Saturday, May 08, 2004

KC Royals 1
Boston RS 9
W: Kurt Schilling (4-2)
L: Jimmy Gobble (1-1)

The bats came alive and Schilling was near perfect. Reese became the first Red Sox player to hit an inside the park homerun and an outside the park homerun in the same game since Tony Armas did it in Tiger Stadium in 1983. He is also the first to do it in back to back at-bats since Yaz did it many years ago.

The Man of the Game is a tough call. Reese went 2 for 4 with 2 homers, and 3 RBI. However, Schilling had a complete game allowing a mere earned run. He struck out 8 and allowed only 5 hits and no walks. Reese had a great day but a complete game will almost always win. Plus, Reese wasn't the only guy who had a good offensive day. Schilling is the MOTG.

The Sox look for the sweep tomorrow. The pitching matchup is a mismatch in our favor but you never know.

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Sorry I haven't updated this recently, I've been busy with finals and packing et cetera. I'm back for the summer though. Maybe. I might be going out to LA in June for an internship on an independant film. Conveniently, the Sox have a series in Anaheim in June. Anyhoo, here are the game summaries for the past few days:

Boston Red Sox 1
Cleveland Indians 2
W: Jake "Not Mike" Westbrook (2-1)
L: Kurt Schilling (3-2)
S: Rafael Betencourt (1)
H: David Riske (1), Rick White (1)

2 for 13 with runners in scoring position. This team is starting to remind me of the Sox from the late 90s. Great pitching thwarted by a lack of clutch hitting.

The Man of the Game is Victor Martinez. He went 3 for 4 with a double, a homerun, and he knocked in both of Cleveland's runs with a homer off Schilling in the 5th. He did have an error, but anytime an individual accounts for the entire offense of a winning team, he has a good shot at winning the coveted MOTG.

The Bitch-Goat shall be divided thusly:
Daubach: 0.3 - 1 for 5, K, 5 LOB
Bellhorn: 0.3 - 1 for 4, K, 5 LOB
Varitek: 0.2 - 2 for 4, K, 4 LOB
McCarty: 0.1 - 0 for 1
Schilling: 0.1 - gave up the HR

Boston Red Sox 6
Cleveland Indians 7
W: Jason Davis (1-2)
L: D-Lowe (3-2)
S: Rafael Betancourt (2)
H: Scott Stewart (2)

Bill Mueller is having a shit season so far both defensively and offensively. Two throwing errors in the 6th allowing 5 unearned runs.

The Man of the Game is Matt Lawton. He did what a leadoff hitter is supposed to do. He went 3 for 5, had a double, and stole a base. He only scored a run but his ability to get on base and into scoring position. Damon finally hit a homerun.

The Bitch-Goath shall be divided thusly:
Mueller: 0.5 - 5 unearned runs, 2 LOB
Lowe: 0.2 - only went 5 innings, 10 hits
Ortiz: 0.2 - 0 for 5, K, 4 LOB
Bellhorn: 0.1 - 1 for 4, K, 3 LOB

Boston Red Sox 9
Cleveland Indians 5
W: Bronson "Not Rolando" Arroyo (1-1)
L: Jeff D'Amico (1-2)
H: Lefty Embree (4), Scott Williamson (2)

The bats seem to have come alive thankfully. Unfortunately, Kim did not pitch all that well. Ironically, the man whose spot in the rotation pitched 2 perfect innings in releif of him and won the game he started.

David Ortiz is the Man of the Game with Arroyo as the runner up. Ortiz went 2 for 5 and hit two homeruns. He knocked in 4 runs and of course, scored 2 on his homers.

Pedro walks with me

Boston Red Sox 5
Cleveland Indians 2
W: Pedro "God" Martinez (4-2)
L: CC Sabathia (1-1)
S: Keith Foulke (6)
H: Lefty Embree (5)

Once again, Pedro's doubters are proven wrong.

