Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Long time since I posted. Just a few non-Sox related items:

The Pats are going to win the super bowl 41-7.

The Bruins continue their mediocrity. They're 3rd in the Northeast division and 6th in the Eastern conference. however, they are a mere 7 points behind Toronto for the top spot in the division and conference but they will melt with the snow as they are 9 points ahead of the 9th playoff spot. Thornton is 18th in points with 44 but he is 90th in goals with only 11. He needs to shoot more, far too selfless.

The Celtics also continue their mediocrity. They are below .500, and although they're 2nd in the Atlantic division, they're 6th in the Eastern Conference, 2 games ahead of the 9th place team.

My Arsenal boys are on top of the English League, have advanced to the elimination rounds of the Champions League, are in the Semis of the Carling Cup and the 5th round of the FA Cup.

Back to the Sox!

The Sox signed 8 players this offseason and acquired 2 via trade. They failed to sign 9 players and traded away 4. Here's the recap:

Coming in:

CP-Keith Foulke (signed from CWS): Foulke really solidifies our pen in more ways than one. In my opinion, he's a better closer than Williamson because he can pitch more innings. His addition to the pen also moves Williamson back to the set-up roll where I think he will thrive.

2B-Pokey Reese (signed from PIT): Not as much pop as Walker but he is cheaper which allowed us to nab Schilling and Foulke. He is also a better defensive player. He'll be the only hole in the lineup.

1B/OF-Brian Daubach (signed to minor league deal from CWS): He'll be a good 26th man and should entertain folks in Pawtucket. If we need more pop on the bench he'll be called up. He's a popular player and will certainly add to merchandise sales.

C-Michel Hernandez (signed from NYY): Decent 3rd catcher. Veteran should help the kids in AAA come along.

RP/SP-Nick Bierbrodt (signed from CLE): Below average releiver/starter. Should add depth if the pen gets injuries. Could be a long releiver or spot starter.

2B/3B/SS/OF-Terry Shumpert (signed to minor league deal from COL): Utility man who can play several positions. Not very good offensively . Decent speed off the bench. A poor man's Damian Jackson.

MIF/OF-Tony Womack (signed to minor league deal from CHC): Good middle infielder. Adds AAA depth in case of injuries.

RP-Reynaldo Garcia (signed from TEX): Below average pitcher. Adds depth in AAA.

SP-Curt Schilling (traded from ARI): The center piece to the offseason. Schilling adds trmendous depth to our rotation by moving d-Lowe, Wake and the unkown 5th starter down a spot. He really makes our rotation fierce and will add alot of innings to the club. He is tough but got injured last year. If we make the playoffs, he makes our 1-2 punch the ebst in baseball.

2B-Mark Bellhorn (traded from COL): Capable of playing all 9 positions, he should come in handy as a defensive replacement. More depth at a low cost.

Overall, mostly acquiring depth with two big name players that add alot to the team and allow other players to have easier rolls.

Going out:

RP/SP-Bruce Chen (signed by Toronto): Solid 4A pitcher who doesn't fit with us. I like Chen and hopes he does well playing in the Jays' AAA affiliate in Syracuse.

SP-Jeff Suppan (signed by St Louis): He never worked out for us in either of his stints. He would have cost us $$$ and wouldv'e been a #5 starter. He'll thrive in the NL I think.

RP-Bobby Howry (signed by Cleveland): Another acquisition that never worked out and has no place on the team. He'll have fun in Buffalo.

2B-Todd Walker (signed by Cubs): Walker came through for us in the clutch but we needed the $$$. We could have signed him for less than he asked from us but that didn't work out. In the end, I'd rather have Schilling and Foulke and Reese over Walker.

Util-Damian Jackson (signed by Colorodo): This loss hurts me more than Walker's. DJ added tons of speed off the bench and played every position pretty well. If he had a bit more pop he'd be the perfect bench player which is hard to come by because so many bench players play every day in this era of dilluted talent. I'll miss DJ.

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