Saturday, June 14, 2003



Lowe tonight.

Friday, June 13, 2003

RUPE GETS #24!!!! oh, and clemens won too

Houston Astros 3
Boston Red Sox 4

After an extensive rain delay, the Sox and Stros played a pretty decent game of baseball with the exception of crappy defense and Jonathan Johnson pitching like crap. This game was one of the first in which the Sox had a typical pitching setup. Starter goes 6, setup man goes 2, closer ends the game. Really a beautiful way to play baseball if I do say so myself.

If you look at the previous post, I was very much against Johnny "The Evangelist" Damon starting tonight and he hit a solo homerun. I guess I motivated him. Good God! I sound like St*nbrenner!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 7th Man of the Game award goes to Ryan Rupe who made an impressive debut tonight. Here are the standings with "Moose" Millar still in the lead:

1. Millar - 2
2. Nomar, Burkett, Nixon, Rupe, JD Drew - 1

Well, it had to happen sometime. The ultimate scumbag won his 300th MLB game and recorded his 4,000th K. He also achieved record blister number 200 and last week's chest cold was excuse number 150 for the overrated righty.

Yankees box score
Game Recap
4,000 K story

Also, the Blue Jays beat the Cubs 5-1. Here's the BOX SCORE

Here are the top 3 in the AL East

1. NYY
2. BOS 0.5 game behind
3. TOR 1 game behind

In order to make space for Ryan Rupe, Ramiro Mendoza was placed on the 15-day DL. Here's the Boston Globe's STORY Actually, it's an AP story, but what the hell, who cares?
Sick of Trot Nixon

I am absolutely, positively FED UP with Trot Nixon. He is an average outfielder and is good against righties but horrible against lefties. Last night he left 12 men on base. TWELVE MEN!!!!!!!!!! All he had to do was knock in one of those guys and the Red Sox win.

Why do people in The Nation love Trot? They say it's cuz he's got heart/hussle and he brings that "football mentality" to the Sox. Let's look at Trot's football career. Like many people, he played high school football. Was he a barrelling running back? Was he a powerful tight end? Perhaps he was a menacing defensive end? A hard hitting safety? NO! He was a quarterback! The third wussiest position behind punter and kicker.

Remember those trade rumors a few years ago? Sosa for Nixon? If that move was actually on the table, Duquette should be hung in City Hall Plaza by his balls for not accepting it.

A few years ago, Trot made $700,000 a year which was a pretty good deal for a young outfielder with lot's of potential. Now he makes $3.5 million (thank you Mr. Arbitration) to hit right handed pitchers and throw balls into the crowd with two outs.

We need more right-handed hitters. We got exposed last night. I don't think we should trade for one until we fill our starting and releif pitching needs. We should sign Chuck Finley.

We have Ryan Rupe going tonight. I'm gonna bet $10 that Jeff Bagwell hits a homerun tonight, ending his drought.

We're going to lose tonight so in order to make sure people know I'm not second guessing, here is what MY lineup would be tonight against RHP Jonathan Johnson:

1. 3B Bill Mueller
2. 2B Todd Walker
3. SS Nomar Garciaparra
4. LF Manny Ramirez
5. DH David Ortiz
6. 1B Kevin Millar
7. RF Trot Nixon
8. CF Damian Jackson
9. C Jason Varitek

SL Cardinals 8
Boston RS 7
13 Innings


Very dissapointing loss for the Sox. My maniacal cackling is over after tonight. We really could have won this one and if it weren't for an early lack of clutch hitting on the Sox part and another bullpen shitfest the Sox would've won. And the Y*nkees beat Houston 5-3 so we're back in second place.

Johnny "The Evangelist" Damon went an incredibly pathetic 1 for 8. Looks like last night's performance was an abhoration. Another sad showing was Jeremy Giambi. He did work a few walks, but he went 0 for 5, lowering his average to .176. By the by, Damon's average is now .245. He gets paid $8 million to bad .245 and have a crappy arm. Nice deal!

