Friday, June 20, 2003

Red Sox rained out tonight at Veterans Stadium in New York. (WEEI joke) The makeup game is scheduled for Labor day.

The Sherriff at Obey Pedro found this article from the Eagle Tribune

The Y*nks and Jays won. The Y*nkees pitchers were well rested. Wonder how that happened.

Thursday, June 19, 2003


Boston 4
Chicago 3/10 Inn.

Sox came out early and got 3 in the 1st thanks to some walks and a Nixon single. Then the bats went silent. No hits after the 1st, no baserunners after the 3rd. The other Sox tied it up on a Garciaparra error. The game went to 10. "Big" Bill Mueller had a bloop single, Damian Jackson then worked a walk. Varitek bunted them over and Damon knocked in the winning run. Lyon capped off 4 scoreless innings from the bullpen.

The pitching has performed very well lately. Quality Start from Lowe, scoreless bullpenery (made up word) combine to equal a win. The Man of the Game award was a tough one to pick. In fact, as I'm writing this, I'm still deciding. I'm gonna go with Brandon Lyon cuz he has done well lately and pitched well in a tough spot. Here are the MOTG standings:

1. Nomar, Millar - 2
3. Burkett, F-Chez, Nixon, JD Drew, Ryan Rupe, Joe Crede, Brandon Lyon, Esteban Loiza - 1

And what the fuck is Grady Little doing starting Jeremey Giambi for the third straight game? I know he's trying to jump start him, but why not bat the pitchers instead? John Burkett or Tim Wakefeild could probably hit better than .174.

The Jays won and the Y*nkees were postponed due to "rain." Funny thing about the Y*nkees game. Did you know that the decision whether or not to start a game in poor weather is up to the home team? The umpires gain control once the game begins. Did you know that the rain that caused the Y*nkees to postpone totalled .14 inches while the rain that fell for cl*mens' 300th win was .5 inches? (Did you know steinbrenner's dick is .03 inches?) And did you know that 2 hours after the scheduled start of the game, the rain stopped? And did you know that the Y*nkees take on rival Mets this weekend and Jeff Weaver doesn't have to pitch until AFTER the series due to the rainout? The Evil Empire once again proves its evil.

Some bullpen news. Bobby Howry is done for the year.

Now some quasi-good news. Chad Fox is on his way back. Why is this nearly good news? Cuz Chad Fox isn't Rudy Seanez.

Y*nkees rehab news

On a non-baseball note: the US soccer team lost to Turkey in their Confederations Cup opener. Damn! Without Friedel, we're nothing.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003


What the fuck? Seriously, people!

Boston Red Sox 1
Chicago White Sox 3


Few things that really pissed me off about this game.

1. Why the hell is Doug Mirabelli Tim Wakefield's personal catcher? Is Varitek incapable of catching a knuckle ball? Here's when you use Mirabelli: day game after a night game, 2nd game of a doubleheader, if Tek is worn down, and occasionally against lefties. Varitek catches better, hits better, and calls a better game. He's on a hot-streak now and needs to be used.

2. Why did Grady take Wake out after 7 innings and 106 pitches? Wake can go 8 and throw 120 in that situation, especially considering how well he was doing. With this bullpen, I'd much rather have the starter go an extra inning than the pen.

3. Rudy Seanez? What the fuck? Why does Little use him to releive Wake in a 2-1 game? Why does he have a job? I'd rather see Mendoza.

4. Trot Nixon CHOKING in that last at-bat. He went 0 for 4.

5. Jeremy Giambi starting his second straight game. Seriously! HE'S BATTING .178!!!!!!!! 187 on the .178 hitter!

Y*nkees and Blue Jays each won which means we're 1.5 behind New York and 0.5 ahead of Toronto.

Loiza gets MOTG for his great outing.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! There's nothing better than the Evil Empire crumbling. This story JUST came out. It's an AP story based on a Torre interview with Fox News. Of course ESPN doesn't credit the AP.

Here's the link

I'm gonna bet someone in the Y*nkee orginization will get axed over this. Possibly Zimmer, possibly Rick Down (the hitting coach) possibly even Torre. Boy, I'd love to see Torre with a red B on his cap. Hehehehehehe.

