Saturday, July 26, 2003



I used to think that the bleachers were the place to be for a Red Sox-Y*nkees game. I was wrong. Truly, the place to be is the right feild grandstand. About 66% of the fans in that area are Soxers, the rest represent the scum. Lot's of good back and forth "conversations" up there. And the orgasmic joy of defeating New York is multiplied ten times when one can turn around, and look hundreds of Y*nkee fans in their crooked eyes and cackle as maniacally as one can cackle. This was my last Y*nkees game of the season (unless we face them in the ALCS, in which case, a pilgramage to Fenway and the Stadium shall be in order) and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

This morning at 5:30 am, I left for Fenway, hoping to buy 2 Monster standing room tickets. I got there at about 6, and saw the ticket office beseiged by about 150 Sox fans who had camped out the night before. That is why Boston Red Sox fans are the BEST in the world.

Also today, I got about 8 feet from God a.k.a. PEDRO. Truly, PEDRO es el Dio del mundo! I took many pictures and just barely missed out on catching a ball he threw into the stands. My vision was blinded by the magnificence of El Dio.

Okay, now for the bad part. I gotta summarize the Y*nkees win on Friday night. Pedro pitched very well but the bullpen faltered and the offense was unable to deliver enough of an onslaught to give Pedro a win.

The Man of the Game for Friday night's Y*nkee win is, of course, Pedro. He struck out 10 in 6.2 IP. Although he allowed 7 hits and 4 walks, he was his usual self.

The Bitch-Goat shall be divided thusly. Kim will get 0.5 for his choking in the 9th. Pedro will get 0.2 because he wasn't as perfect as usual. Millar and Walker each were without hits so they'll each get 0.1. Grady was a moron so he gets 0.1. Where was Doug Mirabelli in the 9th? Jeremey Giambi? C'mon! Here are the B-G standings:

1. Lyon - 1.0
2. Kim, Manny - 0.9
4. Walker - 0.7
5. Timlin, Lowe - 0.6
7. Mendoza, Jones - 0.5
9. Grady, Millar, Rupe, Jones - 0.4
13. Fox, Varitek - 0.3
15. Pedro, Varitek, Nomar, Burkett - 0.2
19. Mueller, Seanez, Shiell, Ortiz, Jackson, Damon, Fossum - 0.1

NY Scum 4
Boston Red Sox 5
W: Kim (5-8)
L: Benitez (3-4)
BS: Kim (1)
H: Embree, Sauerbeck (9, 18)

Wrapup & Box Score

Great fucking game. Bea-fucking-utiful! couple of pics that may or may not have come out all that well. I'll get em developed and put em on my picture gallery dealy thingee.

The Man of the Game is John "The Throwback" Burkett. He went up against Mussina and didn't blink. He allowed a meager 3 hits. During the relative difficulty that Burkett endured during the 1st, I lamented to Cav that it was my luck to go to one Y*nkees game in this series and it would be Burkett vs. Mussina. I also lamented Giambi's presence on the field at all. I'm glad I was wrong. Here are the MOTG standings after 40 awarded:

1. Nomar - 5
2. PEDRO - 4
3. Nixon, Millar, Varitek - 3
6. Manny, Mueller, R. Halladay (TOR) - 2
9. Burkett, Lowe, Walker, Kapler, Burkett, Sanchez, Rupe, Lyon, D. Rolls (TB) M. Mussina (NYY), A. Pettitte (NYY) J. Crede (CWS), E. Loiza (CWS), JD Drew (StL), B. Myers (PHI), J. Pierre (FLA) - 1

David Ortiz proved why he is known as "The Crushah."

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Friday, July 25, 2003


I know, Sox-Y*nkees et cetera and I promised a preview but I was lazy today what with warring with (alliteration) dogboy on the ObeyPedro.com message board. anyway, after an Arsenal loss to Peterborough United, and draws to Barnet Town and Ritzing, Arsenal has beaten Austria Vienna 2-0 with goals from recently resigned Dennis Bergkamp and English Youth International Francis Jeffers. Up next is a match against Turkish champions Besiktas on Tuesday.

