Wednesday, September 22, 2004

It's football season which means the sound of John Madden slurping up Brett Favre's residue echos from Green Bay to Milwaukee and a number of other players get touted for no good reason. I decided to make a team of these overrated players.

The first position is quarterback and there are so many candidates for this position it isn't funny. There's Chad Pennington who has no accuracy beyond 15 yards but is hoisted up by the media as if he were Tom Brady and had actually won something. But he actually is a quality passer in short passing situations so he isn't it. Then there's Daunte Culpeper who never really did a whole lot even though he's had Randy Moss to throw to. Then we have Eli Manning who hasn't done anything and his brother Peyton who puts up alot of nice fantasy stats but has similarly done nothing. But among all these overrated QBs, who is the most overrated? The answer is Brett Favre. Brett is a fine QB but he isn't perfect even though everything he does is praised by everyone. Madden praised Favre because he didn't know what a nickle defense was in his 2nd year in the NFL. WHAT THE FUCK!?! How can you praise someone for being an idiot? And how come when Favre just tosses a ball up in the midst of defenders, he gets praised? The starting QB of the Overrated Team is Brett Favre. He is backed up by Peyton Manning and Chad Pennington. Stay tuned for more.

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