Friday, April 09, 2004

What's killing you?
Bases on balls.

The ball is the equivalent of the called strike. The umpire deems it to be outside the strike zone. Four balls make a walk. The purpose of this is to force the pitcher to throw pitches the batter has a reaosnable chance of hitting thus moving the game along.

Walks hurt. They run up pitch counts and put runners on base. They also move runners along. This was demonstrated Thursday night as the Red Sox walked 13 Orioles. You can't win walking 13 men just like you can't win when you score 2 runs.

Base on Ball Sox 2
Baltimore Orioles 3
W: Rodrigo Lopez (1-0)
L: Bobby "Bases on Balls" Jones (0-1)

The good news is now I have a nickname for Bobby Jones.

Javy Lopez is the Man of the Game. He caught 13 innings, went 2/3 with a double, scored twice, and walked 5 times.

The Bitch-Goat shall be divided thusly:
Wakefield: 0.2 - He relented the most runs
Jones: 0.5 - 5 walks in 1.1 innings
Mueller: 0.2 - 0 for 6
Francona: 0.1 - He took Embree out after an inning and Timlin out after 0.2

I'm starting to have my doubts about Francona. Malaska pitches well and he yanks him after an inning. This is after the pen throws 6.1 innings. When Timlin gave up his second double, I instinctively looked down from Section 26 into the bullpen to see who was warming up. No-one was. What the FUCK? The Jays had a pair of guys warming up and later they had their closer warming up in the 9th just in case Lightenburg collapsed. Then our backup first baseman pitches. WOW!

Boston Joke Sox 5
Toronto Blue Jays 10
W: Justin "Who Am I?" Speier (1-0)
L: Mike "Timid" Timlin (0-1)
BS: Mike "Timid" Timlin (1)
H: Mark "Who?" Malaska (1), Terry Adams (1), Aquilino Lopez (1)

The man of the game is Orlando Hudson. He only went 1/3 with a double but he scored twice, knocked in a run and walked twice.and made two AMAZING plays.

The bitch-Goat shall be divided thusly:
Arroyo: 0.3 - Not impressive
Timlin: 0.4 - terrible
Embree: 0.2 - not good
Francona: 0.1 - bad bullpen management


Toronto Blue Jays 1
Las Medias Rojas 4
W: Pedro "God" Martinez (1-0)
L: Roy "Doesn't Deserve the Cy Young" Halladay (0-2)
S: Keith Foulke (2)

Good outing by Pedro recording 7 Ks in 7.2 IP. He allowed 4 hits and 2 walks. He gave up a solo HR and that was it. Ortiz, Manny, and Bellhorn also hit homeruns. The pitching duel only lasted 2 hours and 13 minutes.

The Man of the Game is so obvious that it is hilarious. PEDRO!

Now it's up to Schilling to outshine him.

Montreal Canadiens 1
Boston Bruins 2/OT
BOS: 15:22 1st Period: Michael Nylander PP (Bergeron, Samsonov)
MON: 15:54 2nd Period: Patrice Bresbois PP (Kovalev, Koivu)
BOS: 1:28 1st OT: Patrice Bergeron (Nylander, Samsonov)

Nylander is having himself quite a series. Raycroft is too. He gave up one goal which was on a 5 on 3 and he might have been interfered with by Richard Zednick. The Bruins take an important 2-0 advantage into Montreal Easter Sunday.

Maine beat BC Thursday night but lost to Denver Saturday. Oh well.

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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Montreal Canadiens 0
Boston Bruins 3
Sergei Gonchar PP (Nylander, Slegr) 05:12 in the 1st
Michael Nylander (Gonchar, Samsonov) 19:01 in the 1st
Mike knuble PP (Bergeron, Samsonov) 18:24 in the 2nd

Raycroft had 31 saves. Really great win for the Bruins. If we can beat Montreal in a small number of games, we'll be very well off for the Cup run. Thornton played well. The Bruins with Gonchar, Nylander, and a healthy Samsonov and Bergeron are very tough to beat.

The two teams meet again Friday night in Boston.