We also signed a new keeper. Jens Lehmann. Ironically, we were initially after Besiktas keeper Rustu Recber but Barcelona snatched him. Lehmann is a big guy with Champions' League experience and should be around for a year as youngster Stuart Taylor adjusts to being the #1 keeper after David Seaman was allowed to leave for Manchester City. This is only the second signing for Arsenal who are cash-strapped and trying to build a new stadium to compete with the richest club in the world, Man United. Sound familiar?

Anyhow: here is the remaining pre-season schedule for Arsenal. The English League season begins August 16th at home against Everton

7/29 - Besitkas (@ Austria)
7/31 - @ St. Albans City
8/2 - @ Glasgow Celtic
8/5 - @ Glasgow Rangers
8/10 - Manchester United (Community Shield @ Wales)

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Thursday, July 24, 2003


Anyone who thinks that we don't need another starter, think again, and continue to think until you agree with me.

TB D-Rays 15
Boston RS 9
W: Zambrano (7-5)
H: Colome (7)

Magic Number: 66
Wrapup & Box Score

Horrible pitching. No complaints about the offense except the absense of Gabe Kapler. They mad a valiant comeback effort but the bullpen wasn't able to keep the D-Rays at a reasonable lead.

The Man of the Game is Damian Rolls who made an amazing catch, went 3 for 5 with a double, a homerun, 2 runs and 5 RBI. Here are the MOTG standings after 38 awarded:

1. Nomar - 5
2. PEDRO, Nixon, Millar, Varitek - 3
6. Manny, Mueller, R. Halladay (TOR) - 2
9. Lowe, Walker, Kapler, Burkett, Sanchez, Rupe, Lyon, D. Rolls (TB) M. Mussina (NYY), A. Pettitte (NYY) J. Crede (CWS), E. Loiza (CWS), JD Drew (StL), B. Myers (PHI), J. Pierre (FLA) - 1

Now for the Bitch-Goat. I think we all know who will get a majority share of the not-so-coveted BG. Mendoza will get 0.5 BG points for his very poor outing. Fox also dissapointed and so he shall receive 0.3 points. Timlin and Jones didn't do much to help and allowed the D-Rays to drastically reduce the chances of a Red Sox comeback. Here are the BG standings:

1. Lyon - 1.0
2. Manny - 0.9
3. Timlin, Lowe, Walker - 0.6
6. Mendoza, Jones - 0.5
8. Rupe, Jones, Kim - 0.4
11. Fox, Millar, Varitek, Grady - 0.3
15. Varitek, Millar, Nomar, Burkett - 0.2
19. Mueller, Seanez, Shiell, Ortiz, Jackson, Damon, Fossum - 0.1

The BG is relatively new which means that it does not accurately reflect the entire season. If it did, I'm sure Mendoza or Fox would be #1.

Should Todd Jones be used two innings at a time? I don't think he should. He is a former closer and I think he should be used primarily as a one inning set-up man with Sauerbeck being his oppossitte to get out lefties.

Tomorrow, a preview of the Sox-Y*nkees series. By the by, the Y*nkees lost to Baltimore so the scum come into town 2.5 up on us. If we sweep...........Nuf Said.

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Boring games leading up to the Y*nkees series. A series that I intend to sit or stand atop the Green Monster. Will definately be doing some wheeling and dealing on my own Saturday morning.

Tampa Bay AA's 4
BoSox 10
W: Wakefield (7-5)
L: Harper (1-6)
BS: Harper (2)

Magic Number: 67
Wrapup & Box Score

Just a few thoughts:

Why is Jeremy Giambi still on this team? Why was he playing today? He went 1 for 4 (when going 1 for 4 improves your average, you officially suck) and his sole hit was overshadowed by sloppy baserunning that cost us a run.

Gabe Kapler's nickname is definately Waldo. Grady can't seem to find this guy.

Scott Sauerbeck made his Red Sox debut pitching a scoreless inning with a strikeout and a walk. Great move by Theo. We still need another starting pitcher, however, or a closer that would move Kim back to the rotation.

