Friday, April 30, 2004

TB Devil Rays 3
Boston RS 11
W: BH Kim (1-0), D-Lowe (3-1)
L: Victor Zambrano (3-2), Damian Moss (0-1)
H: Tim Wakefield (1)

Two very good wins for the Sox. It's a shame the scoreless streak had to end but the sellout streak and the bullpen scoreless streaks are running strong.

Kim had a solid start going 5 and giving up only one hit and one walk. Wakefield releived him after 5 and pitched solidly. The offense picked up Lowe after he gave up 2 in the 1st of the second ganme. We continue to roll.

The Man of the Game for the day game is Ortiz who went 3 for 3 with a double and a homerun. He also had a walk. He knocked in 2 and scored one.

The Man of the Game for the night game is Jason Varitek. Lowe only had 1 ER in 7 innings but it was because of an error that he made that two unearned runs scored. Tek went 2 for 4 with the only homerun in the game. It was a three run shot that busted the game open.

Orioles and Y*nkees both won.

Sox go to Texas tomorrow. Arroyo is pitching. Yes, we have 6 starters.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

TB Devil Rays 0
Boston Red Sox 6
W: Kurt Schilling (3-1)
L: Paul "Two Arms" Abbot (2-2)

Great offensive output by the Sox tonight. Tek hit a HR early to give Kurt the lead. Bellhorn had a fine evening with 2 RBI, 2 hits, and 2 walks. He's making a very good argument over who will play 2B when Nomar returns. Mueller and Manny also contributed a pair of hits each. The pen worked 1.2 perfect innings and continue to demonstrate their greatness. We'll need them tomorrow.

The Man of the Game is obviously Kurt Schilling even though Bellhorn and Varitek each had great nights. Kurt went 7.1 (could've gone longer if necessary, only 106 pitches), allowed no runs, no walks, and 5 hits. He struck out 8.

The sellout streak continues but will probably end with tomorrow's makeup game. I know if I were near Boston I'd definately go to the ballpark for a nice weekday game. Oh well.

O's won, Y*nks are winning in the 9th and are about to win.

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WEEI joke. Hehe.

The game has been rescheduled as a day night doubleheader on Thursday. Here's what confuses me though. They're skipping Wakefield's turn in the rotation and Kim is making his first start of the year in Thursday's day game. Why? i don't fucking know! Kim was scheduled for another rehab start in Pawtucket but they decided to bring him up. He'll probably only throw 60 pitches and get releived by Wake. But here's the thing, you start your best pitcher and catcher in the 1st game. You don't worry about the second game at all. You do everything to win the first game. You pretend the second game doesn't exist cuz if you hold something back for the 2nd, you might lose the first and then the second as well. You wanna give yourself the best opportunity to win the first game. Furthermore, how come Kim is going into the rotation. Shouldn't he go to the pen until Arroyo proves he doesn't deserve to be the #5 starter? Arroyo pitched a great game against the Y*nkees on Sunday and he's been rewarded with another SP on the team.

Ellis Burks is going on the DL and Daubach is getting called up. Makes sense.

Y*nkees won last night in dramatic fashion and the Orioles lost. Baltimore is fading.

Paul Abbott vs. Curt Schilling tonight.

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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Boston RS 3
NY Y*nkees 2 - 12 Inn
W: Keith "Fuck Em Up" Foulke (1-0)
L: Paul Quantrill (2-1)
S: Mike "Timid or Not Timid?" Timlin (1)

Brown, the Y*nkees best pitcher so far, and Arroyo, our worst pitcher, went even for most of the game each allowing two runs. Then the bullpens dueled. Some fine relievers took over for Brown and Arroyo. Scott Williamson (21 saves last year with the Reds), Tom Gordon (110 career saves), Alan Embree (2.03 ERA last season with Boston and San Diego), Mariano Rivera (over 300 saves in regular and post seasons), Keith Foulke (143 career saves), Paul Quantrill (1.75 ERA with LA last year), and Mike Timlin (117 career saves). The Sox finally scored on a Bellhorn SAC Fly. Despite going 0 for 19 with runners ins coring position and failing to get a single hit with runners on, the Sox prevailed 3-2 in 12.

The Man of the Game is Alex Rodriguez. He made a huge play that saved 2 runs, scored both the Y*nkees' runs, went 2/3, walked twice, and hit a homer.

Pedro, Manny, and David OH MY!