Tonight's Man of the Game award goes to Nomar Garciaparra. He had a huge RBI triple in the 9th and an RBI single in extra innings. He also made a great throw to eliminate Scott Rolen at the plate in extra innings. After 6 MOTGs awarded, here are the standings:

1. Kevin "Moose" Millartha - 2
2. Trot Nixon, John Burkett, Nomar Garciaparra, and JD Drew - 1

Toronto also won tonight.

The Y*nkees are looking at getting Ugueth U Urbina from the Rangers. The ESPN story can be found HERE. Scroll down for the part about Ugie

Thursday, June 12, 2003

St. Louis Cardinals 1
Boston Red Sox 13

Here's the redsox.com story and the box score. Here's the ESPN recap

WOW! A few posts ago I said that the game would be over after the 4th inning. I was right. I thought Burkett was going to give up a ton of runs but he only allowed one. The big failure of the game was Brett Tomko. He allowed 9 runs in 2 IP. Pedro was solid in his first rehab start. 3 innings, 3 strikeouts, 2 hits, and most importantly, no walks. He threw 47 pitches, 33 of them were strikes. That's a ratio of 2.357 to 1 which is very, very, very good.

Another encouraging performance was that of Johnny Damon. He went 4 for 6 with 3 singles and a double. Before tonight's game, he was in a 3 for 16 slump since being moved back to the leadoff spot.

The Man of the Game award has to go John "Throwback" Burkett. He threw 6 innings in relief of Pedro against a very good hitting club (The Cards are the leaders in batting average in the NL). Here are the MOTG standings through 5 MOTGs awarded:

1. Kevin "Moose" Millarthra - 2
2. "Get Your" Trot "Here" Nixon - 1
3. John "Throwback" Burkett - 1
4. JD Drew (StL) - 1

Guess what. The news gets even better. The New York Y*nkees were no-hit by the Houston Astros. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Six Astros pitchers combined to no-hit the Y*nkees for the first time since 1958. Here is ESPN's recap and the box score. Look at all those zeros!!!!! This loss puts the Sox in first by half a game and I think it will seriously demoralize the Y*nkees. They spent $180 million on players and they suck! No-one can say that they don't suck!

Here's a story about Bernie Williams' recovery. I wonder if he could have gotten a hit last night. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Also, Casey Fossum and Robert Person were both placed on the 15-day DL. Fossum has tendanitice (horribly mispelled) and Person has a problem with his hip. Jason Shiell was recalled from Pawtucket.

Man, it's times like these that I wish I still had AOL so I could make fun of all the Y*nkees fans in the baseball chat rooms.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Good Morning RED SOX NATION!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful day today and it should be another great night for baseball. Pedro "God" Martinez is pitching tonight and although he is only going to throw around 45 pitches, I'm pleased to see PM45 on the mound again. Pedro goes against former Red Brett Tomko who is 2-4 with an ERA of 4.71. Now we all know Pedro is on a pitch count tonight, but let's say he's thrown 50 pitches through 4 innings and has a perfect game going. What does Grady Little do?

Red Sox lefty Casey Fossum was placed on the 15-day DL. My only source for this story is the 6:00 am sportsflash on WEEI but this article in the Hartford Courant says that he might be placed on the DL and will deifnately miss his next start. The Sox definately need to pick up Chuck Finley. There's no way in hell this staff, comprised as it is, can be good enough to make the playoffs.

The Philadelphia Phillies have signed former Red Sox shortstop and third-baseman John Valentin to a AAA contract. Here is the press release.

A few Sox minor leaguers have been honored for their May performances. Here is the press release.

The Y*nkees made a few transactions overnight. Jose "thinks he's too good for The Nation" Contreras was placed on the 15-day disabled list with a subscapularis strain of the right shoulder. The placement is retoractive to June 7. Another pitcher, Juan Acevedo, was released unconditionally. They'll be replaced by pitchers Jason Anderson and Al Reyes, both right-handers. The official press release can be found here.