Garciaparra went 0 for 4 on his 30th birthday. Last year, his birthday featured a huge 8 RBI performance. Nomar shares the exact same birthday with Monica Lewinsky.

Today is J-Lo's ass's birthday. It's her birthday too.

Manny got his second stolen base of the season. He's 2 for 2.

Y*nkees beat the Jays.

The Man of the Game is Christopher Trotman Nixon. The D-Rays got their Trot here in a big way. He went 3 for 4 with a solo shot, a Grand Slam, and was responsible for half of the Sox offense. It is his third MOTG awardwhich moves him out of 5th into a tie in 2nd. Here are the MOTG after 37 (in a row?) awarded:

1. Nomar - 5
2. PEDRO, Nixon, Millar, Varitek - 3
6. Manny, R. Halladay (TOR), Mueller - 2
9. Lowe, Walker, Kapler, Burkett, Sanchez, Rupe, Lyon, M. Mussina (NYY), A. Pettitte (NYY) J. Crede (CWS), E. Loiza (CWS), JD Drew (StL), B. Myers (PHI), J. Pierre (FLA) - 1

A bit of intrigue concerning the Sauerbeck (I'm just gonna call him S-beck cuz I can't spell) deal. Apparently, the Y*nkees were trying to get S-Beck from Pittsburgh and we stole them from underneath their cocaine filled noses. Good for us. I think we got the better deal considering Orosco's ERA is nearly as high as his age.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Just some links here...

big NBA trade about to go down. I also hear tell the Celtics are gonna sign a point guard.

Top 10 hitter's ballparks of all time. Fenway is #2. I think it'd be cool to have a combination stadium of the most hitter-friendly dimensions. Y*nkee Stadium's formerly 290 foot porch in right field would be right up there with Fenway's 302 down the RF line and the 320 to the power alley at the Baker Bowl.


Pats training camp starts today at Gillette Stadium which is right down the street from my castle. Pissah!

Lots of moves went down yesterday, two of which have an effect on the Sox. Sox get lefty Suaerback. Impossible to spell or hit...I hope. We gave up Lyon who really fell off a cliff after Kim was named closer. We also gave up Anastacio "no relation to Pedro" Martinez and received a minor league lefty in Mike Gonzalez, Sauerback really solidifies the bullpen. I must say that Theo has done a sensation job at patching up the pen. Here's a comparison of the pen opeing day and today:

Role-Opening Day-Today
Set-Up 1-Timlin-Jones
Set-Up 2-Embree-Timlin
Set-Up 3-Fox-Embree
Set-Up 4-Mendoza-Fox
Lefty Specialist-none-Sauerback
Long Releif-none-Fossum
Crap Releif-Howry, Woodard-none

A much better bullpen.

The Y*nkees got Jesse Orosco. Wow, talk about desperate! Orosco, 46, is quatrogenerian (40 year old) #3 on the Y*nkee roster. I think if you compare the Sox moves to the Y*nkees ones, we've improved our team much more. Here are the in-season Major League acquisitions of both teams:

RP/SP - Bruce Chen - didn't work out, failed attempt to renovate the bullpen, Chen really wasn't given a chance, though.
RP - Rudy Seanez - didn't work at all
RP/SP/CP - BH Kim - truly a stunning deal, best deal by any team thus far
1B/OF/DH - Gabe Kapler - great deal, be even better if Grady actually played him
RP - Todd Jones - another free pick-up, could be a very good 7th or 8th inning man in front of Kim, can close if Kim goes back to rotation
RP - Scott Sauerbeck - time will tell on this one, we needed a lefty specialist though, especially against the Y*nkees

OF/DH - Ruben Sierra - bluh?
RP - Dan Micili - not too good
OF - Karim Garcia - 4th OFer
CP - Armando Benitez - HA! real clutch
RP - Jesse Orosco - I guess they felt they needed experience and age, bought Orosco

Theo has done a great job, but two guys slipped through our fingers that could have helped us. Rod Beck is 10 for 10 in save opportunities. The pen has been markedly renovated so the only player he could possibly usurp would be Fox. Also, Rickey Henderson is better than Jeremy Giambi at everything. Why does Giambi still have a roster spot?