Out west the Red Wings beat the Predators 3-1. Calgary plays Vancouver later on as do Colorodo and Dallas.

Boston Red Sox 10
Baltimore Orioles 3
W: D-Lowe (1-0)
L: Kurt Ainsworth (0-1)

Johnny Damon, ladies and gentlement! "The Missing Link" went 5 for 5 after going hitless in his first 9 at-bats. He knocked in two runs, scored two more and robbed David Segui of a 3 run homer. The bats really came to life in this one, folks. Every starter except Bellhorn, Kapler and Varitek got a hit. D-Lowe pitched solidly inducing some key double plays and recording his first wina and quality start of the season. Twelve groundball outs for Lowe. Bobby Jones and Ramiro "Ice Cream" Mendoza also got some work.

Francona has used 22 of the players on the Sox roster already. Mirabelli hasn't played but will probably catch for Wakefield tomorrow. Wakefield hasn't played but will pitch tommorrow and Bronson Arroyo will play on Friday.

The MOTG is undoubtedly Johnny "The Christ" Damon. 5 hits and a great catch as well as some Runs and RBI and a steal make this an undisputable fact.

The scum barely beat Tampa Bay, and I mean barely. The Sox are currently in first place.

The Celtics won tonight and the 9th place Cavs lost. Great night to be a Boston sports fan.

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After colliding with Johnny "The Missing Link" Damon, Kevin "Moose" Millar is fine.


Manny also had a bruised left quad and was pulled in the 8th. Millar will probably play tomorrow, Manny's status is unkown. The last thing we need is Manny to be out of the lineup.

Mike Mussina really sucks. He got his second straight loss to the Tampa Bay Double A's. He's given up 11 runs in 9 innings, relenting 19 hits, 2 of which were homers. HAHAHA! First maniacal cackle of the 2004 season.

Third game of the series tomorrow. D-Lowe vs. Kurt Ainsworth. Wakefield goes on Thursday against lefty Matt Riley.

Bruins take on Montreal in Game 1 of the 1st round of the Stanley Cup playoffs tomorrow as well. Joe Thornton may or may not play, however. I really wanna beat Montreal.

The Celtics are currently 8th place in the Eastern Conference and need to win 4 games to clinch a spot no matter what 9th place Cleveland does. The Celtics finish the season with a 3 game road trip to Miami, New Orleans, and Atlanta. Then they host Miami and Atlanta. Miami and NO are playoff teams but Atlanta isn't. Hopefully the Cavs will drop a few games.

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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Boston Red Sox 4
Baltimore Orioles 1
W: Curt Schilling (1-0)
L: Eric DuBose (0-1)
S: Keith Foulke (1)
H: Mike "Not so Timid" Timlin (1), Allen "Lefty" Embree (1)

The offense still isn't up there though. We should be scoring more runs than this. Schilling pitched very well even though he gave up a good number of hits in 6 innings. The 3 perfect innings of relief from Embree, Timlin and Foulke were also nice. Damon blew going 0/4 leaving 5 men on. Why was Burks batting third? How come Burks played instead of Kapler who did well in sunday night's game? Damon seems to be prone to running into people in the outfield. Hopefully, Millar is fine.

The Man of the Game is Curt Schilling. He threw 6 innings scattering 6 hits, allowing one earned run, only walking one and striking out 7. He also initiated a nifty 1-6-3 double play.

Burks got a stolen base. What the fuck?

Francona doesn't seem shy to use the bench. He's used 16 different players (12 position players, 4 pitchers) for each of the first two games.

Arsenal lost to Chelsea today in the Champion's League. The dream of a triple championship died Saturday with an FA Cup loss to Man U and the most we can hope for now is to win the English League title. Not a bad season but we were close to greatness.

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Tim from Musings from RSN had this to say, sarcastically of course:

With a 7-2 win over the Boston Red Sox and their staff ace Pedro Martinez, the Baltimore Orioles and new coach Lee Mazilli took a commanding 1/2 game lead over the Yankees, Blue Jays, and Devil Rays in a hotly contested American League East with the Red Sox dropping back to last place, a full game out of first place. And all this, after just one game. With only 161 games left in the 2004 season, the Red Sox have put themselves in quite a hole.