Pedro is the Man of the Game. He went 7 innings allowing only 2 earned runs, 4 hits, and 3 walks. He struck out 8. Of the 93 pitches he threw, 63 were strikes. That's a solid 2:1 ratio.

KC Royals 6
Boston Red Sox 7
W: mike "Not So Timid" Timlin (2-1)
L: Mike MacDougal (0-1)
H: Jason Grimsely (2)
BS: Mike MacDougal (2)

I picked up AM 560 somewhere in between Worcester and Springfield on the Mass Pike. I had been getting updates on my cel phone and knew the situation was grim with the score 6-2. However, I remembered a game from last year. Mike MacDougal came in to close the game and a series of errors, hit batsmen, walks, and weak hits resulted in a Red Sox victory. My memories of this game are so vivid because it was the first time I ever got really shitfaced.

The team showed alot of heart by coming back tonight. They got the starter out of the game, which was key, and capitalized on KC's weakness: their pen. It looks like we've got a little win streak going here to offset the losing streak. Just a question for Terry Francona: Why did you pinch hit Daubach for Reese against the Grimsley when you have Varitek on the bench? Tek did come through in the end though. Channel 38's replays of the game at midnight are fucked up. NESN broadcasts the top and bottom of the 1st, the last inning and the other significant innings. UPN38 chops up the innings and makes it very hard to watch it.

The Man of the Game is Manny Ramirez. He went 3 for 4, had a walk, and scored twice, including the game winning run.

Some guy named Gobble takes on Schilling tomorrow at 1:20.

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Sunday, May 02, 2004

There's nothing more annoying then watching the Sox offense flounder while Joe "John Madden" Morgan babbles nonsensically and Vin Scully says EVERYTHING with the same sequence of emphasis. Here was my favorite Morgan quote after a high knuckleball was absolutely killed into the upper deck but 20 feet foul:

"The low knuckleball is better to hit then the one that's down."

Morgan found a way to be both wrong and right. Joe then realised after a low knuckleball was hit for a homerun that maybe the fact that the batter was a lefty had something to do with crushing a low pitch.

Boston Red Sox 1
Texas Rangers 4
W: RA Dickey (4-1)
L: Tim Wakefield (2-1)
S: Francisco Cordero (10)

Wakefield pitched a hell of a game against a good offense and didn't deserve a loss. Dickey pitched amazing and his "thing" pitch (a mix between knuckle-curve and splitter) was interesting. Why did Francona take out Wakefield and put in Embree? Wake had only thrown 101 pitches and was more than rested. Honestly, Terry needs to be consistent with these guys. He leaves in Schilling who gives up a grand slam and takes Wakefield out so Embree can give up a homerun.

The Man of the Game is obviously RA Dickey. He went 8.2 and allowed only one run and that wasn't his fault. He only gave up 4 hits (all singles) and struck out 5.

The Bitch-Goat shall be divided thusly:
Damon: 0.3 - 0 for 4, 2 LOB, 2 misplays in the outfield and a poor throw
Embree: 0.1 - Put the game out of reach by allowing that homerun
Mueller: 0.2 - 0 for 4, 2 LOB, huge strikeout as the tying run in the 8th
Daubach: 0.2 - 0 for 4, 2 LOB
Mirabelli: 0.2 - 0 for 2, 3 LOB

The Sox had a 4.5 game lead over the scum, but that has now dwindled to a mere game and a half. We need a good series in Cleveland. Schilling is going tommorrow and we need him to stop this losing streak.

The bad news continues for the Sox.

Mike Port has heart attack

The Red Sox are exactly 4/27 through the season. Their offensive output is nowhere near what it was last year. Last year 961 runs. This year, we're on a pace for under 750. That's not exactly good. I know it's still early and more runs are scored per game as it gets warmer, but here is the comparison between what some Sox players did last season and what they're on pace to do:

Last year he hit .273, hit 25 homeruns, knocked in 85 runs, and scored 63 runs. He participated in a total of 123 runs (runs plus RBI minus HR). This year he is hitting for a higher average at .314, is on pace for 33 HRs, 81 RBI, 88 runs. 136 Runs Participated In (RPI). So Varitek is more than pulling his weight.

