Saturday, February 14, 2004

Typical Evil Empire. We can't afford to pay his contract cuz we're one of the 29 teams with a budget so they swoop down with their bags of money and buy shit. They're payroll is going to be ridiculous this year. As far as I've heard, the deal would be the $8M middle releiver Jose Contreras and Alfonso Soriano for A-Rod. They'll probably move him to third to replace Aaron Fucking Boone. Why they don't allow a Gold Glove SS to play SS over a mediocre fielder like Jeter I don't know. It seems like moving Jeter to second where his weak range gets less exposed would be wiser but hey, they can make dumb mistakes all they want. I'm happy I have a forum like this to express my gladness at how the luxury tax is paying off. It really evens the playing field by keeping the big market teams like the Y*nkees in check. I'm also glad we have an MLBPA that doesn't allow players to lower their own salaries cuz they wanna get away from their team. Really, I think it is great that players can't have control over who they play for. Silly Rodriguez wanted to give up maybe a total of $3M/year to play for a potential championship team. Thank God the PA stepped in. How can a man live on only $22M a year? It's unheard of! Why would he want to play in Boston anyway when Texas is so much nicer in the summer and New York is so much safer? What the fuck was that moron thinking? Thankfully his union thought for him. Heaven forbid people thought for themselves, then they might be happy where they are but salaries would be lower. And we all know salaries come before happiness. Anyway, happy fucking Valentine's Day Red Sox Nation.

Friday, February 13, 2004


The Red Sox came out with the numbers of their players, here they are:
3 - IF Pokey Reese
5 - SS Nomar Garciaparra
7 - OF Trot Nixon
11 - IF Bill Mueller
12 - IF Mark Bellhorn
15 - 1B/OF Kevin Millar
18 - OF Johnny Damon
19 - 1B/OF Gabe Kapler
24 - OF Manny Ramirez
25 - DH Ellis Burks
26 - RP Ramiro Mendoza
28 - C Doug Mirabelli
29 - CP Keith Foulke
32 - SP Derek Lowe
33 - C Jason Varitek
34 - 1B/DH David Ortiz
37 - RP Nick Bierbrodt
38 - SP Curt Schilling
40 - P Jamie Brown
45 - SP Pedro Martinez
46 - P Mark Malaska
48 - RP Scott Williamson
49 - P Tim Wakefield
50 - RP Mike Timlin
51 - P Byung Hyung Kim
53 - P Reynaldo Garcia
56 - P Edwin Almonte
57 - RP Jason Shiell
58 - C Michel Hernandez
59 - P Bryan Hebson
62 - P Jerome Gamble
63 - P Lenny Dinardo
64 - C Andy Dominique
67 - SP Anastacio Martinez
68 - P Colter Brown
70 - P Tim Hamulack
73 - P Phil Seibel

Wednesday, February 11, 2004


The Red Sox web-site has a nifty countdown til pitchers and catchers report. You can open it in a new window as a pop-up and keep it on your desktop.

This site features a countdown until Opening Day. Personally, I can't wait for either. I have tickets for the Fenway opener plus Pedro's first start and Schilling's first start on Easter Sunday. Should be wicked good.

If you tried purchasing tickets online from the Sox, you'll get this joke coined by the Sherriff over at ObeyPedro.com. "At least real waiting rooms have magazines."

8 Days until the Pedronic Feast of Reportation

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