Thursday, September 09, 2004

We own Chokeland! 23-7!

I think the most remarkable thing about this Red Sox team is its depth and its 3 dimensionality. We have pitching, offense, and defense. Just look at this depth chart:

C: Varitek, Mirabelli, Sandy Martinez
1B: Ortiz, Millar, Mientkiewicz, Bellhorn, McCarty, Kapler
2B: Bellhorn, Reese, Mueller, Gutierrez, McCarty
3B: Mueller, Youkilis, Bellhorn, Kapler
SS: Cabrera, Reese, Gutierrez
OF: Manny, Trot, Roberts, Damon, Kapler, McCarty, Millar, Hyzdu

That's alot of combos for Tito to work with.

The road trip concludes in Seattle for 4 with one of the worst teams in baseball. Things just keep getting better and better. Speaking of which, the Pats play tonight against Indy.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Everyone always talks about how classy and professional the Y*nkees are especially compared to the seemingly playful antics of the Red Sox. Just a few questions that I have NEVER heard raised in the national or New York sports media:

Where was A-Rod's class when our #5 pitcher hit him? Bronson has hit a number of batters this year and none of them seemed intentional. He's a young pitcher and needs to establish the inside part of the plate and he doesn't have teh control of a Pedro or Maddux so sometimes batters who lean over the plate (that's every batter) get plunked. And where was his class when Tek tried to restrain him? And where were his brains? Varitek totally bitched A-Rod.

The Y*nkees are presented by the media as a group of professionals who care more about winning than anything else. If this is the case, how come Kevin Brown cared more about breaking his hand than winning? Or how about Aaron Fucking Boone breaking his contract and riding a motorcycle? Or how about David Wells self-proclaimed tendency to get drunk the night before he pitched?

Some might argue that these guys aren't "real" Y*nkees. What the fuck does that mean? They got the NY on their hats and jerseys, right?

Last night A's fans showed how classy and intelligent they were by throwing garbage at their own outfielders. Sox fans often get criticised for chanting "Yankees Suck" even when we're playing the Blue Jays, O's or any team. The other day I was watching the Y*nkees/Orioles game on YES and guess what I heard from the bleachers? About five times during the game, I heard a "Boston Sucks!" chant. Of course, most Red Sox fans and writers don't watch too many Y*nkees/Orioles games so we don't see this side of the Y*nkee fans thus we can't criticise them for it. But it happens, I assure you.

When the Sox leave Chokeland, they have something like 20 games on the schedule and only 6 are against winning teams. Those are all against New York.

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