I updated my Red Sox Nicknames page and my non-Sox related GeoCities site.

We won't be seeing 1998 AL Rookie of the Year Ben Grieve in this series against the Devil Rays. He's getting a rib removed. Why? The D-Rays claim it is part of some sort of blood clot nerve thingy. I think I know the real reason. Ben's wife or girlfriend might not be willing to go down on him and he might wanna do it himself. I heard that having one less rib allows you to do that. I dunno, I'll ask Ryan Rupe if that's the case.

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Detroit Tigers 4
Boston Red Sox 7
W: lowe (11-4)
L: Maroth (5-14)

Magic Number: 68
Wrapup & Box Score

Solid win. Great start by D-Lowe, another solid offensive performance, and shitty baserunning by Nomar.

The Man of the Game is D-Lowe. He went 8 giving up 3. He allowed only 6 hits and walked no-one. Of the 24 outs he recorded, he got 18 ground outs, 4 strike outs and only 2 fly outs. Here are the MOTG standings after 36 awarded:

1. Nomar - 5
2. PEDRO, Millar, Varitek - 3
5. Manny, R. Halladay (TOR), Nixon, Mueller - 2
9. Lowe, Walker, Kapler, Burkett, Sanchez, Rupe, Lyon, M. Mussina (NYY), A. Pettitte (NYY) J. Crede (CWS), E. Loiza (CWS), JD Drew (StL), B. Myers (PHI), J. Pierre (FLA) - 1

Sadam & Sons loses two employees. Odai and Qusai. Cue: Sanford & Sons theme song.

Y*nkees were post-poned. Oakland and Anaheim won.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2003


Holla! OK, Eminem and his crew are a shitload better than Benzino and Akrobatik, but hey, we got a ballclub. Boston, what?

Dizzle Tizzles 5
Bizzle Rizzle Dizzles 14
W: Burkett (8-4)
L: Bonderman (3-14)
S: Fossum (1)

AL East Magic #: 69 (hehe)
Wrapup & Box Score

BS (I was originally gonna type out the whole expression but I've been advised by a professional writer to clean it up so I will...on occasion. Save for Fossum tops off a great offensive outpouring and a mediocre Burkett start. Y*nkees lost, A's won and Angels lost.

The Man of the Game is a no-brainer. Manny Ramirez went 4 for 4 with 3 RBI, 2 Runs. He got a double and a HR as well as two singles. Here are the MOTG standings after 35 awarded:

1. Nomar - 5
2. PEDRO, Millar, Varitek - 3
5. Manny, R. Halladay (TOR), Nixon, Mueller - 2
9. Walker, Kapler, Burkett, Sanchez, Rupe, Lyon, M. Mussina (NYY), A. Pettitte (NYY) J. Crede (CWS), E. Loiza (CWS), JD Drew (StL), B. Myers (PHI), J. Pierre (FLA) - 1

Odd how my 69th post is the recap of the game that results in the Sox Magic # being 69?

Post #69 (hehe)

Monday, July 21, 2003


Toronto Blue Jays 4
Boston Red Sox 9
Wrapup & Box Score
W: PEDRO Martinez (7-2)
L: Wasdin (0-1)

Oh, and the Phillies got Mike Williams from Pittsburgh so one less releiver out there for the Sox to get. Personally, I think we need another starter. Perhaps remove D-Lowe from the rotation. A 4.95 ERA just doesn't cut it and Lowe was a great mid-releiver back in the day. Then when Mendoza or Burkett explode and give up 5 runs in an inning, Lowe will be placed in their spot of the rotation.

