Friday, December 12, 2003


Boy the hot stove is warm enough to heat Ithaca. Here's a quick summary of the recent deals affecting the Sox and my opinions:

Weaver and 2 minor leaguers to LA for Kevin Brown:
So the scum got rid of Jeff "Easy to Beat" Weaver. Dammit! And they got a pretty solid pitcher in return. Dammit! But Brown is not worth his salary and his clubhouse demenor isn't anywhere near Pettitte's

Pettitte signs with Houston:
thank fucking God! We probably won't have to face this guy. He kills us. He showed class by saying he wanted to play in Texas and actually doing so. Something that scunt (that's scumbag and cunt combined) r*ger cl*mens failed to do.

Y*nks get releivers:
Quantrill, Heredia and another solid guy whose name eludes me. Good pickups by the scum who desperately needed to repair their pen, but they still need starting pitchers and some offense.

Now to deal with the big "what if" move. Will the sox trade Manny for A-Rod and then deal Nomar? I think if we don't have to pay more than $3M a year of Manny's contract, this move will be good. Manny's contract is debilitating and his clubhouse presence is negative if existant. I love Nomah and any deal would dent my wardrobe which is comprised of quite a few Manny and Nomar shirts, but if he doesn't wanna be a Soxer, he can be a Dodger. I hope he enjoys fans that don't show up and don't care.


Thank God! I have almost forgotten Aaron Boone's homerun. Almost. If they win it all, it will be insane. I love the role players as well as the big stars. From Mike Cloud and Matt Chatham to Tom Brady and Ty Law. Fun team to watch.

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