpen help.

Theo was in tlaks about Tim Hudson and Randy Johnson but Hudson has been traded to Atlanta and it appears that Johnson only wants to be traded to the Yankees. He also has been talking to Matt Clement. I would love to have Clement. He would bring some much needed youth to the rotation and could be a solid #2 man behind Schilling.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Probably because the Yankees are close to signing Pavano, the Red Sox have signed David Wells to a short term deal that may be one year for $8M or it may be two years for substantially more. This is a good short term deal as Peter Gammons pointed out because of the inevitable availability of Milwaukee's Ben Sheets during the 2005 season. Theo also appears to be close to signing Pedro and might be looking at Edgar Renteria to play SS. There is also a rumor that he might trade Dave Roberts for Jay Payton and a utility infielder.

At my school, the game was not on TV but I get text messages with the scores. I got the first one shortly after 1:00. It said: "New England 7, Cleveland 0. 14:46 1st Qtr." I figured Bethel returned a kick for a TD. I was right. The text messages kept on coming as the Pats destroyed Cleveland 42-15. The Man of the Game is Corey Dillon who rushed for 100 yards (98 of which were in the 1st half) and scored 2 TDs. Honorable Mentions go to Kevin faulk who rushed for 87 yards, Johnson for returning a kick for a TD, Troy Brown who recovered a fumble and got his 2nd INT, Tedy Bruschi who had a sack, Willie McGinist who had a sack, Mike Vrabel who had a sack and Rodney Harrison who picked off a pass. The Pats look to roll over Cincinatti in Foxboro.

Charlie Weiss agreed to be the head coach of Notre Dame. Something like this was inevitable. The Pats were lucky to keep Pioli, Weiss, and Cronell this past off-season. I still hate Notre Dame but Weiss will do well.

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