Wakefield vs. Loiza tonight. This should be tough. Esteban Loiaza is 9-2 and is the ace of the White Sox staff.

Post #25

Red 7
White 4

Good recovery win by the Red Sox tonight. John "The Throwback" Burkett was shaky to begin with but then retired 18 straight. The big hit of the night was Ramirez's 3 run HR in the 3rd. Trot and Varitek also had HRs, their's were back to back in the 2nd. Nomar extended his hit streak to 10 games. It is his 21st 10 or more games hit streak.

The Man of the Game is Burkett. True, Ramirez did hit a huge HR, but how many times does Burkett go 6 2/3 (for some reason, Grady took him out with 2 outs in the 7th instead of letting him finish the inning)? Here are the MOTG standings after 11 MOTGs awarded:

1. Nomar, Millar, Burkett - 2
4. F. Sanchez, Nixon, JD Drew, Ryan Rupe, Joe Crede - 1

Shea Hillenbrand on the 15-Day DL.

The Y*nks split a doubleheader with Tampa Bay so we're only 0.5 behind now. The Blue Jays did not play as their game was rained out.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Boston Red Sox 2
Chicago White Sox 4

The good news: Pedro pitched well going 5 solid innings strikign out 6.
The bad news: He was deifnately worn out by the 5th inning.

Beurhle pitched very well and the Sox offense helped him out by not making him work. Od friend Tom "Flash" Gordon got the save.

Joe Crede wins Man of the Game for his 3 run HR off Ryan Rupe to give the South Side Sox the lead.

Here are the MOTG standings.

1. Nomar & Millar - 2
2. Burkett, F. Sanchez, Nixon, JD Drew, Ryan Rupe, Crede - 1

Roger Clemens' won MSNBC's Whine of the Week Award for his stated refusal to attend his Hall of fame inductment if he was inducted as anything but a Y*nkee. Here's the story.

Monday, June 16, 2003


Just decided to post a few links here:
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Got any more links? E-mail me at: rawbeezeitz@yanks-suck.com

Houston Astros 2
Boston Red Sox 3/14 Innings

Surprisingly low score in this game between two very good offensive teams. The Stros only runs came off a Richard Hidalgo HR in the 4th. Damian Jackson scored off a Lance Berkman error in the 5th. Nomar scored in the 6th after tripling and Ramirez sacrificing him home. Nomar was again involved when the Sox won the game in the 14th. He bunted Todd Walker, who had singled, into scoring position so Manny Ramirez could knock him in with a basehit. The Man of the Game is obviously Nomar Garciaparra. He went 4 for 6 with 3 doubles and a triple, his 12th of the year. It was his first ever game with 4 multi-base hits. He also scored the tying run and moved the winning run into scoring position 8 innings later. Here are the MOTG standings after 8 MOTGs awarded. Hey! Finally someone besides Millar has multiple MOTGs!

1. Nomar & Millar tied with 2
3. Burkett, Freddy Sanchez, Nixon, JD Drew, and Ryan Rupe tied with 1

A few honorable mentions. BH Kim had a very nice start. All of a sudden, the Red Sox have a really tight rotation. I still think we should give Chuck Finley a try. The bullpen did a really nice job too allowing no runs in 8 IP. Richard Hidalgo would have had a shot at MOTG had he not misplayed a ball that turned into Garciaparra's triple. He accounted for all of Houston's offense and threw a man out at the plate in the 5th which allowed Houston to maintain a 2-1 lead at the time.

By the by, a really dumb move by Jimy last night. He puts in Munro in the 14th. Nomar bunts and then Manny is behind him. Manny was 4 for 4 against Munro with 2 HRs. What a moron! I'm glad that bumpkin is gone.

The Y*nkees won, as did the Blue Jays.

Here's a Peter Gammons thingy. It's mostly about the Jays, Orioles, and Mets. Check out the notes down in the bottom for a few Sox related stories. I'll summarize the good ones here:

1. The Sox are interested in trading for Ugueth Urbina. Y*nks, Giants, Cards, and perhaps M's are also interested. Should be quite a bidding war. Frankly, I don't want Ugueth back. I think it's retarded to trade for a guy, not sign him, then trade for him again. I also think it's weird that the Y*nks want him too. They had him but he failed his physical so he came to Boston.