Last year he hit .276, hit 25 HRs, knocked in 96 and scored 83 runs. He had 154 RPI. This year he's hitting .232, is on pace for 14 HRs, 47 RBI, 47 R and 80 RPI. That's half of his production last year.

.288, 31 HRs, 101 RBI, 79 Runs, 149 RPI from 2003. This year he's on pace for .297, 34 HRs, 115 RBI, 88 Runs, 169 RPI. However, he played only 128 games last year. His RPI per game last year was 1.164. This year it is 1.086. His numbers are still impressive and very good, but his production per game is slightly lower. But I'm not complaining about a .297-34-115 season if that's what he winds up getting.

Alot of people felt that our offense wouldn't be as potent with Reese replacing Walker. At the moment, Reese is replacing Nomar but Reese will primarily be Walker's replacement. Last year Walker batted .283, hit 13 HRs, knocked in 85 and scored 92 times. He had 164 RPI. This year Reese is batting .226, is on a pace to hit 0 HRs, knock in 54, score 54 and have 108 RPI. That's a big difference from Walker's production. Last year Walker had 1.389 RPI per game. This year Reese is on pace for 0.842 RPI per game. That's half a run per game. Does Reese prevent a run with his defense every other game? I don't think so.

This will show us how much Nomar's absence has affected the offense. Last year Nomar batted .301, hit 28 HRs, knocked in 105 RBI, scored 120 Runs and had 197 RPI. That's ALOT. Bellhorn is on pace for a .221 average, 14 HRs, 68 RBI, 88 RBI and 142 RPI. 142 isn't bad. Last year Nomar's RPI per game was 1.256. Bellhorn's is exactly 1.000. so basically Bellhorn hasn't cost us that much offensive production. I can live for a quarter run less until Nomar gets back.

Last year Mueller batted .326, hit 19 HRs, had 85 RBI, 85 runs, and 151 RPI. This year he is on pace for a .253 average, 20 HRs, 88 RBI, 115 Runs, and 183 RPI. So he's producing runs even though his average is alot lower.

Last year he batted .325, hit 37 HR, knocked in 104, scored 117 Runs and had 184 RPI. This year he is on a pace for .366 average, 34 HRs, 108 RBI, 81 Runs, and 155 RPI. Even though his average is a good deal higher, he isn't scoring as many runs. That's not really his fault though. He's getting the extra base hits.

Last year he was .273 with 12 HRs, 67 RBI, 103 Runs, and 158 RPI. This year he is on pace for a .271 average with 0 HRs, 88 RBI, 81 runs and 169 RPI. So he is knocking in runs and isn't a problem.

So Nixon and Nomar being out has cost us some runs. Ortiz isn't contributing the same as he did last year on a daily basis. Millar is producing half of what he did last year. Reese is not producing what Walker did last year. This team needs to start scoring runs if we want to win the division and keep me from wasting my time calculating RPI/Game.

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Ugh. The winning streak comes to a screeching hault.

Boston Red Sox 8
Texas Rangers 12
W: Erasmo Ramirez (1-1), Joaquin Benoit (1-0)
L: Mark Malaska (1-1), Pedro Martinez (3-2)
S: Francisco Cordero 2 (8, 9)
H: Jeff Nelson (6)
BS: Scott Williamson (1)

The bullpen's scoreless streak ended at 32.1 innings. The offense really faltered in the first game and Pedro sucked in the second game. The Sox were completely outclassed by the Rangers who look really good so far. They have some quality young pitchers, some solid releivers and alot of good athletes playing the field and hitting. Arroyo pitched well in what may have been his last start for awhile. He should be a good bullpen player and spot starter.

The Man of the Game for Game 1 is Kevin Mench. He only went 1 for 4 but he had an outfield assist and robbed Johnny Damon of a hit twice.