Finally, a few thoughts on the effect the 1967 season had on Red Sox Nation. Before 67, the Nation was weak and the fans stayed away from the capital...Fenway. The 67 season started a love/hate relationship that is unrivaled in American sports. In my opinion, if we had beat St. Louis in the World Series, that love/hate affair would not be as strong as it is today. The 67 season gave the fans a small taste of that delicious steak that is a championship. To quote Eight Men Out, "What do you feed a draft horse in the morning? Just enough so he knows he's hungry."

If you have a blog or Sox site and want me to link to it just drop me a line. I'll definately link to you if you link to me.

My e-mail: rawbeezeitz@yanks-suck.com
My Red Sox site
Obey Pedro
Musings From RSN
Baseball Blogs
St. Louis Cardinals 9
Boston Crappy Pitchers 7

Here is the box score and the story from redsox.com

WOW! Can you imagine being one of the Red Sox position players and coming back from behind only to watch Brandon Lyon blow it in the top of the 9th? It must be a very dejected feeling. This team needs releif pitching and it needs it fast. Heck, it needs starting pitching almost as much. Now, I'm not one of those morons out there thinking that if we had a closer we'd be fine. We need 6 or 7 bullpen guys that we can rely upon, not just one. Anyhow, the Man of the Game goes to JD Drew. This was a tough one to pick for but Drew's 3 run homer was the difference in the game. Here are the MOTG standings...

1. Kevin "Moose" Millarthra - 2
2. "Get Your" Trot "Here" Nixon - 1
3. J.D. Drew (StL) - 1

Speaking of releif pitching, remember a man by the name of Javier Lopez? He was with the club in spring training and we traded him. I guess to make room for Matt White. Anyway, here's a link to his stats. To give the old Bob Lobell joke...why can't we get guys like that?

Just a little observation about NESN's replay. Every night, it is a 2 hour edited version of the game. But sometimes, there's more than 2 hours of innings in which there is some action. It's very poorly put together on occasion. Tonight, for example, the game instantaneously went from a 2-0 Red Sox lead with Kim on the mound in the 1st to a 4-2 Cardinals lead with Seanez on the mound in the 7th. What the hell?

This morning, I'll write some of my thoughts on the 1967 Impossible Dream season and it's effect on Red sox Nation.

By the way, the Y*nkees beat Houston 5-3.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

A few notes, mostly about pitching.

Dave Wallace has been named pitching coach for the Boston Red Sox due to Tony Cloninger's battle with bladder cancer. This was a mutual decision and I think it is the best decision for both the Sox and Tony C. We (I) wish Tony all the best and a speedy recovery. You can read the official article here

Another pitching story is that Casey Fossum underwent an MRI the other day on his left shoulder. Still no word yet as to the results but if Fossum goes down, we'll have to make a move to bolster the staff. And if you think we can relax and pitch D-Lowe or Kim on 3 days rest here and there and utilize off days, you're dead wrong. The Sox play 20 games in a row starting tonight against St. Louis.

Speaking of the Cardinals, they're in town for the first time since Game 7 of the 1967 World Series. We all know that the Sox lost that one. Jim Longborg was outpitched by Bob Gibson who even hit a homerun at Fenway Park. However, I beleive Longborg was on short rest.

Anyway, tonight's game is BHK's Fenway debut as a Red Sock. It is also Woody Williams first game at Fenway since he was with the Jays, and man has he improved! He is 8-1 in 2003 with a miniscule 1.99 ERA. Tonight's game will be a tough one for us.

Last pitching story for now: Pedro is coming! Pedro is coming! He is slated to pitch Tuesday against the Cards. Don't get all happy though. He is only supposed to throw 45 pitches (about 3 innings) and John "The Throwback" Burkett is probably going to be the long releiver to replace him. Ugh! Message to any Soxers going tomorrow night, just leave after the 3rd, the game will be over by the 4th.

