Saturday, November 29, 2003


Well, it's official. Curt Schilling has agreed to waive his no-trade clause thus allowing the Arizona Diamondbacks to trade him to Boston for Fossum, Lyon and a pair of minor leaguers.

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This is just amazing. Can Theo do anything wrong? Is there any other man in baseball so dedicated and motivated that they'd be willing to spend thanksgiving dinner in Arizona with some guy they want on their team? I can't see Brain Cashman or Dan Duquette doing that. Man, the hits just keep on comin.

The Sox will be paying him an average of $12 M per season over the course of the deal. $12 M is a great rate considering that a pitcher of Schilling's calibre could earn up to $20 M per year.

Great deal, happy thanksgiving RSN!

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Curt schilling was drafted in the 1986 draft in the 2nd round by the Boston Red Sox. He may be returning to the BoSox organization as a full fledged ace. The Sox traded him in 1988 along with Brady Anderson for Mike Boddicker. All Curt has to do is waive his no-trade clause and he shall return to his rightful place in Boston. The Sox have agreed to trade Casey Fossum (finally they're trading him) and Brandon Lyon along with some minor minor leaguers for the ace.

I think this is a great deal. A rotation with Schilling in it would be very fierce. That's the perfect word to describe it, I think. Pedro-Schilling-Wakefield-Lowe-TBD. That's an impressive rotation to say the least. It's all up to Curt though.

The Sox also might sign free agent closer Keith Foulke. He attended tongiht's Celtics loss to New York with Theo "Luke Skywalker" Epstein. If we could snatch him, it'd put Williamson in the set-up roll along with Timlin and Embree. That would make for a formidable bullpen.

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