2. The Sox want to get Armando Benitez. They're also considering putting Fossum in the bullpen. BH Kim as well. The Sox worked out Chuck Finley in California a few days ago. They might also get Ramon Martinez back. I don't want Armando, Fossum to the pen is a good move, but AAA Pawtucket would be better. I like Finley, but not Ramon.

Here's an ESPN article about Joe Torre being on the hot seat or not. Fire him Georgie Porgie! You won't do it!

That's about it. Oh yeah, Rod Beck recorded a save for San Diego. I think we should've given him a shot in the pen for us. After all, he can't be worse than Matt White, Ramiro Mendoza or Rudy Seanez.

Sunday, June 15, 2003


roger cl*mens is a piece of shit! Just read this story and you'll agree. If you don't feel like reading it, I'll give you the gist of it. He's refusing to attend his future Hall of Fame induction ceremony if he isn't inducted as a New York Y*nkee. If you didn't know, the Hall decides what cap each player's likeness wears on their Hall of Fame plaque. Now, people may wonder why Sox fans utterly despise this asshole, this is one of the reasons why. roger, you were a fat piece of shit your last season here. You treated the fans of Boston like shit. The only reason Y*nkee fans love you is cuz they have a collective fat fetish. If I ever see you in person, I'll hit you in the face with my baseball bat. Then I'll pummell you with batteries. Here are some interesting cl*mens stats. Thanks to Baseball-Reference.com:

Cy Youngs with:
Boston: 3
Toronto: 2
New York: 1

20 K games with:
Boston: 2
Toronto & New York: 0

All-Star games with:
Boston: 5
Toronto: 2
New York: 1

MVPs with:
Boston: 1
Toronto & New York: 0

Complete Games with:
Boston: 100
Toronto: 14
New York: 2

Wins with:
Boston: 192
Toronto: 41
New York: 67

The point? cl*mens had his best years with the Sox. Then, he let himself go, felt he got gipped when Duquette didn't resign him, then had a second wind with Toronto and New York. It wouldv'e been classy of him had he apologized to Boston fans for not trying his last years here. His ERA dropped 1.58 from his last year in Boston to his first in Toronto.

Here are Clemens' stats at the beginning of the year.

Here's an article that was originally on ESPN.com but is now up on Yanks-Suck.com. Is roger cl*mens the anti-Christ?

This is a really interesting story about something the YES! network is doing. In case you didn't know, the YES! network is George Stteinbrenner's TV station which features Y*nkee baseball and Nets basketball. Anyway, a few weeks ago, Y*nkee bench coach Don Zimmer criticised Y*nkee management for blaming Joe Torre for the team's recent slumping. In response, the YES! network started a Zimmer ban. They stopped showing him on TV and rarely talked about him. Here is the New York Daily News article.

Evil Empire indeed

Just another little story here. John Henry Williams (Ted's son) got his first pro basehit the other night. click here for the story.
Houston Astros 4
Boston Red Sox 8

Great win by the Sox. A very good start by D-Lowe, solid defense, great offense and good releif work make for a nice night of baseball. It was tough trying to decide which player deserved the Man of the Game award. I'm not going to start splitting the award up into fractions so I picked one man. Freddy "Dirty" Sanchez. Before I explain my reasoning, here's some Honorable Mentions:

1. Derek Lowe - 20 groundball outs out of 22 total outs.
2. David "Crusher" Ortiz - HUGE 3 run double
3. "Get Your" Trot "Here" Nixon - 2 run triple
4. Johnny "The Evangalist" Damon - 3 for 5, definately back offensively

Why pick Freddy Sanchez? He didn't pitch a pitch or knock anyone in, but he had a sensational night defensively. Not only that, he was playing a position he rarely played before. He had 10 assists which is one shy of the MLB record for assists by a 3B in a game. He made all the routine plays and some not-so routine plays. The game ended on a lineout caught by Freddy. Freddy had to catch the ball on his "blocker side" in hockey terminology. He also had to elevate in order to catch the ball. The future of the infield looks pretty good with Freddy there. Here are the MOTG standings after MOTG #8:

1. Millar - 2
2. Nomar, Burkett, Sanchez, Nixon, JD Drew, Ryan Rupe - 1

The Y*nkees won and the Blue Jays lost.

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