How many days until Patriots seaosn starts?

These are my predictions:

AL East winner: New York
Al Central: Kansas City
AL West: Anaheim
Wild Card: Boston

Red Sox beat Angels
Yankees beat Royals

Red Sox beat Yankees

NL East: Philadelphia
NL Central: Houston
NL West: Los Angeles
Wild Card: Chicago

Astros beat Phillies
Cubs beat Dodgers

Cubs beat Astros

Red Sox tie Cubs

Diamond Mind came up with their own scientific predictions. Take a Look. They think the Sox will go 102-60 and finish a game ahead of the Y*nkees. We also have a 55% chance of winning the East with a 42% chance of winning the Wild Card. In total, we made the playoffs in 97% of the simulations they ran.

This article in SI pisses me off. It is true in the past that the Sox and Yankees were nowhere near each other, but now they're incredibly close. They played 26 games last year with the Y*nkees holding a very slight edge. It took the scum more than 50 innings to beat us and they did it by a run. Face it, New York, we are no longer a push over. We're competition. We and the rest of baseball can beat you and we will. We shall overcome, we shall crush the fucking scum.

Congrats to UConn on their 2nd national title.

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Monday, April 05, 2004

Boston Red Sox 2
Baltimore Orioles 7
W: Sir Sidney Ponson (1-0)
L: Pedro "God" Martinez (0-1)
S: BJ Ryan (1)
H: Rodrigo Lopez (1)

All I can say is that the offense needs to get on track if we're gonna win this year. We need Millar, Mueller, Tek, Ortiz, and Damon to do near what they did last year especially with Trot and Nomar out and Reese replacing Walker. The Sox got one extra base hit and left 14 men on base. That's just terrible.

Pedro was shaky at first which scared the piss out of me. But he settled down very nicely. Of the final 13 batters he faced, only one hit the ball out of the infield. He also got out of a no out, 2nd and 3rd jam. Technically it was a Quality Start and in my opinion, he should have won the game. Our offense led the world in sugging last year and our slugging percentage this game was 0.333. That's just bad.

The O's looked good but I wouldn't worry about them threatening for the division. Beyond Ponson and Jorge Julio, they have no pitching. And since when do the Orioles have fans?

Javy Lopez is going to get the 1st Man of the Game award of the 2004 season. He went 3 for 4 with a double and a homerun. He scored a run and knocked in 3. He also had a solid night behind the plate.

The Bitch-Goat shall be divided thusly:
Mike Timlin put the game out of reach with his lackluster performance. He'll get 0.4 of the B-G. Pedro didn't pitch amazingly and shall get 0.2. Millar gets 0.1 cuz he got a hit and left 3 men on. Ortiz went hitless and left 5 men so he gets 0.1. Damon was 0/5 and left 5 men on. He also looked like a hobo so he gets 0.1. Williamson gave up a run that really put the game out of reach so he gets 0.1.

The sox have a day off and Schilling will take on Kurt ainsworth Tuesday at 3. I have class at 4 so this pisses me off, but I'll be able to listen to most of the game on MLB Radio.

They also got the 2nd seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs. they'll play 7th seeded Montreal Canadiens. I really hope we ebat these fucks. I hate the Habs with all of my heart. I hate their pussy style of play replete with diving and being chippy assholes. Here is the schedule for the series:

Wed 4/7: Boston
Fri 4/9: Boston
Sun 4/11: Montreal
Tue 4/13: Montreal
Thu 4/15: Boston*
Sat 4/17: Montreal*
Mon 4/19: Boston*

*=if necessary
All games are at 7 except the 4/17 game. tampa Bay will take on the Islanders, Philly takes on Jersey, and toronto takes on Ottawa. Out west, Detroit plays Nashville, San Jose takes on St Louis, Vancouver takes on Calgary, and colorodo takes on Dallas.

Until next time, all I gotta say is 161-1!

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