And now the one non-pitching related story! I just perused some All-Star ballot standings and found a few notable Sox sightings. Nomar and Varitek are second place in their respective positions as is Manny Ramirez. And for some reason, Jeremy Giambi is 3rd in the DH category. A few problems though. I first noticed the glitch in the ballotting system a few years ago when Albert Pujols was snubbed cuz he wasn't on the ballot. Players like Bill Mueller and Kevin Millar are sometimes ommitted from the ballott. This is because they needed to earn a job or play multiple positions. It's very difficult/confusing to write a guy in and most people choose not to. "Big" Bill Mueller and Kevin "Moose" Millarthra deserve to go to Chicago as All-Stars. Hopefully Scoscia will pick them.

Hey! The Red Sox are in first place and it looks like we may win the Duquette Cup for spending more days in first place, more days in first place, more days in first place...............

Monday, June 09, 2003

New Sox blog on the block. It's about 100 times better than this one so enjoy!
I just completed a Red Sox page as part of my Geocities home page. It's still under construction which means it's pretty pathetic. I do, however, intend to add to it greatly in the following days. The link for it is right..........


Sunday, June 08, 2003

Pettitte's Piss Poor Performance! Pitcher Pulled After Pair of Pretty Pathetic Innings!

Y*nks 7
Cubs 8

How did this one end? On a caught stealing! A pick-off CS at that. Too bad. HAHAHA

Pettitte gave up 2 HRs, one being a 3 run shot by Moises Alou. He lasted a mere 1.2 innings.
The best part about this game was the chant that arose from the Wresidents of Wrigley in the bottom of the 7th. It was, of course.......


The Sox are now 0.5 of a game ahead of the scum. The Sox Magic # is now a poultry 101.
Red Sox 9
Brewers 1

This game was the first game of the series in which the Sox were good all around. Great offensive explosion, Quality Start from the starting pitcher, and scoreless bullpen work.

Two players did really well today. D-Lowe pitched on three days rest and endured a blister to give the Sox 6 innings of work allowing a solitary run. Kevin "Moose" Millar a.k.a. Millarthra hit a 3 run homer in the 3rd to give the Sox a commanding 5-1 lead. He hit a solo shot later in the game which was just him showing off. I can't beleive Grady "Forrest" Little didn't start Millar yesterday night. Anyway, he's hot as hell right now so he's gotta be in the lineup every day.

Speaking of Millar, he is the first back-to-back winner of Pedrophile's Man of the Game award! He went 2 for 4 with a pair of HRs. D-lowe was a close runner up so he'll be rewarded with an honorable mention. Through three MOTGs awarded, here are the standings:

1. Kevin "Moose" Millar - 2
2. "Get Your" Trot "Here" Nixon - 1

How did the Y*nkees do today? Well, you can watch the game on ESPN tonight at 8:05 Boston time, 1:00 am on Monday London time. They're playing the Cubs in the rubbah game of their series. Andy "I look like a female horse in a Disney movie" Pettitte will take on Mark "turned down getting drafted by the Y*nkees" Prior. I think the Nation should watch this game not only to see how the scum do but to get a look at Mark Prior. It's been a long while since Sox fans have seen a great young pitcher like Prior. I'd say we haven't seen someone like that wearing a Sox uniform since roger cl*mens.

Speaking of the Cubs, a few posts ago I errantly stated that the Red Sox beat the Cubs in Game 7 of the 1918 World Series in their last meaningful game. In fact, it was Game 6. Thanks to Allan for keeping me honest. I didn't look it up myself but I'll take his word for it. After all, he wrote the book on 1918, literally. You can visit his site www.pedro45.com any time free of charge, hehe.

Finally, a little tidbit about last night's 11-10 come-from-behind victory. I beleive that was the ONLY game the Sox won when trailing in the 9th inning. Before that I think the Sox had lost 28 or 29 such games.
New York Scum 2
Chicago Cubs 5


Kerry Wood outpitched roger cl*mens (his name is a swear and doesn't deserve capitalization) to earn career win #50 and Clemens received career loss #155. We all know that it is inevitable that the traitor will get 300 some day but every day that his friends, family, and slaves follow him around and are dissapointed is a great day for Red Sox Nation. I also love seeing the Y*nkees lose on Fox because the Fox announcers are such suck-ups to the scum that it makes me vomit with rage.

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