Friday, October 15, 2004


These games were closer than they appear. We didn't execute in key situations and the Y*nkees did. Here are some things that we need to reverse in order to win the series:

1. Johnny Damon needs to do something. In the LDS he got on base every other time he came to the plate. He struck out only twice and stole 3 bases. In the LCS, he is 0 for 8 with 5 Ks. He is the catalyst to our offense. His getting on base allows Bellhorn, Ramirez, and Ortiz to knock him in. His hitting knocks in the 7, 8, 9 guys. His threat as a base-stealer gets pitchers to slow down, get out of rhythym, and not pitch as well to guys like Bellhorn, Ramirez, and Ortiz. We need him to get on.

2. The bullpen needs to be near perfect. 4 ER in 9 IP in games 1 and 2 is not good. We were very close in game 1 and Timlin ut us out of reach.

3. Wakefield and Lowe need to step up. With Pedro and Schilling already past in the rotation, and Schilling probably done for the year, we need these guys to step up and put us in a position to win.

4. We need to make the Y*nkees SPs work. We got to Anaheim's pitchers because they were exhausted by the 4th inning.

5. Get ahead early. Get some momentum. Force the Y*nkees to be aggressive at the plate.

If we can do these things and continue doing the other good things we're doing, we will prevail.

Thank God for the Patriots. They need to play better though if they want to beat 4-1 Seattle. Also, Dillon is questionable for the game. Unfortunately, I think the streak might come to an end. The Man of the Game for last week is Wes Walker. He replaced Olindo Mare as the place kicker and hit a field goal and an extra point. Without his kicking the game would have been a joke earlier than it was. He also had over 100 kickoff return yards (20.2 avg) and 41 PR yards (8.2 avg).

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