The Bitch-Goat for Game 1 shall be divided thusly:
Mark Malaska: 0.3 - ER in 0.0 IP
Scott Williamson: 0.2 - ER in 2.0 IP
Bronson Arroyo: 0.1 - 2 ER in 6.0 IP
Bill Mueller: 0.2 - 0 for 5, 2 Ks, 4 LOB, last out of the game with the tying run on second
Manny Ramirez: 0.2 - 0 for 4, 4 Ks, 3 LOB

The Man of the Game for Game 2 is Rod Barajas. He went 3 for 4 with 2 runs and 2 RBI. He had two doubles.

The Bitch-Goat shall be divided thusly:
Pedro Martinez: 0.7 - 6 ER in 4.0 IP
Mark Malaska: 0.1 - 2 ER in 1.0 IP
Crespo: 0.1 - 0 for 4, 5 LOB
Kapler: 0.1 - 0 for 3, 4 LOB

In my opinion, Pedro should have started game 1. It was a very cold night in Texas and Pedro has not pitched well in cold situations this year.

Wakefield takes on Dickey tonight on ESPN.


Personally, I can't blame Pedro for this but it still pisses me off. I'm not pissed at him, I'm pissed at the system. If I were in Pedro's shoes, I'd be aggravated that I hadn't been offered a contract. If I were the Red Sox, I wouldn't offer him a contract at least until the All-Star break to see how he pitches and if he's consistent enough. I understand and agree with the actions taken by both the club and Pedro. Each have their own interests in mind and each sohuld act upon them.

Epstein response:
The goal of the Boston Red Sox is to build a team every year that can compete for, and win, a World Series. These are our core values: team over individual, a World Series over everything else.
Although building a winning team is our primary focus, we have the utmost respect and admiration for our individual players and the sacrifices and contributions they make to help the organization achieve its goals.

We respect our players. We tell our players the truth. We listen to our players. We protect our players. We negotiate with our players in good faith, and we make every effort not to discuss these negotiations in public. We want our players to succeed, and we do everything we can to help them win.

Sometimes, however, our commitment to building winning teams, every year, means that we will have disagreements with our players about the length and precise value of their next contracts. These disagreements are unfortunate but they are inevitable. They will be resolved in time. In the meantime, we continue to focus on our most important mission: winning.

The Celtics got a new head coach. Story

I've been doing some thinking lately and what the Sox have done with the rotation, skipping guy's turns on rainouts and jamming Wakefield in between Pedro and Kurt etc, so anyway I decided to come up with how I would set-up the rotation due to rainouts and series with New York. Here it is:

Date - Opponent - Who Started- Who I Would've Started
4/4 - @ BAL - Martinez - Martinez
4/5 - OFF
4/6 - @ BAL - Schilling - Schilling
4/7 - @ BAL - Lowe - Lowe
4/8 - @ BAL - Wakefield - Wakefield
4/9 - TOR - Arroyo - Arroyo
4/10 - TOR - Martinez - Martinez
4/11 - TOR - Schilling - Schilling
4/12 - OFF
4/13 - OFF
4/14 - OFF
4/15 - BAL - Martinez - Lowe
4/16 - NYY - Wakefield - Arroyo
4/17 - NYY - Schilling - Wakefield
4/18 - NYY - Lowe - Martinez
4/19 - NYY - Arroyo - Schilling
4/20 - @ TOR - Martinez - Lowe
4/21 - @ TOR - Wakefield - Arroyo
4/22 - @ TOR - Schilling - Wakefield
4/23 - @ NYY - Lowe - Martinez
4/24 - @ NYY - Arroyo - Schilling
4/25 - @ NYY - Martinez - Lowe
4/26 - OFF
4/27 - OFF
4/28 - TB - Schilling - Schilling
4/29 - TB/TB - Kim/Lowe - Kim/Martinez
4/30 - OFF
5/1 - @ TEX/@ TEX - Arroyo/Martinez - Lowe/Wakefield

And that's pretty much it. Notice how Schilling and Martinez got 2 starts against New York. Anyways, I've got to go to New Hampshire for tax free cigarettes.

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