Anyway, the Man of the Game is Pedro Martinez. He went 7 giving up 3 singles, no walks and striking out 8. He never allowed a runner to get to second base which is sheer dominance. Nomar, Manny, and Trotman all had great games but PEDRO is God, and to not have him be MOTG would be a sin. I don't wanna be sentenced to hell (a.k.a. the Bronx). Anyway, here are the MOTG standings after 34 awarded:

1. Nomar - 5
2. PEDRO, Millar, Varitek - 3
5. R. Halladay (TOR), Nixon, Mueller - 2
8. Walker, Kapler, Manny, Burkett, Sanchez, Rupe, Lyon, M. Mussina (NYY), A. Pettitte (NYY) J. Crede (CWS), E. Loiza (CWS), JD Drew (StL), B. Myers (PHI), J. Pierre (FLA) - 1

Bobby Kielty makes the best Fenway catch I've ever seen.

Y*nkees beat Cleveland but the A's lost to the Twins and the Angels lost to the O's. So we're 4 back of New York but 3 ahead of Oakland.

We need to sweep Detroit in this short 2 game set. Splitting with Toronto is a failure and we need to make up for it.

Wensday night in Miami, the USA takes on #1 ranked Brazil in the Semi-Final of the CONCACEF Gold Cup. I predict a 2-1 loss. However, Brazil had to play more matches than we did at the Confederations Cup and their stars have just finished their club seasons.

Is Kobe a rapist? We'll find out. But he's not as perfect as people thought he was. I was getting sick of media-types saying "I don't think Kobe would do something like that, he's a good man and a good husband." Not too many people who are talking about Kobe know Kobe so they can just shut-up and let the jury decide whether or not Kobe did it. Hopefully it will be on Court TV or something, but it's up to the trial judge under Colorodo law.

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Sunday, July 20, 2003


Class? No thank you

Toronto BJs 4
Boston Red Sox 5/10 Inn.
Wrapup & Box Score
W: Kim (4-7)
L: Lopez (1-3)
BS: Acavedo (2)
H: Service, Miller (1, 9)

We really needed this victory. Had we lost, we would have lost our 4th straight game, lost the 4 game series to Toronto and fallen 5 behind New York. Mendoza was doing very well until 2 outs into the 6th inning when he melted. Perhaps his new nickname will be "Ice Cream" cuz he can only last for a little bit. Another stellar performance by the bullpen as they combined to go 4.1 scoreless innings allowing 2 hits and striking out 6. However, we probably should have lost this game. Ramirez should have been called out for interfearance (horribly mispelled) on Nomar's SB in the 9th

The Man of the Game is Nomar Garciaparra. This is his 5th MOTG. He went 2 for 4 with 2 basehits, but he walked once, and scored twice. His stolen base proved to be a key play as it allowed Manny to knock him in as the tying run. Nomar also made some nice defensive plays. Here are the MOTG standings after 33 awarded:

1. Nomar - 5
2. Millar, Varitek - 3
4. Roy Halladay, PEDRO, Nixon, Mueller - 2
8. Walker, Kapler, Manny, Burkett, Sanchez, Rupe, Lyon, M. Mussina (NYY), A. Pettitte (NYY) J. Crede (CWS), E. Loiza (CWS), JD Drew (StL), B. Myers (PHI), J. Pierre (FLA) - 1

Anyway, the Y*nkees won, Anaheim and Oakland lost so we improve our Wild Card position slightly.

USA 5-0 Cuba.
Landon Donovan with 4 goals. First time a USA player has done that since the Revolution's Joe-Max Moore did it vs. El Salvador back in like 91. Now we take on Costa Rica methinks in the Semis.

Musings From RSN has a new address. So update your bookmarks cuz MFRSN is the best baseball blog out there.

Now, back to today's game. Very good defense by the right fielders thus far. Trot has 5 putouts thru 3 including a sensational catch slamming into the bullpen walls. Kiltey, for his part, robbed Trot of a HR earlier. Most of the fans in the croud (specifically the bleachers) seem to be wearing either white or red Coca-Cola t-shirts. Must be some sort of promotion. I hope The Sherrif over at ObeyPedro.com got a shirt. He probably can't wear it in the .406 Club. Too bad.

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