Boston Medias Rojas 2
New York Y*nkees 0
W: Pedro "God" Martinez (3-1)
L: Javier Vazquez (2-2)
S: Scott Williamson (1)

It's nice having guys in the pen besides Foulke who can close out a game. I feel confident with Embree, Williamson and Timlin on the mound in the 9th. Pedro had a heck of a game. The Y*nkee announcers on YES! (the channel I'm forced to watch Y*nks/Sox games on) tried arguing that Vazquez outpitched Pedro cuz Vazquez made one mistake (a big hanger to Manny) while Pedro made a few (like when he struck out Jeter with 2 on and 2 out). They're such scum. The only Sox to get hits in this game were Manny and Ortiz. The only sox to score were Manny and Ortiz. Pedro went 7 allowing only 4 hits, no runs, and a walk. He struck out 7. He threw 105 pitches, 70 were strikes. Francona made a good move and kept Williamson in to close out the game.

The Man of the Game is definately Pedro. I mean, c'mon, the name of the blog is PEDROphile. He came through and gave us a chance to win. He went deep into the game which helped out alot considering the pen had to pitch 6 innings on Saturday.

The Sox have Monday off before hosting the D-Rays.

Round 1: Pick 21 (21st overrall)
DT Vince Wilfork - University of Miami (Big East)
6-1, 344 lbs
He's been compared to fellow Hurricane Warren Sapp. He's gone through adversity in his life losing his parents in 2002. He could fill the big hole left by Ted Washington. Alongside DE Richard Seymour, DT Ty Warren, NT Dan Klecko, and another DE drafted later, the Pats defensive line should be young and good for the next few years.

Upon being selected as a New England Patriot:
"I loved it because New England loves to win, they love to play the game and they know a lot about winning. That comes from a background of mine down at the University of Miami. We love to win also and we know what it is like to have good competition and things like that. So when I was announced as a New England Patriot that was the most … I just fell in love right there."

Wilfork conference call transcript

Round 1: Pick 32 (32nd overrall)
TE Ben Watson - University of Georgia (SEC)
6-3, 253 lbs
This guy is fast and big with good hands. He should be a good and big target for Brady in the red zone and all over the field. He'll definately take pressure off the WRs and with Graham can be a part of some interesting double TE packages. He's also done a good amount of volunteer work and seems like a good guy.

Watson call transcript

Round 2: Pick 31 (63rd overrall)
DE Marquise Hill - Louisianna State University (SEC)
6-6, 297 lbs
This guy looks pretty good and should add depth to our D-line. McGinist is old and having a young DE to compliment Seymour is very nice

Round 3: Pick 32 (95th overrall)
SS Gus Scott - University of Florida (SEC)
5-10, 198 lbs
He seems to be a solid DB who can play both safety positions. He has the UFA record for career forced fumbles and adds depth to our defensive secondary

Round 4: Pick 17 (113th overrall)
FS Dexter Reid - University of North Carolina (ACC)
5-10, 203 lbs
The sporting news rated him the 2nd best safety in college football. Like Scott, he adds depth to our seocndary and could allow Eugene Wilson to move back to CB.

Round 4: Pick 32 (128th overrall)
RB Cedric Cobbs - University of Arkansas (SEC)
6-0, 221 lbs
He's had some injury problems but he can make big plays. He was highly recruited out of high school but stayed in his home state of Arkansas. He might be a good 3rd RB behind Dillon, and Faulk.

Round 5: Pick 32 (164th overrall)
WR P.K. Sam - Florida State University (ACC)
6-1, 196 lbs
He'll play split end and can contribute on special teams. He adds depth to the WR corps.

Round 7: Pick 32 (233rd overrall)
CB Christian Morton - University of Illinois (Big Ten)
6-0, 188 lbs
Early in his college career he was a stud but he has faded somewheat. Perhaps there's some potential for him to be a good CB.

So there it is, the 2004 New england Patriots draft. They drafted 8 players: 5 defensive and 3 offensive. They drafted 2 D-linemen, and 3 DBs. They filled some holes on defense left by Washington and tried to fill the hole that might be left by Law. I think this is a fantastic draft. the only thing that worries me is that all but one of these players played home games in the north. We all know New England is cold and these guys, mostly SEC players, have been playing in places like Jacksonville, Athens, Baton Rouge, Miami, Tallahassee, and Chapel Hill.

Boston College saw Guard Chris Snee and TE Sean Ryan drafted in the 2nd and 5th rounds by the Giants and Cowboys, respectively. Derrick Knight, alumnus of Xaverian Brothers HS, was not drafted and should be signed ASAP.

Just a few other Pats notes:
Pats opponents from 2002-2009


QB Rohann Davey was named NFL Europe's offensive player of the week for week 2.

13th English title for Arsenal. They clinched by tying arch rival and fellow North London based club Tottenham 2-2 on Sunday. This is the 36th total trophy for Arsenal.

The Celtics got swept by the Pacers today. Indiana outscored Boston 405-338. Thats an average of 101-85.

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