Sunday, September 26, 2004

1. Pedro Martinez should not have pitched the 8th inning. His pitch count was up there and the Y*nkees have a way of getting to Pedro late in games. I think that Tito is too worried about aggravating his starters and not worried enough about winning games.

2. Timlin should not have pitched the 9th. The only reason he got out of the 8th was because of a wild pitch and a fantastic play made by Tek.

3. Jason Varitek's inability to do anything offensively. 0-4 with 2 Ks, 2 LOB, and a 9th inning GIDP.

4. Some terrible calls by umpire Tim McLelland. A-Rod should have been called out at third and not awarded a stolen base. And I beleive it was Sierra that was tagged by Mueller but never called out.

The Man of the Game for the Pats week 2 win over Arizona is Corey Dillon who rushed for 158 yards. Although he didn't score a TD and fumbled once, his performance was clutch as Brady did not have an amazing day. Eugene Wilson gets an honorable mention for his 2 INTs.

#6 Xaverian beat #3 Brockton 35-21 and proved once again that the Globe always overrates public schools. They take on one of the best Connecticutt teams, New Britain, next week.

#11 Ithaca College got upset in double OT by St. John's Fisher 45-38. They're at home against Lycoming next week.

Boston College lost to Wake Forest because BC is a mediocre program and always will be.

Part 2 of my NFL Overrated team is the running back. Ahman Green is going to take the starting spot. I've heard some "experts" claim that he is the 3rd best RB behind Holmes and Tomlinson. I disagree. He fumbles too often and is inconsistent. Ahman is backed up by Eddie George who hasn't done shit for years. The 3rd RB is Marshall Faulk who is nowhere near where he was once.

So far, the NFL-OR Team looks like this:
QB1: Brett Favre
QB2: Peyton Manning
QB3: Chad Pennington
RB1: Ahman Green
RB2: Eddie George
RB3: Marshal Faulk

The Arsenal won their 6th game of the season and are 6-0-1. They haven't lost an English League game in 49 chances. The last time they lost a league game was May 4, 2003.

The Sox are currently up 11-2 on the scum and are aobut to end the season series 11-8 with New York. The Sox play a 3 game set in Tampa that may or may not take place depending on a hurricane. Then its 4 games in 3 days in Baltimore. Barring a major collapse, the Sox will take the Wild Card. They will play either Minnesota, Oakland, Anaheim, or Texas. I really don't care who we play. Each team has elements that scare me and elements that don't. The important thing is Francona MUST attempt to align the pitching staff for post-season play. I think the rotation should be:

1. Schilling
2. Martinez
3. Arroyo
4. Lowe

Wakefield is most helpful, in my opinion, in the pen in case Lowe or Arroyo meltdown.

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